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We have become somewhat like a family here wouldn't you agree? We have our disputes and little fusses, but that's family.

We have shared pictures of ourselves at different ages from childhood to adulthood. We have shared pictures of our pets.

How about we now share pictures of us with our families. It can be your siblings, parents, cousins, aunts & uncles and at any age.

This is me with my two older sisters (middle) my younger sister (right) and my baby brother. circa 1976 I'm 25 - 26 yrs old.

BeeHappy 9 Apr 24

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Love this post. This is me with my daughter when she was 3 days old. I was 27. She's my only child.

Awww... precious! ❤

Thank you. ?

Absolutely breathtaking!

@Donotbelieve Wow. Thank you. ?

@Donotbelieve She was 21in and 6lbs 12 oz.

@VictoriaNotes Yeah, that's a tall baby!

@Donotbelieve She was two weeks early, too. She's average height for a woman (U.S.) 5'4".


Mr around two then me around 22 ... fair contrast !! Only two pics on computer! rest on drives. nice thread.

Thanks Nickbeee! ?


me back in the 80s.... another lifetime ago 🙂 before all the tattoos! hahahaha ((My two very religious siblings would be horrified if I showed their pictures, I can't do it out of respect))



Well, we all had to start somewhere. This looks like a good place.



December 1964. I am the blonde in purple.

Great! The baby doesn't seem too happy. Lol Thanks ?

@BeeHappy That baby still isn't happy much of the time.

@HippieChick58 Hahaha!


I don't have any digital family photos. My family faded away in 2004.

Use your phone to take a photo of a pic. That's what I had to do. Sorry about your family but you've still got us! Lol ?

@BeeHappy Okay.

This is my dad's side of the family. It was after my mom's funeral in 2006. My grandparents died after her. My grandpa first, then my grandma last year.

@Sarahroo29 Cool! Thank you for sharing with us. ❤

@BeeHappy Yep.


My children are my only family and they are more than enough...bunch of weirdos...

@AmiSue A huge, blushing thank you! ♡

Love that picture! Lol Thanks for sharing your weirdos with us. ?



Very few photos but here they are. My sisters don't speak sadly and my brother has an ABI after years of alcohol misuse. My middle sister has a different Dad. My sister one down from me is a biological scientist. Not a god botherer in sight. Very very proud of them all.

The brown mush stuff Chris is eating is angel delight. Its very sweet but looks yuck

Nice family

Lovely! ?


Errr.... No, thank you. Not a joiner. If I was going to be tribalistic I wouldn't be joining the smaller tribe when Christians get all the benefits in America.

No problem, no one is forced to do anything they don't want. But you did join the website... Welcome. 🙂


I don't have any and am now totally parent and siblingless.

Do you have any with friends? Neighbor? Colleague?

@BeeHappy Didn't you read my ten reasons for not having selfies? Or the 50 or 60 house warming dinner party invitations sent out 4 years ago that still await RSVP response s from my godly neighbours?

I'll adopt you xx

@Amisja message sent. Adoption papers coming via carrier pigeon. ?

@FrayedBear yay!


This was all of us...

skado Level 8 Apr 25, 2018

Your hair was longer then. (LOL)

Awwwww....look at little skado!! LOL


I destroyed all the pictures of my family...

I'm so sorry it came to that.

I'm sorry to hear that. 😟

@phxbillcee, @BeeHappy thanks. It's okay, though, I like to say I'm living proof you /can/ jettison toxic people from your life. I did it!


I plan to be the crazy old uncle that you keep away from the cooking sherry. 🙂

I'm the weird cousin everybody hopes doesn't show up. ?


@memorylikeasieve LOL

@memorylikeasieve no, in this family, weird is normal. Keep showing.

@David1955, is right, @memorylikeasieve, consider us your new family! We surely won't be perfect, but you'll always have a place to come!

D'aaaaawwwrh, thanks. ?


I am 2nd oldest of eight - upper left here

Wow! Great looking family! Thanks for sharing with us. 🙂

Me, oldest of 5!


I'm sorry can't borrow my car. But you have a lovely family.

Thanks! Lol


To date this, the 'baby' in the picture is now 40 years old! My Dad has been gone for some time.

@Akfishlady I used my phone to take a photo of my pic. It came out not too bad.

@Akfishlady Quite a few stories there! But after @40 yrs, I guess that's to be expected!

@Akfishlady One example, the couple in the middle rear, my brother & his wife just had their daughter get married on Saturday! Not even a gleam in their eyes then!

@Akfishlady Cool! I guess that's what we're going for here!

Good looking family Bill!

@BeeHappy Thanks! I think you've seen this picture on my FB page, haven't you?

A more recent photo of just the core! We've all aged a bit!

@phxbillcee, yep!

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