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Well it looks like being both a fun late afternoon and a musical kind of evening around this neighbourhood tonight.
Just had slips of paper pushed every front door in the block with, " We will be holding and outdoor Hymn and Psalm Session this night at 643
Chapple Lane on this being Easter Sunday when our Lord and Master, Jesus, of God, arose from the dead, you are invited to enjoy our joys at this exciting and most welcome event by simply listen to our music without having to leave the comforts of your home, we have hire a Public Address system to broadcast everything to you." Signed, the people of the Congregation of Our Risen Master and Saviour, Jesus Christ."
So, I can go with the local LGBT to the "stir " that may well occur at the Anglican Church or remain home and awaiting the onslaught of amplified Hymns and Psalms OR BOTH and give them a taste of MY MUSICvia my sound system that not works whilst I listen INSIDE the house BUT can be re-directed to work through a speaker system I installed OUTSIDE the house as well.
My amp is capable of putting 280 watts of sound per channel, there are 4 of them btw, with no problems at all and I'll check with any guest post the "muck- session" at the Church what kind/s of music they would like to have played.
Plus we WILL be advising all the other neighbours EXCEPT the of course and at precisely, in accordance with noise regulations we will he quietening down the music by .00 pm this evening.
Don't want to go upsetting the local Officers of the Law now do we ?

Triphid 9 Apr 17

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Yes, drown out their crap & listen to what you prefer!


There's never a dull moment in your neighbourhood 😂. Please tell how it ended.


Should be quite the ruckus! 🎵🎵🎵🎵🎶🎶🎶


Let the battle of the tunes begin. 🙂

Betty Level 8 Apr 17, 2022

I owned a house across from a catholic church in a small town. Some Sundays, especially if they parked, or should I say tried to park in my lane, I would crank up Frank Zappa's "Catholic Girls" for their listening pleasure.

Excellent and most Kind and Generous thing to do.

@Triphid I told one guy, parked in front of my car, in my lane, to move. I was going toward my car. He said, "I'm just waiting for my wife. She won't be long." The service hadn't ended. I said to him that he needed to move "now" or I "Would" walk over and announce that he was waiting illegally. He mumbled something and put up his window. I started to cross the street, toward the church; he drove off.

@Beowulfsfriend Geez you were nice to that bloke, I was a bit different about 6 years ago when I had a friends Ferret Scout Car,, an Army Surplus relic he was restoring with my help in my backyard.
We had gotten the motor and gear train up and running, new tyres on it and the paint was done and had dried nicely when the Evangelidiot decided to park his heap of rust and shit across my driveway access whilst he decided to clean his windows, etc.
I merely started the Ferret up, started it moving slowly forwards until I was just clean of the swing path of where one opens the gate and calmly said, " Don't worry about moving you car, this thing I'm driving out of here will climb over it quite easily but its weight may cause a bit of crush damage to the panels on your car though."
Never seen anyone move as fast as he did when turned, saw and heard the rumbling sound that the Scout Car was making.

@Triphid I was quite literally headed across the street to interrupt fucking mass if he didn't leave. I didn't have a car that would drive over him, and the cops would have been slow and useless.




I think I would blast 'em. LOL


Good man!!! Go for it!!! Tell us the reaction of the Hymn player afterwards. Ah!!! I hope one of the songs you play will be The Antichrist by Slayer... I guess that one would definitely stir things up big time.


Have fun.


You are a wicked evil man ... Go for it! 🙂

All is fair in love and "war". lol

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