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On a scale of 1 to 10. How much do you enjoy arguing with someone who doesn't know what they're talking about and it's your field of expertise! 😂 You're wrong and here are 15 reasons why 😂

Josephine 7 Apr 25

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I wonder a lot about people who argue with me about topics I have experience in. I try very hard not to disparage them in my responses. When I do run across someone willing to honestly debate a topic with me, I find it refreshing.

MarkF Level 5 Apr 29, 2018

I work in a technical field and I really dislike it when someone thinks they know better than me. I will listen to them fully and then see if I can torpedo their dumb and/or insane idea. 😉


I hate it, I tend to play dumb and try to end the conversation.


-10. I'm no educator


I'm a nurse, looks like you are too. I get frustrated sometimes because a patient will think they understand a health condition because they googled it. I work in dialysis and I get patients quite often that will tell me "I have been eating potassium because I googled muscle cramps and the website said I should eat bananas and drink OJ." Dude, do you not remember the conversation where I told you high potassium in kidney failure patients will stop your heart? Your potassium is 7!!!


I don't. I hit 0 on your scale.


I don't like it easy !! I like them to put up a fight! before I reduce them to tears of laughter while illustrating why they are wrong lol .. only way is to make em laugh.. otherwise walk away .. might as well try to weave steel girders from mist.


Arguing with someone who knows nothing about a subject is just not right, it is like Booing at the special Olympics, you just shouldn't do it.



Here are 15 reasons why I am right .

You're funny.

@GoldenDoll Thank you my sweetie !


I rarely argue, but this scenario sounds extremely satisfying.


2 It's usually a waste of time, because even if you are 100% correct and know exactly what you are talking about, and explain it clearly and concisely, the other person will often not change their mind anyway.

BD66 Level 7 Apr 25, 2018

You can lead a horse to water but in the end you may as well shoot the fucker.


Are you going to tell us the 15 reasons? Or just argue about them?

That was her, arguing with the person who doesn't know what they are talking about. She needed to end it with.....
To show the debate she mentioned raged on.

@NVApistevist My joke went over your head. Zoom. Sorry.


I will make a point but I will not argue it to death. What 15 reasons?

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