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No longer science fiction!

A good thing that will be used for bad or Evil?

A Company Announces Its Intent to Create World’s Newest Privacy Nightmare
There would be no place where one could feel secure that someone was not monitoring and recording from the sky.

A company called EarthNow has announced an ambitious effort to create a service that will provide a live satellite video feed of any spot on earth. As reported on Friday by Mic, the service amounts to a live, real-time version of Google Earth (though Google is not involved). It’s not clear how realistic this is, but the concept is a scary one for privacy.
In its press release, EarthNow says its intent is “to deploy a large constellation of advanced imaging satellites that will deliver real-time, continuous video of almost anywhere on Earth.” The company says it will achieve this by using “the World’s first low-cost, high-performance satellites for mass production.” It says that it has secured a first round of financing from several major investors.

The company is vague about two crucial questions about the service: What the resolution will be, and who will have access to the video? On the first, the company does seem to suggest at least a certain degree of resolution in the uses it cites for its service, such as “helping ‘smart cities’ become more efficient,” “observing conflict zones,” and “catching illegal fishing in the act.” We don’t know exactly what the company’s satellites would be able to see, but clearly it’s at least street-level detail.

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"What could possibly go wrong?," 😛


A knife can be used to prepare a meal or kill. It’s all about how you use your tools.


Sounds like some truly Orwellian shit to me, way beyond being just a little scary.


A conspiracy is a theory until proven true, or something like that.

A conspiracy is a theory with a good dollop of parania mixed in.


It will be what you perceive it to be. Good or evil depends on each individual to draw a conclusion and decide for themselves.


Move to the UK or Seattle if you're worried. They'll get lots of pictures of clouds.


My next project, after I launch my satellite, is to remove all of the partitions between the toilet stalls in public bathrooms. After all, everyone knows what we do in there, anyway! But before I do, I'll install cameras to make sure we're doing it so I'll have evidence of the 'act'.

After all, if people have nothing to hide, removing toilet stall partitions shouldn't be a problem lol


Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get you.


Big Brother is Watching.


While you are indoors, you have privacy.
While you are outdoors, you do not.

So if you want to keep private stay indoors all the time; otherwise, every time you step outside, be it because of satellites or paparazzi, you've never had privacy.

My personal view is that privacy is an overblown concept. With the exception of things that can damage your well being, like identity theft or violent stalkers, I'm of the opinion that people that want too much privacy either have secrets they don't want others to know about or embarrassment they don't want to own up to.

Otherwise, if the world knows where you are 24/7, who cares? I don't and likely no one else does either. We aren't that special, our lives aren't that interesting, and anyone can find out everything about you anyways since time immemorial via PI's or other searches so who cares?

Frankly, Big Brother, I welcome thee! LOL


Satellite launches are very costly, both in terms of money and time. Spots on the orbital ring are finite, and a lot of governments will likely impose blackout coordinates because governments and militaries require a certain opacity to function properly. A lot of governments will also take action to forestall or co-opt oversight of the system. The gradual progression towards a global surveillance state run by corpirate (originally a typo but on consideration I think I'll leave it) neofeudalism as business interests buy out governmental debts over the next 50 years is not an unrealistic possibility.


Fucking frightening.


I'm working on the world's first low cost anti-satillite satillite. Bwahhahahahaha. I demand 1 'million' dollares, said with little finger in corner of mouth.


What about nudist beaches ?

@rakuman 10/10 best answer ever!!


Great. Technology's stripping rights faster than ever.

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