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Well that was fast, the Telco has done a rapid job and blocked Evangelfool from ringing through on my home phone number and since he has no idea re- the Crisis Counseling Phone number he can't pirate that.
So, touch wood though in normal cases I'm not superstitious BUT, I may well be getting so peace and Evangarse-hole free time at last, well until he decides to return to the 'Hill again that is.
Though whilst out cleaning up leaf litter from in front of my property fence this morning I did have the chance to stop working and have a yarn with the neighbour, ( victim more like) on the other side of Evangarse-hole's house.
it appears that whilst they were away from home for a short break a few months ago, Evangelarse-hole decided to avail himself of their in-ground swimming pool on a regular basis and, get this for sheer unadulterated gall, use their outdoors shower facility that is attached to the pool area as his extra, free of charge ablutions facility.
"How did you find this out, ?" I asked Stephen.
" Because the doped mongrel left behind a Credit card with his name embossed in to it and the current bill for it as well, it's now in the hands of the Police but we are looking to get a Security camera system installed asap just in case he tries that game again because as the Cops told me, "It can't actually be proved that he dropped the articles while on your property illegally unfortunately and as such he could easily worm his way out of being convicted, what you need is evidence like actual photographic evidence."
So, in the interests of keeping good neighbourly relations going, tomorrow morning Stephen and I start installing my stand-by Security Camera system, which works exactly as the one I have, around his property and the next time Stephen and Keranne need to or desire to take a week or two away from home then the eagle eyes of the system will be watching their property and Stephen has already arranged for a good and trusted friend to come and change the disc that all images are recorded on every 48 hours since that is how long the discs can record for without needing to be changed.

Triphid 9 Apr 27

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I would think if I had a pool, motion activated security cameras would be one of the first things installed after the pool was filled.

Would YOU NOT also think that having fences that are about 7 feet high and gates that are lockable, which they do when they go out of town would tell any NORMAL person that they may ONLY enter the rear section of the property with YOUR expressed permission as is, by the way, the LAW here in Australia.
And, for your further enlightenment, the pool in question IS situated in the REAR yard of the property as well, hence and by LAW it is ONLY accessible to the householders or invited friends and guests.


Security cameras are the best way to keep one’s property safe. I had 5 around the perimeter of my house. πŸ‘πŸ»


I wonder how long it will be before he is boogying to Jailhouse Rock.

Soon I hope, as soon as possible with ANY luck.


And if the unwelcome pool pirate had somehow managed to injure himself while trespassing he would have probably sued the property owners.

Under the Laws here in Australia, one being either an uninvited guest, salesperson, etc, etc, can ONLY have legal access to your property, whether rented by you or owned by you, as FAR as the FRONT of the building, i.e. building alignment, and the FRONT door only, after that, if you are anywhere else on the property WITHOUT the expressed permission of the Occupant you ARE Trespassing and can arrested and charged with same.
A person who is NOT resident, a regular visitor, etc, etc, EXCEPT a Police Officer, Ambulance Officer or a member of any of the other Emergency Service that enters a property and goes beyond the building alignment WITHOUT expressed invitation or a truly legitimate and provable reason is also trespassing.
That is why here we usually have the rear section/s of our property/properties fenced off from the front sections.


The Idiot seems to have delusions of grandeur, giving himself permission to use property that doesn't belong to him. For a self proclaimed christian, he doesn't abide by the rules.
How many of his commandments does he have left to break?
"His" days are numbered, let the countdown begin.

Betty Level 8 Apr 28, 2022

He is a Christian. Christians are famous for not abiding by their own rules. He has already given himself a "get out of jail free" card because he is a Christian!

Yes, the countdown has already started as of approx. 3.25 pm yesterday afternoon, security system is now fitted tested and operational and none too son it seems.
Went out to check the front gardens about half an hour ago and the village idiot has returned this time he brought yet another vehicle home with him, a Volkswagen Camper type vehicle, for a person receiving Social Security Payments and running a "Gardening Business that ONLY operates on Tuesdays and Thursdays, AND those who HIRE him MUST supply ALL the necessary equipment as well btw, he must have a fortune tucked away somewhere to be able to afford the Motor Vehicle Registration Fees, Insurance costs, up-keeps, etc, etc.

@Triphid Can't wait for the next update. I want to hear that he's been charged for animal abuse. Have you heard how the puppy is doing?

@Betty Hmm, sorely temped to drop the Sheriff a quick phone call and
"accidentally of course" mention that Evangelfool arrived home late yesterday evening.

@Triphid Oh, please do so. He richly deserves some just deserts. πŸ™‚

@Betty In about 20 minutes the phone shall ring at the Sheriff's office and he will get the very good news.

@Triphid I hope the Sheriff is rough on those who abuse puppies.

@Betty Well he ONLY serves the Writs, etc, but he is a dog person who has 2 very nice and friendly Rotties, so I guess he is NOT going to very friendly when he delivers the Summonses.

@Triphid How disappointing. I had visions of a dozen officers with weapons drawn commanding him to lay flat on the ground while they hand cuff him and drag him into the squad car and haul him off to prison.

@Betty Hmm, either it was sheer good fortune or just coincidence BUT I was busily cleaning and fitting a new sail to a model boat that I had made for young Henry when, out of the blue (LOL not really since he had already been informed) arrives the Sheriff of the Court armed with, I presumed, Summonses. The Evangelfool, aka village pest and idiot, etc, etc, is blithely and happily sorting out things to put in his second vehicle that he arrived home with last evening, probably unaware that the vehicle arriving out side of his house is none other than an Officer of the Court.
Then, as the saying goes, the fertiliser REALLY hit the ventilator ( aka shit hit the fan), the raised voice came from Evangelfool and countless vulgarities and swear words were to be heard, then a short spell of silence and I heard " This is a Summons to advising you that you are required to attend the Magistrates Court next Monday, May the 2nd, YOU must be there by no later than 9.30 am, IF you fail to appear the case will be heard with out you and a warrant may issued for you regarding a charge of Contempt of Court, now sign this receipt and please have a nice day."
With that came a short pause and then a few moments later I heard a car door close, the engine start up and the car drove away followed closely heaps of vulgarities coming from Evangelfool then the sounds of crying and shouting of, " They can't do this me, wait until my Mummy hears about this she will tell THEM a thing or two."
Pictured below is his NEW, and I would say pre-owned by at least 1 previous owner, vehicle.
How the blazes he can afford the Registration, Compulsory Third Party and Comprehensive Insurance on 2 vehicles plus the up-keep costs, etc, etc, on 2 vehicles plus as he so proudly informs everyone paying a nice little tithing to his "newly" found church ( that s NOT a recognised nor registered church btw) of a mere $250 per week plus helps out, financially with the up-keep of the building WHICH btw, IS the residential home of his once estranged but now renewed friend, Paul Skelley, aka Pope Paul.
I'll odds on bets that "Pope Paul" is, for the moment at least, laughing all the way to bank these days.

@Triphid Maybe the clue to his financial win fall is "Mummy". How I wish he would have taken a swing at the officers and been arrested for assault. Well...I'll just have to be satisfied with his distress for now.
Do you think his Mummy will come to his rescue?

@Triphid You are man of many talents. Do you have a picture of the model boat?


That's great! Hopefully you'll have total peace from the phone anyway.

Cameras are great....we have 4 here showing our property.

Well from Evangelfool at least, the other number is for those in need of Counselling, etc, BUT I often think how wonderful it would be IF services like I offer became no longer needed.

@Triphid Yes, but we all know that ain't gonna happen any time soon.

@Triphid As long as there is a need, I glad there are people like to out there to help. πŸ™‚

@Lilac-JadeCanada Sad, very sad but true of course.


What is the weather there at the moment? Warm enough for a swim?

Broken Hill is a zillion miles from the nearest beach.

No, approx. 12 degrees C, still overcast as it has been since last Tuesday and the pool at Stephens house will be emptied today as a few tiles in it need to be repaired, replaced or refitted.

@anglophone Hey, not that far, approx. 520 kilometres to the nearest beach at Adelaide, Sth. Australia and over 1,100 kms to the nearest beach around Sydney, though we DO have FRESH water beaches of a sort at the Lakes systems up around Menindee which is a little over 100 kms away from here.
There ARE NO sharks, Crocs, Jellyfish, etc, etc, in those lakes even though we often tell the Seppo visitors that there are HUGE and hungry Crocs living in the lakes.
But we mainly do that to TRY and keep the water clean because our kids like to swim and fish in those lakes.

@Triphid LOL! I had visions of great sand waves 100 feet tall barrelling over the desert at 50 miles an hour with surfers riding their goannas just below the crests of those waves.

(Me unhinged? You bet!)

@anglophone You were only off by about 70 + years my friend.
There are still buried under quite a few feet of wind-blown drift sand about 8 to 10 houses on the outskirts of South Broken Hill a LEGACY from the times when the beloved (NOT at ALL) BHP cut down EVERY standing and usable tree within a radius of some 50 + miles of the town so they could either use the timber as props in their mine or burn it in their Smelter plant, the remains of which are still visible to this day.
A guy called Albert Morris started a movement back in the late 40's, early 50's to RE-generate the destroyed bushlands around town to STOP the dreadful dust storms from blanketing everyone and everything.
That is why to this very day we have what are called Regeneration Areas almost completely encircling the town and boy do they work, the dust storms we got a year or so ago were NOTHING compared to the ones we go back in the 50's, 60's and early 70's.

@Triphid Thanks for that information. The environment is one of my hobby horses.

@anglophone Remember to do the GENUINE Old Timer Hillite salute every time you go past or see a BHP sign, etc, please, i.e. spit on it and then give the "bird" as well.

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