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I've been giving this A LOT of thought.

While I have plenty of issues with the Walt Disney Corporation (and I have MANY), given my issues with Ron Desantis, I think Disney has a silver bullet they could use to effectively tank Desantis and the entire Florida gop.

Threaten to pull out of the state, and be ready to follow through with it.
They can afford it, and it would go a LONG way toward redeeming their corporate image, which sorely needs it.


That doesn't just mean the parks and hotels on the properties. It's also the studios, of which there are several, and other entities.

Then there are ALL the hotels in Orlando, and the surrounding area. The restaurants, the stores, the additional attractions, and all the small businesses that benefit from Disney being there.
Then, and this is no small point, ALL the employees who would be out of work.
A lot of them are voters, too.

Many would have to apply for unemployment benefits, and other forms of state, county, and city assistance.
A further strain on an already stressed government.

For Florida to lose Disney, Desantis would become persona non grata.
His political career would be over. As would the careers of every state representative who supported his bullshit policies, and voted for every bullshit law they passed.

The economic impact on Florida would be absolutely devastating on multiple levels.
From the lost tax revenue from the corporation itself, to the gazillions lost in tourist dollars, the voters of Florida would be so incensed, it's conceivable that they would vote out every politician with an R behind their name.
Every lobbyist would turn against the republicans.
There are dozens (at least - could be hundreds) of groups that represent VERY big donors. If those groups are alienated, the penalties would be unimaginable for the republicans.

Disney should absolutely communicate this to Tallahassee, and be prepared to follow through with it.

KKGator 9 Apr 29

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Not since tycoon Mohammed Al-Fayed and Tory MP turned UKIP upper class twit of the year Neil Hamilton sued one another in the high court has there been a contest that I so hoped both sides could loose disastrously


From what I am seeing, this is just DeSatan and his legislative suck ups playing for the despicables. It would take years to put this switch into place. If Disney is right, and I am sure they have a lot of very expensive lawyers dealing with this, the state of Florida would have to pay them billions of dollars to get out of the deal they have. It's the big bad wolf huffing and puffing on a brick house. Unlike Putin, who I am sure DeSatan admires as much as he does Trump, he can't send Disney executives to Siberia, or in our case, I guess that would be Alaska. There is plenty of time for them both to play games in court before any of this would possibly take effect. Maybe all the Trumplicans can start going to The ARk instead of Disney. I'm sure that wouldn't put a big dent in the Disney wallet and in fact would make Disney a much nicer place to visit.


I love the scenario! Had similar thoughts.
The thing is Disney benefits from the gop tax cuts - bigly.
Major League Baseball pulled the All Star game out of Atlanta, GA over the newly passed restrictive voting laws. Small potatoes compared to the cash flow of Disney.
Damn it was be a thing of beauty though.


Why would they leave a state that receives as much tourism as Florida does? Where else could they move to? Texas? California? Sounds like a business killing idea to me.

Tejas Level 7 Apr 29, 2022

Disney is already in California. They've been there longer than they've been in Florida.
Btw, without Disney, Florida tourism would lose billions.

@KKGator that's why I said California, they would have competition with themselves. Probably so but there are still alot of people that live in Florida. Along with year round fairly temperate weather and so many beaches. It will be a tourist hot spot for a long time.

@Tejas You really don't understand any of this.

@KKGator don't understand what exactly? I was just telling you one reason why I think Disney wouldn't want to leave. Florida is good for business, don't fix what isn't broke.

@KKGator didn't even bring up the forgone logic behind voters switching their vote against Republicans. Mississippi is the poorest state and they vote heavily republican.

@Tejas Florida isn't Mississippi, and republicans are not terribly bright.


That would be cutting of your nose to spite your face.
Move to where exactly? Where would offer the Disney Corp the same tax arrangements and independence they currently enjoy? A move of such size would bankrupt them and could the new position offer Florida's weather?
The Johnny Depp fiasco is showing what a psycho his ex is yet Disney blackballed him instantly and are killing themselves with the PC crap they promote via messaging in their movies.

The whole topic is a big yawn for me, and rather simple politically. The law must treat all equally which means offer other corporations the same deal or remove the special treatment Disney currently receives.

Just a thought: It's a scary new world we live in where a single corporation can have the power to threaten states with not complying with their wishes, or else threaten states into complying to their corporate wishes.

puff Level 7 Apr 29, 2022

I never said Disney should threaten to move elsewhere.

As far as corporations holding sway with government, that's been going on all along.


A just reported news story reported that when Disney first started construction, they carried a bond and a legally binding contract which is good until 2029. The Florida POS and his lackeys not only tried to break a contract they went against state and federal law, and he signed a bill which is null and void. The governor of Florida didn't even know the laws of his own state and he thinks he can be president of the US? Maybe president of a looney bin as that's where he belongs.

If this bill were to go through many property owners would get a big tax bill and how would that shape this insane Buffoons, chances for re-election? Stupid, stupid and even more stupid.


The NYTimes estimated that property taxes in Orange and Osceola counties would go up 20%. That's almost 2 million people total that are going to be really pissed off when their tax bills and rent increase.

MizJ Level 8 Apr 29, 2022

That's just the beginning. With Reedy Creek having to start providing services previously provided by Disney, the residents of the area will not only experience tax increases, but in some cases, a complete lack of necessary services, and the consequently plummeting property values.
It's only going to get worse.

Now would be the perfect time for Disney to level the threat. Summer is coming. People are planning their vacations, teenagers are applying for summer jobs at the parks.
Threaten to devastate Florida if Desantis continues his bullshit.

The fact that the idiot governor hadn't thought of that show just how unqualified he is.

@JackPedigo Tunnel vision. The only thing that matters is getting to the White House and he is convinced he can do it by out-trumping Trump. The guy is Ivy League educated, this may have gone too far but on some level I am certain he sees it as a way of making the MAGAts happy.

@MizJ Things have changed a lot from when tRump LOST the election. The war in Ukraine are showing us how dangerous these people can be. Also, just because one is educated does not mean they have a overview based on reason or are emotionally or morally stable. It's too bad the law he and his ilk signed off on didn't go through as it might have 'helped' some Floridians to see what people like him and his will bring to the states residents.

@JackPedigo I agree, I also see how well he targeted those surrounding me with merchandising beer coozies and such with "Don't Fauci my Florida" Those strategies were very effective here, obviously would be less so nationally. More education than common sense? Likely. Politically savvy/able to read the room? Almost definitely.

@MizJ I wonder how much of the 'old stupid fart' syndrome is behind the right wing politics in Florida. It could also be a general cause for the extremist movement.
I always wondered who read such rags as the 'National Inquirer.' Seems it's old, retirees (I'm a part of this bunch) with a touch of senility and have nothing to do but sit, grumble and complain and are ripe for conspiracy theories (I'm not a part of this bunch and never have been).

@JackPedigo Religion and fear maybe?

@MizJ As we age, we tend to get more paranoid. I have felt this but seeing it on others I realize it's a natural phenomenon, so try to not let it affect me. Same thing with religion. As people get older, they feel their days are numbered so they cling to religion. Survival is one of the 2 biggest forces for life. By accepting death, we atheists are better able to handle reality than the muddle-headed religionists.


I bought more of the stock. Disney could sink De Santis & your analysis is sound. What is happening behind the scenes? De Santis is running for President of course. Progressive Disney vs fascist De Santis. Move to Virginia Beach, Disney. Less lightening.

He hasn't declared that he's running.

Anything north of mid GA or Alabama is out of the question due to weather...Disney is a year round resort and Snow Storms don't fit their weather this point they would not pic a Republican state either...that rules out all the southern states with the possible exception of Southern New Mexico...California keeps suffering drought and fire so that's out(with the possible exception of the San Joaquin Valley around Grapevine area...but again...drought). Disney needs to sue the state for Breach of Contract and also have the REAL NUMBERS presented in a public forum so they can show the voters what Death Santis is trying to do to them. This shit show that this MORON of a Governor/wannabe President couldn't think is way out of a wet paper bag if someone handed him a lit blowtorch and said, "CUT HERE IDIOT"...the line needs to be drawn NOW and he has to be stopped NOW...he is MORE DANGEROUS THAN TRUMP...the MARMALADE MUSSOLINI talks a lot of shit but then he goes golfing and does NOTHING...DeShitus talks BS and then strongarms Legislation that actually DESTROYS PEOPLES LIVES...he has done more to turn back the clock to 1950's racial discrimination and killed any hope of the LGBTQ community having any kind of lives. He has helped DESTROY CDC Authority and Credibility. He has taken the initiative that tRUMP started of dividing the country and crushed the voting districts with his GERRYMANDERED Maps. Let's not forget his new Election Fraud Police Force...he needs to be STOPPED ... NOW ... Disney can expose him and bury him with the facts that people can understand and VERIFY. This POS needs to be BURIED.


Can you imagine the really bad PR if "the happiest place on earth" located to another state? Mickey may be the Mouse that ROARS!


That might lose FL for Ron but he's running national. Disney's financial woes, or those of FL, mean squat to him so standing up to a corporation is good for the bastard. Nationally. What kind of statement is 45 making these days? Now you know what Ron is doing. He is formidable so might even keep FL.

I don't think so.
Even IF he were to run for president in 2024, the bad press he'd get from losing Disney would be national.
There are far more people who would take notice and have their opinions of him soured, than there would be who would support him.

If he could decimate Florida, what would he do to the nation?
There are definitely people who would be asking that question, among others.

Not to mention, if he were to run, he'd possibly be going up against 45.
Neither of them have officially declared.
Both of them would further fracture an already divided party.
If Desantis doesn't run un 2024, he won't have another window. He knows it.

@KKGator The MAGA crowd love strong men who demonstrate that they can not be pushed around. I'm certain Ron is gaining enormous respect from every MAGA leaner across the nation, which is where his voters are. "IF he were to run?" Seriously?

Many in FL would consider the return of all those tax incentives being paid out to be a good thing, increasing his popularity with the wealthier MAGA, but even if it loses the FL vote he wins nomination in every other red/purple state. It's precisely because his opponent is 45 that he's making such a stand now. That was my point by "What' statement is 45 making?" This might even be what Ron was hoping would happen out of that law he signed so that he could make this statement. Of course his gamble could be wrong but I don't think so. Bad press is still press and that gets one interviews and more coverage.

He doesn't care what it does to FL. His ambitions are for himself, not those affected by such a financial loss, and he might even retain those affected because they're Floridians. Ron will tell those who cry to toughen up and he'll be even more popular with MAGAts across the nation. Sandy Hook type shootings demonstrate that. This is a complete win-win for Ron (and that's all that matters to Ron).

@rainmanjr I could not possibly disagree with you more.

@KKGator That happens. I suppose we'll see.

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