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What do you expect to happen in the upcoming election in terms of being conducted fairly?

Which option best describes your position?

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racocn8 9 May 6

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With all the voter suppression laws that have recently been passed around the country, I don't see how any national election can be fair.


What's "fair" mean? Are we ignoring all of the people that are currently disenfranchised? If not, our elections aren't ever fair.

Who is disenfranchised? Those dropped from voter lists? Felons?
Fairness mainly relates to fraudulently changing the tallies, or to disregard the tallies in favor of the legislatures. Sedition may include improperly dropping people from voter lists.

@racocn8 Everything you said plus maybe some light gerrymandering?
How exactly is purging voters and other voter suppression methods not fraudulently changing the tallies?


I'm working the polls for NV Primary/general so ours will be fair. For the nation I'll say mostly fair (because it's not Presidential so no Electors).

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