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Well here it is folks
The USA now has an official Ministry of Truth
Joe Biden's wonderful "Disinformation Governance Board"
Not sure what to believe on the net, on the TV or in the Papers?

Don't Worry Uncle Joe has you covered, the "Disinformation Governance Board" will tell you what is true and what is not, no need for any more of that time wasting difficult thinking and considering just consult honest Joe's "Disinformation Governance Board" to know what to think and who to believe!
And it won't cost you a penny because you are already paying for it with your taxes
What could be simpler?
The DGB you know it makes sense, because they told you it does!

LenHazell53 9 May 6

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"'Ministry of Truth" ?

Please tell us HOW you think misinformation from foreign actors can/should be addressed.

. . . hoping you DON"T try to convince us that the US populace en masse is entirely capable of CT/rationality.

I think his concern is the almost inevitable manipulation of this agency. Depending on the scope of power and the scruples of the head of the agency, I agree. I don’t know of a cure for the gullibility of the population, other than some way to encourage natural skepticism.

@Garban . . . criticism is easy, reasonable/rational alternative(s) for this increasingly intractable problem(s) is not-so-much. 😮

"natural skepticism" -- other than philosophically, I don't think it actually exists.

Any government agency being able to define "truth" and "Lies (mis or dis information) will (eventually) place themselves in a position to enforce that definition is a nightmare scenario and WILL be abused for political expedience and corruption.

As far as "misinformation from foreign actors" is concerned, there are already laws against espionage and at least two government agencies already tasked with dealing with it.

@LenHazell53 . . . of course, ALL that's true since you said so /s 😛

@FearlessFly Hey you asked me for an answer I gave you one, if you wanted your comment to be rhetorical, then you should perhaps have said so being as you are, presumably "entirely capable of CT/rationality."


We already have a let someone think for you system in the US; it’s called FUX News. I would prefer a think for yourself attitude in schools and by parents but apparently that’s too much effort. When I was a kid one one the truisms grandpa would say is “only believe half of what you see; and none of what you hear”.

For the time being, Fux do not have the power of the department of Homeland security behind them, and do not have the legal right to "deal" with dissenters.


Now why, oh why do you suppose such a board would be created?

Yes it is a mystery is it not

We've seen how a million people died, possibly most of them needlessly, but as a consequence of misinformation. We've seen a coup garner support of violent militias using misinformation. We've seen an election subverted by foreign-sourced misinformation. Misinformation represents the common thread in these and many other major problems demonstrating that this vulnerability is a threat to national (homeland) security. NOT doing anything to study and address these threats would be irresponsible.


Thinking and considering isn't mush practiced in this country.


Actually..due to the insane amount of Disinformation spewed daily on "Social Media" here in the U.S, a program like this is needed..all you need to do is look at what "people" are following and reposting concerning covid to understand the Need for it.


You are perfectly happy for a government agency to be able to legally define what you must find true and untrue?

@LenHazell53 I "m a lot more unhappy with the amount of Disinformation on Fb, and every other Social media outlets, and Fux can avail yourself of it or not..I'm guessing you have an with the CDC and WHO?

@Charlene The CDC and the WHO do not define truth they present evidence, evidence which people and governments can freely access and either ignore or accept.
The whole point of the DGB is that they will be enabled to look at DATA released from the CDC and WHO and if it does not fit with the current government agenda, or might contradict or make a fool of some idiot politician, be able to SUPPRESS it and even make it illegal to state it.

Suppose for example the DGB decided that there is a "Trans-agenda" and that it needs to be silenced, and that the idea that biological birth assigned sex is the ONLY way to determine a person's gender and will prosecute anyone who states otherwise, because the concomitant government happens to be made up of hard line, right wing Christian bigots?

The DGB is a tyrants wet dream


You have to be kidding.

Nope google it

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