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I haven't posted in awhile, but am so proud of all the progress we've made on getting the workshop built and getting everything put in it and organized!

Soooo close to being completely finished!

Free_2B_Me 7 Apr 25

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Wow, that is NICE.

Thanks! It's coming right along!

@Free_2B_Me Now go and get it dirty; and don't forget some kind of forced air cleaning system to protect your lungs.

@EricJones lnitially, l will most likely open the doors and just move anything that requires true ventilation outside. I also have a shop fan for circulation and a portable air conditioner to keep it cool...fortunately, the entire building is in the shade, so it shouldn't get super hot from baking in the sun!


Nice work!

elaw Level 4 Apr 26, 2018

Thanks! Building the trusses was the hardest part. A bunch of the holes weren't lined up and/or were too small for the screws, so had to re-drill most of them. Time consuming and broke a couple of bits, but l survived!


I find the idea of a WORKshop disturbing.

Where's your sense of adventure...??

I'm very adventurous. It is just the idea of work is a big turn off. @Free_2B_Me

@nicknotes Interesting....because l find men who don't like to work as a turn off...which is why l'm still single and doing it all myself!


Is that a US Steel prefab building? The fit and finish looks very good.

Not sure on the brand (would have to go look), but l bought it through Amazon. The base building was 10x10 and l bought one 5ft extension package to make it 10x15.
(I couldn't make it any longer because the space where l put it was near the easement on the property line.) But I think it's just right for what l need!


This is quite an undertaking. Keep us apprised.

I didn't post all the pictures l was taking (from start to finish) because it only let's you upload you guys got the abbreviated/abridged version!



ebdb Level 7 Apr 25, 2018

Thanks! It really feels great to finally have it done!


Wow! That looks great! What's going to be the first project?

I'm still in the process of getting everything organized for now. The best part was being able to get a bunch of stuff out of the garage and have all my tools in one central location. Having a designated space to work feels amazing!


Very nice... Looking forward to posts about things that come out of that workshop

Don't hold your breath! Getting the building up and everything inside it was quite the undertaking. Now reorganizing the space that was cleared inside the garage to keep my yard tools and beekeeping gear!


Thanks! It's been on hold for so's nice to finally get it done!


Look nice! Is it for general repair and tinkering or for a hobby?

General tinkering and repair mostly. May try my hand at some welding and other things eventually.

My hobby/crafting building/lady shed will be next...have to tear down my old garden shed first and it will go in its place.


Congratulations! Keep it up. You been Busy in your future.

Ah, the joys of home ownership! Something is always breaking! There will always be 'just one more' thing to do!

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