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Texas teacher questions if she was fired for promoting Christianity to students"


JFC, the United States is covered with these buildings called churches where it is permissible to pray all you want and listen to all the religious music you want to listen to. It’s also covered with homes, apartments, and condos where you’re free to pray all you want and listen to all the religious music you want to listen to. Why TF these people insist on dragging it into our public schools is beyond me.

MaryChristmas 7 May 13

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There is more to the story than she lets on. The administration says all protocols for her termination were followed; that means she is lying about not expecting/knowing why, other than claiming her bs.


I agree fully but it seems they are convinced that American was founded as a Christian Nation. All they have to do is go hear the preacher repeat that crap weekly and they believe it.


Growth brings more money into their Church, power, and safety. That is the prevailing view of many societies, as well, so they feel vindicated by the power which also doesn't tax them. Going after the children, indoctrinating them before "education" can bring about foreign ideas, is the best way to achieve growth.


Christian supremacists deserve all the opprobrium that they get.


Because they can and they feel it does not matter, god is on their side.


These bible-thumpers need to be stopped whenever they overstep.
Which, unfortunately, is far too often.

Believe whatever the hell religious bullshit you please, but keep it to yourself.


They do it to indoctrinate the children they would otherwise not have access to.

Betty Level 8 May 13, 2022

Yeah, captive audiences.

@yvilletom You got that right. 🙂


From their perspective, it is the great commission to preach the gospel to every nation.
I am in no way condoning or justifying it and I am in total agreement with the OP.

And it's my desire to drive reeeeallly fast and I paid for a car that can do it...and yet I am reasonable and choose carefully when to do so.

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