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How many children is Congress prepared to sacrifice on the altar of its own ego before it enacts even the most rudimentary of gun controls?

How many children must die?

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anglophone 8 May 25

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I'd like to see a modification in the wording before I vote. Instead of "Congress," it should be "Congressional Republicans," or "Republicans in Congress." If it was up to the Democrats alone, it would already be done!

I agree with what you say. I was coming at it from the viewpoint of Congress being a single legislative body.

@anglophone Yeah, that's an outdated view, unfortunately. The polarization is just about complete. Almost no one from the right side of the isle will vote with the Dems...on anything!


Proposed Republican motto...

Save the Blastocysts, sacrifice the Children.


Thanks to Trump we sacrificed over a million people, including many youth and children. So I’m not sure they have any number that would force them to change their stonewalling.

Your point merely underscores the depravity of those in power.


There should be another option, remember that trump just help kill over a million of us and we still are standing giving the lost deer look.


I don’t see an “unlimited” option …?

At least 500,000 has no upper limit.


No limit

bobwjr Level 10 May 25, 2022

Their blood lust is only exceeded by their love of NRA money.


There is no upper limit. The rabid gun worshippers won't ever back down no matter how many children are dead and the conservative politicians know this and won't jeopardize losing any votes by actually standing up for what's right.


They don't care that a million Americans died of Covid, but they shame people into not wearing masks.


The Murder Rate in the USA has been going down for the past 30 years.

BD66 Level 8 May 25, 2022

You have different things at play. Murder rate is dropping; mass shootings are increasingly; highest death factors for children. While they may interconnect, they are not the same.

@Beowulfsfriend What you have at play is a media that is determined to attack the 2nd amendment rights of US citizens, so they have deceived the gullible idiots who watch network news into believing that gun violence is becoming more of a problem, while in fact it is becoming less of a problem.

@linxminx Look at the charts, The murder rates were flat for Trump's first 3 years in office, then the Covid lockdowns began, people went crazy, and the murder rates went up in 2020. Now that the lockdowns are over, we are seeing the rates drop again. The murder rates in 2022 are significantly lower than the murder rates in 2021.

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