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I have ideological differences with the men who appeared in today's January 8th hearings, ut it is more than evident that they are men of honor, courage, and patriotism. Their testimony makes it equally clear that Donald Trump is a rapidly metasticizing caner on our country, on our people -- indeed o the very soul of our nation. It is also equally clear that Fox "News" is nothing more or less than an enzyme that enhances the lethal advance of that cancer. Wake up, America!!!!!

wordywalt 9 June 21

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Trump stinks and always has. Fox News and Fox shows that are opinion shows are two different things. Do you know which is which?


However you analogize the evil of Mr. Trump, be sure to include his connections to Putin and the continued contact of Giuliani with Russian actors. Should we believe that Eastman and Trump came up with all these schemes? Arguably, the way the various seditious actions violated conventional norms strongly suggests foreign analysis and origin.


I have to agree, Donnie Boy is definitely a cancer on the soul of this nation, and all of his moronic followers as well.

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