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Chief Justice John Roberts says Supreme Court went too far in taking the 'dramatic step' of overturning Roe


TheoryNumber3 8 June 24

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No shit

bobwjr Level 10 June 25, 2022

Ya think?


Are we to forget the massively destructive Citizens United that the Roberts court enacted which also overturned precedent and legislation.

The whole of the Roberts court will be looked on as a psychotic joke, entirely equivalent to the corrupt Trump administration.


I see legal uproar in the U$A for the forthcoming decade. I see the right-wing Christian evangelicals dancing in the streets with the way that they have imposed their malevolence on other people. I foresee strife, civil disobedience, riots and shootings.


And that does what exactly? Absolutely nothing! The Scum Court is in the hands of the radical reactionaries, looking to put the country human rights back 100 years.

Except for gun rights

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