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It's not about babies. They don't care about the lives of babies.

JonnaBononna 7 June 24

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I just can't understand why anyone would think that forcing a woman to bring to term a dead fetus, a fetus conceived through rape or incest or a fetus that will likely kill the person bearing that fetus , would be a good idea. You really have to hate women in order to think that any of these scenarios make sense, despise women would probably be more accurate.
Why would any woman or any man who has an ounce of decency in them, vote for these people?

That is a good question. Republicans do not care one bit about the life of anyone. The only reason abortion is an issue is that back in the time of Reagan he needed a segment of the population to vote for him and this was an issue that the leaders of the party and the religious factions of the time thought would give it to them. Before Reagan, it was a non-issue. There was a law allowing it to be used in any manner needed.


It was never about babies, it's about forcing women to conform to Evangelical interpretations of Christian life.IE make them into breeding stock subservient to men.


The law here in once progressive Wisconsin was written in 1846. Where are my "government over reach boys now? I can't hear you. Ballots not bullets but the temptation is not boding well with other folks. They are coming for you & yours next We will force Christianism on you whether you like it or not. Somebody didn't vote for Hillary. 3 issues. Guns, Gays & God.


Yes, it is all about the control of women by men. Welcome to the Biblical Times in the Age of Insanity.


It is about imposing the Christian concept of a soul at conception upon all of us. It is about the religious doctrine that gay folks are a Christian abomination. It is about stripping the ability for gay folks to realize all the advantages that marriage bestows from end of life decisions to inheritance to hospital visitations. Will SCOTUS care for the severely deformed that languish in the twilight world of unconsciousness? Euthanasia as an end of life choice? But boy they will protect the right of us to access a Kalashnikov & mow down children who really are A CHILD!!!! With a chicken it is an omelet. With a human it's a person. Vote them out or let them secede before I shoot myself! And my guinea pigs. I could vote as a dead person in old time Chicago. "Find me 11, 000 votes".

Modern Evangelical made-up interpretation of the Bible. God was VERY clear in the Bible, life begins when the baby draws its first breath.


Where do we draw the line on wanting to kill young lives???

When they are born. After that, they don't care

@JonnaBononna it’s were the tax dollars kick in.

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