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Now that the USA has taken its first step into a right-wing theocracy is there any way to stop it if the Republicans win the mid-terms and then the presidency in 2024? Overturning Roe v Wade has been a long gestating mission for conservative evangelicals for a long time and now that they've stripped women of this basic right, who else offends them enough to go after next?

Well, certainly gays are a thorn in their side, Their gay lifestyle being an effrontery to the almighty. Then there's atheists whose non-belief is met with scorn. Something will have to be done about them as well. Black and brown people aren't the right color so they'll need to know their place in the conservative Xian utopia they want to create from the ashes of democracy.

Basically, if you aren't a cis, white, hetero, Xian they'll want to pass legislation against you sooner or later so if you don't want to see more shit like what we saw this week happen over and again, DO NOT support the modern day fascism that is the MAGA infected Republican party.

Sgt_Spanky 8 June 26

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It started when Reagan was in office, this is just the result of all the conservatives work and lies over time.


There is only one way to stop it and that is a complete reform of the US (and the UK) education system, an end to mass deliberate under education, an end to ultra nationalist indoctrination and compulsory religion in schools, to be replaced with the implementation of critical thinking courses.
The Abolition of private education and religiously funded schooling, a huge investment in to the state and federal secular education system and scholarships based on academic merit, not sporting prowess.

Unfortunately such a plan is long term and will take at least 20 years for a significant impact to be felt and by that time the whole world is likely to be split in to a theocratic version of Orwell's 1984


You’ll be okay. Go to a liberal state to kill your baby and the world will continue as it was.

You're an atheist. You kill and eat babies all the time just like the rest of us.

@Sgt_Spanky I’ll admit. I’ve eaten some pretty small deer, but I’ve never killed a pregnant deer.


I'd say you see their future agenda pretty clearly, and, to be honest, I don't think this war can or will be won thru electoral politics. It will end up being decided in the streets, I'm afraid, with some form of civil war. That could be prevented, if the Repub Party's leaders and congress people finally stood up and renounced Trumpism, as well as their theocratic evangelical followers, but I would put as much stock in that happening as in believing in the Easter Bunny...

Sadly, I have to agree.


We white people now get to experience the full power of the elite against our race. As a people we are now now longer of privilege and we will get to experience what black, Latinos, and other foreign people have for hundreds of years. The only way I see to solve the problem is a civil war, we see the beginnings of it in the advertisements of real conservatives against RINOs. When they are done with them they can then move on to other people. Where are the Black Panthers when they are needed?

Most Trumpers I run into online know zip about the Civil War or even just who won it. The cons lost then and they will lose again. But the Civil War was very costly in American lives. I would prefer that the just secede, and by they I mean Texas and the SE states. But they won't because they take more from the Union than they contribute, except Texas.

Totally agree. Being white itself, or even being a white male, will no longer be a protection against being persecuted, if you are not also straight, Christian, and on board with the right wing theocratic program. You will be treated by them as an enemy of the state, the same as foreign terrorists, and they will show you no mercy.


The evangelicals aren't the majority, and less so all the time. Nonetheless dirty tricks by them (gerrymandering, blocking Obama's SCOTUS appt, etc.) and complacency on the establishment Dems part have led us to this sad day. And it's going to get worse with this SCOTUS, many of the hard won rights over the past 100 years might well be erased. The American Taliban, a dark day for America.

Couldn't have said it better myself.


It WAS also a man's right to support his woman in her decision not to carry a pregnancy to term. His right with his woman to decide the appropriate direction the size, the ability to support a child that a zygot, an embryo not be defined as a child with a soul & that is a religious concept being forced upon us all.


You are one of the very few I've seen address this as a question about Theocracy. People do not really believe that's what is happening, or think their specific concern only happens to involve religion, so are still talking about issues from a personal POV. I think they make us less productive because those who do not see their tribe as threatened might not connect with the butt hurt. If they can be made to see how the national government, and society, transform negatively then they might be more motivated to vote against it.

As I see it, Theocracy has been the threat since 1981 and has just about won because Dems fight poorly and will not improve. They believe "open minded" Americans will respond to empathy and there's just no indication (after decades of observation) that is true. We are a people who want the best for everyone unless it means not being gratified. Then they believe themselves very sorry but afraid of what they might lose. So long as this is the over-all attitude then I think we'll likely lose to Theocracy. The Bible will legally and officially supersede the divinely written constitution and we will be Pakistan with more nukes.

Democrats need to learn that you cannot please all factions all of the time & pick your battles carefully less you lose the "war". Can we get a "Mulligan" on 2016? Would "they" come out to vote for Hillary even tho they "did not like her" this time? Boomers advanced us & gen XYZ & millennials have dropped baton. Spoiled, entitled, whiners. It is on !

@Mooolah I'll say they still would not vote for HRC. I voted for her and would hate to have to do it again. I don't think Boomers advanced us and left XYZ with little to work with. Hell, Boomers created XYZ's attitudes so their failings still belong to the Boomers. Humans just are not this good and we've run out of places to hide from that fact.

@Mooolah Boomers advanced us during the 60s and 70s, but then most of them sold us out later by becoming supporters of Reagan and then corporate Dems, beginning in the 90s. So they still deserve some blame overall as a generation group.

I think you are a clear-minded realist, not a cynic. I wish more people shared that with you rather than being overly romantic or sentimental about our society's members. The faults of most of our fellow Americans are not merely stupidity or ignorance, it's also this extreme individualism and selfishness.


Another good post, thank you. I would only add male to your list of privileged characteristics in your final paragraph. Rest assured, I have never and will never vote Republican under any circumstances.

They were always hard to love but now that they're Trump inspired fascists bent on destroying democracy, they're a cancer.

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