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He has done it again, young Henry I mean, so it seems.
Imo, scored another goal for the Atheists world-wide and lobbed a shot across the bows of rampant religious teachers in schools here.
The " new" replacement Teacher for his class seemed to settle in and, for all intents and purposes, got in to the job of TEACHING rather than PREACHING.
But that changed last week, last Friday to precise, when he, the Teacher, decided to get a pop quiz going in the classroom and guess what the subject was, RELIGION of course.
When the subject of church and churches arose, young Henry raised his hand and popped his own question instead of answering.
" Sir, If God and Jesus are everywhere and all over the place all the time then why do they need churches to built so people can pray to them?"
With that the quiz was halted, Henry was marched off to see the Headmaster and yet again being classed by another Teacher as an "disrespectful, disruptive Heathen child who should be expelled from school immediately."
Guess what, it seems that Henry remains at the school and the Teacher will be seeking a NEW position elsewhere asap.

Triphid 9 June 26

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I thought it was just the United States where people felt compelled to afflict this nonsense on children.

That sort of evil shit was going on in New South Wales in 1963. (And I speak from personal experience.)

@anglophone That's why more people like young Henry are needed. He is an inspiration to his peers. Because of him other's will have the courage to speak up.


Oh! I love your Henry. You must be so proud. 🙂

Betty Level 8 June 27, 2022

Good little Henry. Children should not be indoctrinated with bull shit. No one has ever walked on liquid water or any animal ever come back from the dead. But it isn't just the Christians that believe in total foolishness; what about the characters that must wear their hats/turbans all day?

It is a wonder to me that Henry's school has not yet got a reputation for expelling religious lunatic teachers.

@anglophone Give it time. Young Henry is on a roll. 🙂


Henry is an awesome child.
Kids like him give me hope for the future.

It is my prejudice that mature adults do not feel threatened by questions from 8 or 9 year old children. My prejudice tells me a lot about Henry's erstwhile teacher.



I guess the Headmaster is now quite used to Henry outing the religious nut jobs that turn up as T(Pr)eachers.

They should pay him to be the "Nut Buster". 😁



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