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Was the designer of these church windows actually unaware of what he was doing OR was he actually a closet Atheist?

Triphid 9 July 1

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As a gay person i really want this to be his gay eff you to the church


Maybe he wanted to shoot his rocket.


Ok. I'll bite.
Where is this church? Surely(Shirley?) it's not the The Onion Photoshop Design Company.

It reminds me of a memory of an engineering client of mine back in the 90s.

They paid a consulting company a fair bit of money for a new logo -- but they didn't realize that at the time it was fashionable in some circles to put sexual innuendo in graphic images.

The new logo lasted exactly as long as it took for a woman to see it. Ha, ha. πŸ˜‹
They ended up writing off the money they'd paid.

Interestingly. Apparently none of the men in in their male dominated company noticed the problem until it was pointed out to them. Ha, ha, again.
But once you saw it, you couldn't unsee it.




I think it's the Phallic Order...

You could be right there, instead of being NAILED to the cross, he was impaled upon the Roman Centurion Biggus Dickus....LOL.


I like to think it was intentional. I like to think he was thinking: *"Let's see if these Jesus freaks can figure this out while they're reciting from Psalms.""


Male architects are usually so intrinsically enamored of their own physiology, they don’t realize they unconsciously incorporate phallic shapes into their designs. I see it all the time.


It does make for a conversation piece. lol

Betty Level 8 July 1, 2022

One could even hazard to sy that it could be a "boner: of contention as well from time to time....LOL.


If it was an accident, whoever came up with the wall design is pretty naive

Or "pretty nave"? πŸ˜‰


Could be either.


Churches having changes of use to domestic residences can bring some weird effects.


Think theists, especially men in robes, have more of a dick fetish than atheists.

puff Level 7 July 1, 2022

Obsessed.... in my opinion.

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