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7.00 am, colder than a mother-in-laws kiss and there is someone knocking on my door.
Tried to ignore it but he/she would NOT stop so I got up and answered the door for the sake of peace and quiet.
What do I find by Evangeloons friend Greg, yet another jerk-off and God-botherer, standing there smiling like a demented Cheshire cat.
Out his mouth instead an apologetic " Good morning sorry to disturb you, " comes " "I want to you to help my wife and I get Mat's house ready and tidy for when he comes home and we are starting today before we all go to church to offer up prayers for his speedy recovery, so can we count you in?"
I shall my friends and readers leave it up to you and your imagination as to precisely what my reply and response was, but suffice it to say that I returned to my bed, got warm and had a nice quiet lay-in until about an hour ago.

Triphid 9 July 9

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What a delusional tool


I helped clean out some items from a psych patients rented trailer once. His case manager asked, in advance. There was no way the CM would have allowed anyone to ask for a neighbor's help as that could possibly be a legal violation of the patient's rights in the states.


Do you still have room to hide the bodies? I ran out some time ago.

LOL, no but garbage collection day is every Thursday and with some careful dissecting I can fit at least 2 bodies in one wheelie bin.


Yes, yes, I'd love to come out and peruse his fine collection of pornography.... let me get my coat and a box of tissues and depart before my erection subsides!


Maybe he told them that you would be ever so happy to help.

You have a wicked sense of humour, and I love it!

I must applaud most vehemently your sense of humour.


Bloody arrogant yahoos!!!!

As a lifelong night person, & a difficult sleeper when I do get to sleep, NOBODY had better be waking me up before I'm ready, unless the house is on fire!!!!

"Sorry to disturb you" my fat aunt!

(I don't know how common the phrase "my fat aunt!" is in some parts of the world, but I am sure you can guess at its meaning if you don't already know.)

@anglophone Never heard of this expression.

@Lilac-JadeCanada "My fat aunt!" is an expression of derision. It may be isolated to some parts of England.

@anglophone Okay, but how does that fit with my being a lifelong night person?

@Lilac-JadeCanada Sorry, I was referring to Mr Evangeloon's friend, not you. My wife has trouble sleeping, so I understand where you are coming from.

@anglophone Thanks for clearing that up. I know how your wife feels.

As for the arrogant poor excuses for humans, the term ''Mr.'' doesn't really apply.

@anglophone Over this way in Aussie-land we old-timers tend to use the phrase " My aunts' fanny," meaning you have exactly the same chance of me helping you as you would of ever getting near my aunts sexual organ.


Are these the same people that when asked they refused to be his carer? Are they there because on his return they anticipate his donations?

Your reply... No! Shut the door in his face. (That's my polite version as I can imagine some nasty words between the no and the door being shut.) 😉

Betty Level 8 July 9, 2022

No, not those persons, an occasional "friend" of Evangelooon, if you get my drift, in that they make use of each other when required because there are no-one else stupid enough to fall for their nasty little games.

@Triphid Would they have had to get special permission to enter and clean his home, considering that he is in treatment?

@Betty Legally and unless given written permission they need to do so.
And since the Hazmat Clean-up Crew were there not so long ago and considering that Psychiatric Consensus atm is that his STAY in the Half-way House may need to at least 8 -10 weeks then there is, imo, NO need for a further clean up at present.

@Triphid I was thinking much along the same lines.

@Triphid Do you think he contacted them with the request to prepare his home?

@Betty Possibly but since as an in-mate of the Halfway House now he has no means of contacting, etc, any persons other than his Psychiatrist and an M.D.
All outside calls are restricted for a minimum of 3 weeks from admission.
However, there is a possibility that he arranged this BEFORE being transferred from the hospital.


So I'm gonna go out on a limb here and suggest that you Did Not accept Jebus as your personal Lord and Savior. LOL

Nah, I accepted my bed, mattress and quilt as the Saviours of my body warmth instead.


Ah, the arrogance of the imbecile knows no bounds.

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