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Iranian father Mohammad Kazem Lashkari, 43 Shot dead his 15 year old daughter with a shotgun in her Grandmother's house BY ACCIDENT
"I only meant to scare her," he claimed.
Her crime was apparently laughing at a joke told by a male schoolfriend in a local park.

In Iran the punishment for murder is usually death. However, the murder of a child or grandchild by their father or paternal grandfather is an exception and carries a maximum sentence of ten years. Or a lower sentence and payment of so called blood money as Iranian law considers him to be the "owner" of the victim's blood.

According to the head of Reyhaneh Women's NGO, 60 girls and women have been reported as having been murdered in Iranian HONOUR KILLINGS since the beginning of the pandemic, the Iranian government have placed an embargo on the reporting of such crimes in the main stream media to try and protect the country's international reputation.

Well that has really worked well hasn't it.

LenHazell53 9 Aug 3

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Mohammad Kazem Lashkari, like the Prophet Mohammad, is a sick joke.


Still retaining the traditions & mindset of stone age hill country goat herders. It's no wonder honour killing is still tolerated within Islam.

Iranian standup comedians, in their own country. Must be on the endangered species list .
Jokes & cartoon depictions about Mohammed . Reduce one's life expectancy dramatically..

" Religion poisonous everything " .. Christopher Hitchens RIP.

Cartoon of Mohammad Kazem Lashkari.

I hear a Muhammad was approached by Marvel execs.
Ben Affleck recommend using a cultural Iranian Muslim as the new superhero character. ". ill show Sam Hunt & his motherload of bad ideas "' racist..uuggg.
Ben was made to apologize to Marvel, when the executive's head was seen being kicked like a soccer ball in a Bagdad market for crimes of blasphemy .


Did this happened in Iran? It does not say.

Try []



60 females since the beginning of 2020? US firearm deaths in 2020 alone were around 45,000. I guess Iran is much more civilized than the US.

I’m not arguing your number. However that statement lumps all aspects of firearm deaths under a single heading. Suicides are higher than homicides. If we parse the numbers we get a little nuance. I would like to live in a world without guns, but a 5 foot tall female has a difficult time protecting herself from a 6 foot tall male attacker. Given that we will not get rid of guns within the US, what is your solution?


@Surchin At the moment, the MAGA types and NRA prevent any meaningful solutions. The point is that their cult imposes a cultural terror on the population that is comparable to the terror in Iran. My solution is to test everyone psychologically. Those that pass can have guns and conventional rifles. Military style rifles would be outlawed. Those that don't like it should be imprisoned or GPS cuffed, or killed. Ruby Ridge the lot of them, however long it takes.

@racocn8 and who decides what the psychological criteria are? Why are military style weapons outlawed? It is that over reaching control of others that worries me. It is these criteria that can prevent people from having the ability to protect themselves. Currently back in the Middle East, I see your analogy regarding the NRA as a false one. I don’t agree with the NRA, but I am not getting swept up in the hyperbole and vitriol.
My thought is, if you want to take a life with a gun, the first one should be your own.
We as a country have failed on several fronts. One specific issue is mental health. Perhaps red flag laws, but again the ability for a potential abuser to misuse them and put their victim in a weaker position does not strike me as a good solution. Something similar happened to my daughter, she was denied services by an agency because her abuser got there first and said she was the abusive one. Took thousands of dollars to go through the court system to get a protection from abuse order from a judge. Not everyone is in a financial position to be able to do that.

@Surchin Obviously what we have now is far from overreaching, but is over-reaching from the gun-nuts. I'd love for them to suicide themselves, but that doesn't happen often enough. We need the means to ferret them out against their will. It's either that or the status quo that doesn't work. 2nd Amendment says WELL-REGULATED MILITIA. That's the police - - not the citizenry.

@racocn8 "miltia is the whole of the people "those who founded the nation said that .. police are a standing army.. and you're exactly why the bill of rights was passed .. the number of times you've wished death on others in this thread is appalling

@laidback1 Those that love guns to the point of making guns their religion don't deserve much. As they prevent addressing the slaughter of innocents, they have blood on their hands without ever pulling a trigger. And it gets so much worse. Gun nuts are psychopaths, dreaming of the day they can murder dozens or hundreds. No one should miss them if society ever gets serious about eliminating the threat they pose.


It's barbaric. 🤬


Islam is one of the most fucked up religions ever. Christianity is a close second.
They are all evil.

Uh, the Christianity of Christian nationalists is just as fucked up as Islam.

I put all Abrahanic religions as the same. Judaism brags about its killings in the bibly, etc 4k years ago, then the Christians came along and kill kill kill, and then the Muslims had/have been in the kill mindset. All evil and stupid.
Currently the Muslims and the Christian nationalist, along with the apartheid Jewish supporters are the worse.

@Flyingsaucesir That's pretty much what I said.
They are ALL evil.

@Flyingsaucesir When Christian nationalists are running the USA as a theocracy then they will be as fu.... Oh wait a minute yeah okay


Looks like he scared her for the last time. Prosecute him for murder.

They should, but as I pointed out under Iranian law though murder is a capital crime, the killing of a child, especially a female child, by either the father or the paternal grandfather is not murder as the child is the property of any male progenitor and you cannot murder what you own, you can only be charged with wanton destruction for which the penalty is 2 to 10 years in prison or a fine paid in blood money to other members of the family who would have benefited from a bridal dowry.

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