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Saying your anti mandate, is like the same as, saying your anti vaxxers. Thats like saying your anti rape is the same as anti sex to me. Mandates is not in the Constitution or international law medicinally or the Government owns your body.

Most here thinks, I'm an anti vaxxer, when I tell them I'm not for covid vaccines personally. I am for vaccines for the right people and depopulation. Knock yourselves out being against many things or for mandating against peoples will. Then awkwardly try to convince me your a classic Liberal.

This should be good, try to be honest too.

Castlepaloma 8 Aug 20

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Vaxxed all my life and not dead yet. BTW, the issue is not about killing you. It's about keeping as many people as possible alive so they can continue to get your money. If I can sell you anything, anything at all, I have your money.

Been vaxxed all my life too. Pity a vaccine for covid has not been developed yet aye

@puff Vaccine for Covid is like the vaccine for flu. Oh, wait. Covid is like a variant of flu and it was last seen here 100 years ago. No vaccine then but it looks like it keeps on mutating. Vaccinated for something does not make you immune but people do use the term immunization right along with vaccination. In other words, you might get the shot and still get the disease, but get a milder form of the disease. This is what is happening now with people I know who have already had Covid. On the other hand, Covid killed my first cousin. He was not vaxxed.

If they treated covid like the flu, we WOULDN'T have shut down the whole world over it, that is the worst health model by far ever experienced by people in this life time.

The vast majority of people who got the flu had also taken the flu shots most often. Where I and people I know who did not take the flu shots and who didnt caught the flu. Same with malaria and aids shots in Africa, it only increase tbe deaths. It is why Africains are wise by experience to covid vaccines . European take vaccines 8times% greater than Africans and European have 15 times greater covid deaths per capita.


You get the Darwin award for today...

I just don't like labels on people. Warning labels on products is very healthy, and people who don't like that, are stupid


SMFH 😂😂😂makes about as much sense as a G-string in a snowstorm.


Rape is more about control, violence, and injury than it is about sex.

MizJ Level 8 Aug 20, 2022

Power of your own body. When that is taken away against your wishes............this should be something no-one condones.
Some get off having power over others, rape being the extreme example.
I agree, rape is more about control rather than sex.

I DON'T support rape of any kind. I was drug raped by a man when I was age 13. That was a tickle in my childhood trauma compared to my alcohol father beating me up. I am for homosexual today and the second half of my fathers life was great. I don't carry regrets, Only could have regrets if I let the Government rape me for my work, that I love all my adult life. Or rape me of relationships with my family and dying grandma visit in the hospital. Rape me from swimming excerize, from dating, traveling , supplies chain and outrageous inflation. I don't care if Trudeau had covid four times and shots 5 times, it only proves it doesn't work.


Did someone hold you down to give you your “mandated” shot or was it like Wild Kingdom with Marlin Perkins chasing you in a helicopter with a tranquilizer gun?

Actually the guy with the tranquilizer gun hanging out of the helicopter was probably Jim. Good old Marlin was probably safely watching from a distant vantage point somewhere! 😉

@p-nullifidian poor Jim. He was probably gored, mauled, or stung by every critter in the Western Hemisphere.🤣

I know absolutely no-one who got the vax without coercion. Be it because of work, visitation to hospitals, travel and even participating in society eg eating out.
Why did you get vaxxed for covid with a medicine less than 5 years from development? Were you coerced? Or.........
Did you think you were doing it for the societal good ie stop transmission? Bet you feel a bit foolish now if that's the case.
Or perhaps you got it to stop yourself catching it? DOH!!!
Or perhaps peer pressure, you didn't want to feel left out, a form of coercion itself.

I'm glad there are no more "Vaxxed only" checkpoint charlies on shops now, reminded me of "whites only" or "no Irish" from times past. Thought we had moved past that with all the gender bullshit..........apparently not.
If we must mandate medicine let it be dope because a lot out there need to chill the fuck out with imposing their mandates on others.

@puff now you do know someone that got it totally voluntarily, ME!

@puff I got vaxed completely voluntarily, because I have a heart condition and am in my 60s. And I got Covid before vaccines were available. So I got the Regeneron immuno therapy treatment and am damn glad I got it, on the advice of my doctor. I later got my first vaccine shots as soon as I was eligible for them. I got Covid again this summer, but I am still glad I got both the Regeneron and the vaccine, because otherwise, with my heart, I was very afraid of ending up dead or in the hospital. I have suffered no heart damage so far from my first Covid episode and will get another scan of my heart soon, after having one after the first episode.

I know the vaccine will not prevent me from getting Covid, but I am very glad that it kept me from getting seriously ill this second time, same as how the Regeneron kept me from getting more than mild symptoms and took away my fever immediately, besides shortening my illness. I believe in science, not anti-vax conspiracy theories.

@Garban You got to exercise freely given informed consent? Well done!!!!!!!!
Why then support denying others that same freedom you enjoyed eg the freedom, without coercion, to say no?

@TomMcGiverin I believe in freely informed consent needed for all medical treatment. Without coercion.
If in your position, I would have probably done the same. Isn't having choice nice?

@puff You decided to self ostracize. Why should people be coerced into being exposed to you if they don’t want to be. It’s a two way street.

@Garban mandate mask wearing, distancing, hand washing, wearing biohaz suits, isolation etc........don't care. All good for the common good.
But medical treatment? No no no not ever. Emergency approved medicines? Now we enter crime against humanity territory with precedent set in this very area of state overreach.
If "you" are so petrified of human transmitted diseases, avoid people is the way to go. Not force people to avoid "you".

And BTW, I think it is accepted being vaccinated does not stop transmission (covid only, not real vaccines) which dismisses your "exposed" argument.

@puff your choice, no shot, no bar hopping. 😢

@Garban Yes it was and as all restrictions are now gone, can resume barhopping. If that scares people, they may stay at home. Choice.
Was a crazy time where we had BLM and being inclusive of difference in gender inclination etc. A new accepting society it seemed.
What!!!!! You're not vaxxed? Fuck off then and you will be banned from socialising whilst onlooking citizens cheer as you are dragged away. Real inclusive.

@puff September flu shots become available. Roll up your sleeve.

@Garban Wrong hemisphere, having flu season now.

@puff Using whites only or no Irish as a comparison to vaxxed only is truly an ignorant comparison. Vaxxed only signs by shops or restaurants was used to try and protect the employees as well as customers because the spread was airborn and well documented as to how it spread in enclosed areas.
The other 2 signs were meant to denigrated certain members of our society and exclude them because of skin color and nationality. Ya know, hate crimes in todays society.


Also Christian go to bars to wash their sins.

@Garban As owner-operators of an assisted living facility for the elderly, my wife and I were grateful to have been near the front of the line to be vaccinated. Having lost friends who died on a ventilator we couldn’t live with ourselves if we contributed to another’s death, no matter what our personal reservations.

The greatest protests of any kind in human history has been in farming toxic practices and vaccines . The greatest push back is provented them to going to the next level of vaccine dart guns and butt plugs.


Getting vaxxed lowers the likelihood of one passing on a deadly virus to others in the community that may have risk factors that make getting COVID potentially lethal. By lowering the community spread we also keep hospitals from being overwhelmed and unable to care for others that need care for non-pandemic issues.

The vaccine saves lives. Not getting vaxxed is selfish.

MizJ Level 8 Aug 20, 2022

Demanding others believe as you do, forcing them to take action with regards to their own body, is also selfish.
All claims of the vaccine you just illustrated are in dispute eg fully vaxxed cruise ships have had outbreaks.

@puff The vaccine does NOT prevent all transmission of the virus which is why the cruise ships had outbreaks. For healthy non-elderly people the vaccine is highly effective at minimizing the illness and keeping people that are infected out of the hospital and alive. It is not 100%. What is near 100% is the possibility of infecting others if one takes no precautions as the period of time between infection and symptoms is much longer than the flu.

@MizJ Never mentioned taking no precautions. My stance is simple.
When it comes to any medical treatment, informed consent must be sought and gained with no coercion applied..

Half of America has covid. Fauci, Biden Trudeau and dozens of news networks have had covid twice or more They all said vaccines are 100% safe or very save. Do Governments and network media have ever lied to you?

@Castlepaloma, @puff Disbelief in science and lack of common sense=more than .ONE MILLION DEAD AMERICANS

Not overwhelming the healthcare system and NOT killing others with a virus has ZERO to do with coercion.

NO ONE said COVID or any other vaccine is 100% safe. What is exponentially more dangerous is allowing a potentially deadly virus to run through the population.

I get my science and health information from scientists and doctors not the media therefore will not comment on whatever lies are being told by people that should not be giving health advice.


Biden said vaccines are 100% safe.
President Joe Biden interacts with members of the audience during a commercial break for a CNN town hall at Mount St. Joseph University in Cincinnati, Wednesday, July 21, 2021. ✈

@Castlepaloma Biden is NOT a doctor or scientist

Fauci and Biden have caught covid twice and Fauci is no where to be found. CDC is running for the hills. Where else are you getting your science from,.... Pfizer?

@Castlepaloma Too funny. You toss out insults since your arguments failed. No worries. I can just as easily ignore you as I do the media that lies.

@Castlepaloma Most university research can be found on JSTOR or equivalent databases

@Castlepaloma Peer reviewed articles can be found in Nature magazine and similar publications


I can possibly get insulted if it is truth about my flaws.. Since I adjust my flaws as I go along, so I don't get insulted. Don't do arguments because that's an angry discussion and angry is inefficient. As far as teacher who more often can not do, calling them amateurs. I already live a holistic lifestyle of healthy food, freedom and affordable tiny housing. Who can teach me beauty and how much better can they teach me any greater than my own off grid and free trade community?

@Castlepaloma How pertinent to the discussion!!!!


This discussion is about health and happiness. If food, freedom and housing in my personal and business life that is working for ultimate solution and I want to share. I don't know how in the world Governments, banksters and drug pharmaceutical who control most of the economy and society systems is going to help us get healthier or happier. Not when US life span has shorten by 2 years. The greatest bad mother of all ideas was the covid world order normal.


Your false equivalencies are laughable...


I know a man who is so anti-rape that he is, in fact, anti-sex. He calls himself "sexually anorexic". He believes if he has sex with a woman it is the same as raping her.

Rape can be categorized in different , by the identity or characteristics of the victim, and by the identity or characteristics of the perpetrator. I have been raped by my government of any travel or crowd draws of my ultimate love of sandsculptures, a given rape can fit into multiple categories.

Date rape
Gang rape
Spousal rape
Rape of children
Statutory rape
Prison rape
Serial rape
Payback rape
War rape
Rape by deception

I haven't had sex for over 2 years, over Being unvaxxed

@Castlepaloma Gee, sorry to hear that. Take care.


Confusing and incoherent to me...


It’s ‘you’re’ not ‘your’........I’m anti-bad grammar.....

I'm a world class sculptor where vaccines mandates took away my business of 47 years, that took me to every continent. And one third of small businesses went under in my area.. Had 10s of millions of fans, where 3D pictures comes into people's minds first before words. So I care less for correct words and speak other languages anyway, sometimes loose my grip on the English Language.

@Castlepaloma Well then you should thank me for helping with your English. I get your frustration with the impact COVID had on your livelihood, But those COVID vaccinations did help in getting us out of a lot of those stupid lockdowns and restrictions regardless of their effectiveness.


That was a plandemic and still going. Wait for the green passports, cyber wars, and eating live bugs next. Umm umm bugs in my stommy. My predictions have been right since illegal pot and gays sex depression. Now they are going overboard on that too. Love my life with free choices and in moderation.

@Castlepaloma I’ll be at Burning Man next week I’ll re-read your comment when I’m tripping, then maybe it will make more sense. 😉


Burning Man Fest seems really fun. It would be better serve your burning man bit, in front of Biden. That would have much more expressive meaning.
Just don't put my name on it, I love beauty not touching torture.

@Castlepaloma You have an interesting perspective on things my friend. Hopefully you’re able to fully practice your art again. You’d appreciate the art at Burning Man, some of it is truly mind blowing.


As long as they don't sacrifice unvaxxers, I may go to Burning Man for good times, if they let me out of the country.

@Castlepaloma We tie all the un-vaxed to the man for a ritual sacrifice............Just kidding, there’s no vaccine requirements......


Not sure if this was the right place to post this. Maybe under politics or other thread.

Staying away from politics and religion is one of the healthiest and happier thing I can do. If happiness is the national gross product I'm all for it. Rather than the Government being the most gross Gods that ever existed, and not for. Getting truth off one's chest makes me in the right category, rather than being dragged back in to the monopoly mafia, tag team of wrestling megalomaniac.

@Castlepaloma Or join the Mental Health group. Venting and support is it’s purpose.


Venting and sometime a rant is very healthy in a nation full of schizophrenia and totalterrimism. I trust myself as my own best phyical and mental doctor and have a strong circle of loving friends and family. I feel so sorry for many, who do not.

Are you a doctor of any kind?

@Castlepaloma hospice nurse


Whew !!!

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