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Cassville, Mo. School District reinstates corporal punishment option for students, parents react to decision


But only if parents opt in. That's good. I mean lets only abuse the children whose parents agree it's a good thing and leave the others alone. After all, child abuse should be a family decision.

FvckY0u 8 Aug 25

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I get more excited by the idea of Parents being spanked when their children behave disruptively. Can you imagine how children's behavior might change if their parents were spanked for children's bad behavior?

That some of the parents would enjoy it explains why so many of the little bastards are so unhinged.


There is a huge difference between corporal punishment and abuse.

right, hitting a child while telling them they are loved vs hitting a child while telling them they are a POS. Makes all the difference.

@FvckY0u Just your FvckYOu takes away any credibility.

@Jolanta It's interesting how the human mind works.

@FvckY0u I don't see a "huge" difference. I think too many of us, who have survived and come out "fine" from living through corporal punishment somehow liken it to a badge of honor. "It wasn't that bad." Wasn't it? The pain, the embarrassment. And, who controls the arm that swings the paddle? Is it always wielded the same for certain children? Does it prove a point, get results? Sometimes maybe. Does it leave a lasting impression? Most likely.

@Beowulfsfriend I agree. I think people that suffer from a more mild form of abuse tend to downplay it. That's not to say I got some spankings as a child therefore I was horribly abused or scarred for life. There are a lot of types of abuse and extremes of it, downplaying any of it doesn't do anyone any favors.


Hitting someone who is half your size only creates anger, resentment, or hatred in that child. It teaches them nothing useful at all.

It also teaches kids that violence is a solution - that it is OK.

@RussRAB And as soon as they are old and big enough, they will hit back..

@TomMcGiverin Some hit back. Many, however, hit others as they were trained. I have lost count of those who told me that one must honor or respect their parents/elders no matter what.

@Beowulfsfriend I eventually hit back, but I never went on to hitting others, even when I wanted to, as my father did pass on to me his angry temper. I have done my best to temper it as I get older.


Do corporal punishment if you want to but my child would never have done that. He is also an SP4 now. 🙂


Rest in peace.

Betty Level 8 Aug 25, 2022

Same as incest, or child bride marriages or honor killings, all stuff that should be family decisions, and for the government to stay out of..... ( If you aren't picking up on the obvious sarcasm, you are one sick fuck....).

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