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It sounds like my frequently used statement "We all want what is best for America."would not be a winning tactic for these new right wingers.


Lorajay 9 Aug 28

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What is "best for America" depends on what side of the political divide you're on.

The left, as far as I can see, thinks that rule of law, voting rights, separation of church and state, environmental protection, egalitarian multiculturalism at home, and participation in a rules-based global community abroad, are what is best for America.

The right, in my view, is about straight white male dominance, instituting a species of fascist Christian theocracy, clinging to old tired myths of self reliance and manifest destiny, deregulation of industry, laissez faire (winner-take-all) economics, and doing away with what meagre social safety net we have while destroying alliances with longstanding foreign partners and cultivating new relationships with dictators and tyrants.

Seems like a pretty easy choice to me.


These people live in a world of hate and fear. At some point, hate and fear become violent. The violent faction is out there, just waiting for someone to light the fuse. All the Trump acts of obvious treason are white washed and painted as acts of patriotism, dismantling of the left wing deep state. It won’t end well.


“Eliminating God and scripture in the schools … was the turning point in American civilization,” Hazony said. “Above all else we’ve got to get God and scripture back in the schools.”

Meet our enemy and treat them as meat.

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