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Think it's more than just DeSantis and Florida.

"Authoritarianism implies the absence of democracy, a dictatorship. Fascism – from the Latin fasces, denoting a tightly bound bundle of wooden rods typically including a protruding axe blade, adopted by Benito Mussolini in the 1930s to symbolize his total power – is different.

Fascism also includes hatred of “them” (people considered different by race or religion, or outside the mainstream, or who were born abroad), control over what people learn and what books they are allowed to read, control over what had been independent government units (school boards, medical boards, universities and so on), control over women and the most intimate and difficult decisions they’ll ever make, and demands that the private sector support the regime." []

puff 7 Aug 31

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In Murrikkka all you need is a photo Drumpty hugging the flag or holding up a Bible


One definition I have read (and like) is -- a much-too-close alliance between government and corporations.

That's the one I use, when government no longer represents people but corporations.


People in power in the US have always sought to pit one group against the other, especially poor white people vs. poor black people. MLK was trying to bring the groups together at the time of his assassination. If we are fighting each other we do not notice them picking our pockets, or so they think.


Trump knew on thing very well. People thrive on ideas of "us against them." He even gave rallies to illustrate and demonstrate. Everyone wanting elected gets on the clown car and followers think the ones wanting power believe exactly as they do. Right now the party followers are afraid to object.


It's the whole leadership of the Republican party and it's becoming more and more obvious daily.


Amazing reading!! Very accurate account of what appears to be happening today.

As a Socialist I consider rightwing Dems Dinos..

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