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Atheist take marriage seriously. I'm sure none of you are surprised that the divorce rate for Evangelical Protestants is the highest of all.


Lorajay 9 Sep 1

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When I was leaving Mormonism, I found a board for exMormons for support. A repeated theme amoung quite a few former member was that the temple marriage ceremony felt to them more like they were marrying the cgurch more than each other, and they felt that the church was constantly in the middle of their marriage between them and their spouse.

I don't recall the ceremony all that well to be able to say that this was how I felt about it, but I did experience feeling that I needed to be more authentic after leaving religion. I no longer needed to have my thoughts and actions filtered through for imagined church approval.

The bulltin board also had posted an article or two of studied which found that the more strict a religion was corresponded with higher divorce rates.


🎶 Go on, take the money and run 🎶


Not necessarily... at least not for me. 3x loser here. I guess my feelings about marriage are pretty unconventional for being a woman. I think it's an archaic custom that I will never do again, and I'd never encourage it to anybody.

I pretty much look at marriage as been there done that. I don't see my self doing that again. Maybe a relationship, but not marriage.


I'd say the surbey samples were pretty small.


My atheist marriage is 42 years old and going strong. This is the first and only marriage for both my wife and myself.


Oh, I suspect there are many factors involved - probably too many to try and analyse - but yes, it does not surprise me that evangelical divorce rates are high.


Hypocrisy is their strongest suit. Their Jesus railed against divorce and yet they choose things he never said a word about to get incensed over. Yes, I know Jesus didn't exist.


No surprise…….they probably spend more time worshiping their imaginary friend instead of spending time with each other.


Yup, my insureance guy's first wife left after 7 kids(?) The second after a few years. He's the kind that beleives the wife is subservient to the husband. Gee, I wonder why they left.


Well that certainly explains why Adam and Eve could have used a good marriage counselor…..🤨


How about. Atheists take responsibility seriously. Believers try to pass it on either to the sky fairy or to relatives and partners, and that applies to marriage just like everything else.

I hadn't thought of the situation that way, but I think you probably have something there.

  • There's a matter of thinking. There are fewer secular people that will eat the gore of another resident of this rock, whether they have two legs-- or four.

Oh I definitely take marriage seriously. That's why I won't do it anymore.

By experience I learned that legal marriage is letting someone else from a long time ago, with archaic notions define what your relationship is or "should be".

Obviously, if I had it to do over again, I never would.


Not surprising when you have that many sins to blame your partner for, whereas as an atheist those same "sins" are just natural everyday behaviour


I am not surprised that divorce rates are highest among Evangelical Protestants. At the same time I cannot agree that atheists take marriage seriously. What I do believe is that the stability of your parents marriage might end up saying a lot about your own marriage as time goes by.

That statistically has always been a factor as well. Then of course there's the fact that divorce is no longer a stigma like it was in my youth.

Many right wing Christians blame divorce on women's lib and it actually did have an effect because if you can earn your own living you can get away from the idiot you mistakenly married.

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