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Should American tax dollars continue to rebuild Florida's southern coast every time a big storm destroys it, or should we just clean it up and turn it into a big wildlife sanctuary? I'm leaning towards the latter of the two. Feel free to add another option if you want in the comment section.

Rebuild Florida or not

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Captain_Feelgood 8 Oct 2

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That job should go to the governor. Lets see how these corrupt conservatives handle a real disaster instead of accusing others of their bad governance.

Biden and the Democraps are a lot more corrupt than the republicans ever were.

@Trajan61 Again, don't bother with this one either. He's unable to distinguish between 'American' tax dollars (federal) and State leadership. I'm guessing he's a few decades behind on his Ginkgo Biloba intake. πŸ₯΄


Building codes should be changed to restrict building to only hurricane resistant houses raised to a specified height and only in certain areas .Only 18 % of homes in Florida that were told to evacuate have flood insurance ,due to not being eligible or high cost .I do not think FEMA should be utilized for rebuilding houses in flood zone disaster areas.Only homeowner flood insurance or owners funds should be used.

From what I've heard most insurance companies won't even sell flood policies to most areas like that. And the policies they will sell are outrageously expensive. I agree with the "If you build there, it's your loss if a storm takes it out." reasoning.

@Captain_Feelgood I agree with you 100%


All that shit is going to be underwater in a couple years...
It's also likely going to be uninsurable, so what's the point?


Babcock Ranch in Charlotte County, about 13 miles from Fort Myers, is a very carefully planned community.
Ian went right over them, caused very little property damage, and no one lost power.
It's a pretty good model of how to plan a community in a hurricane zone.

There needs to be a lot more regulation surrounding what land developers do to get their developments where they're allowed to develop.
The current state of rampant development cannot be allowed to continue.
It's time to close all coastal development.
It's not a sustainable practice.
I'm all for helping people who have been affected by this storm, but rebuilding on the same sites should be permanently prohibited.
If you do it, you should be on your own WHEN the next storm hits.
Because it WILL happen again.


I think they should rebuild selectively in less vulnerable areas.


It may be building in some locations
makes the problem worse. To have an open view of the sea- and being a location that REGULARLY gets sand blasted is inviting disaster.
I don't think Taxpayers should rebuild future Disasters waiting to happen.


Sadly there are developments all over the nation built in utterly unsuitable places because of geologic and other natural hazards. that's what happens in corrupt nations, the developers draw the zoning maps for their benefit regardless of natural hazards.


Turn it into a re-education camp for Trumpaholics, and then wall it off from the rest of the world with stolen classified documents from Mar-a-Lago.

I think it’s the Democraps and their supporters who need to be re-educated! Their radical agenda is ruining the country.

@Trajan61 Yeah, democracy is a pretty radical concept if you’ve been scarfing down the neo-fascist swill the Cuntservatives have been serving up at their Bar-b-QAnons.


This is the answer I posted earlier for a different post. It applies here as well. Rebuild selectively. On North Carolina's Outer Banks (barrier islands) and coast there is no insurance. It gets wiped out and it's your loss, no federal funds. Your problem. That's reasonable.

Perhaps we are asking the wrong question. The correct question is why we allow residences to be built on barrier islands and on or very close to the coasts. This is about more than humans surviving storms, it is also about ecology.

First. I live on the East Coast of Florida in the central part of the state. If you look at a topological map of this area you will not that it is almost completely flat, most of Florida is flat. I will discuss this topic from my perspective as I have direct knowledge of this area but the concepts are the same. Because the land is flat a storm surge of only a few feet is devastating, nothing to impede the flow of water. Residences should not be located east of US1. On that map you will note that there is water between the barrier island(s) that are on the Atlantic and mainland Florida that is known as the Intracoastal Waterway as a whole with other names such as the Banana and Indian Rivers. Those barrier islands are hit first when storms come from the east. Land lowers the intensity of storms, warm ocean water feeds them.

My house sits higher than the street and I am west of US1. No danger of flooding. My garage door and most windows are not like the rest of the country. The garage door is reinforced to withstand winds up to around 150mph/240kph. Toss a rock at my impact glass windows and I will have to change my underwear but that glass will be intact.

Land and ecosystems on the coasts are fragile, especially sand dunes. We should be protecting those areas, not living there.

MizJ Level 8 Oct 2, 2022

Either build cheap disposable little bamboo shacks that tourist can rent or something concrete and hurricane proof, if that’s possible. We’ve witnessed how standard stick construction holds up to a storm surge.

The hay or brick options from the 3 little pigs comes to mind.

Concrete is best, I wouldn't even trust brick.

The big bad hurricane huffed and puffed and blew the brick house down. πŸ˜‰

The bamboo shacks are a better idea. πŸ™‚

@SpikeTalon Reinforced concrete at that.


The latter doesn't sound like a bad idea, as it seems year after year that state has problems with natural disasters.

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