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This is hilarious!!! PLEASE let this happen...

Marjorie Taylor Greene Says She and Trump Are Exploring a 2024 Presidential Ticket


Dyl1983 8 Oct 24

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Oh Great! President Dumb and VP Dumber


It does not matter neither of these people can do anything wrong, or bad for the country. Just ask them.


Be careful what you wish for.

How many here thought big chump would ever get elected?

I wasn't surprised, Clinton ran a very poor campaign.


If it happens there would be the question of who among them is telling the biggest lies.


Dumb and Dumber?


Maybe they should form their own party ... the nutbags??


That would be too good to be true. After Palin, MTG would set the new low for the VP bar... As far as the short list of female VP picks, I would say Trump's best bet would be Nikki Haley, but nowadays most voters don't care about VP candidates, tho with Trump's age and unpredictability, his VP pick probably would matter to most voters.. I would love to see him pick any of those three wackos, MTG, Lake, or Noem... Any of those three might be the kiss of death that would lose it for him...

Not so fast. Anything goes in this day and age.

@CuddyCruiser I hope you're wrong about that, but I wouldn't bet against you on it..

@TomMcGiverin I hope I am as well.

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