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Forum - "Gender Neutral Language" by Karen Lynn Humanist Association of Toronto [] #virtualEvents

godfree2 6 Oct 28

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I guess I am now completely offensive.


I don't do virtual events. But ya'll have fun!

thanks for sharing


Thank you, brother. Why so many Americans are resistant to this, who knows?

Could it be maybe their ‘Faith’ being an influence?

@CuddyCruiser Yes in some cases, but I've had resistance on this very page, even people who knew what gender inclusive language was who made fun of it. But your point is well taken, just the same.


I can see that this might blur the lines and be a benefit to many people in this capitalist, patriarchal system we are living in. The Good Old Boys are not about to let that happen.

...many people who are not part of the entrenched power structure...


What is the purpose of gender neutral language?

anti marginalization
anti bias

@godfree2 Referring to a man as a man, or referring to a woman as a woman in NO way supports anything you cited.

Try answering with substance.

@Alienbeing I see where this is going


Gender neutral language. How do we refer to he/she/it? He sheit. OK, getting closer. You can call me a lesbian because it's part of what I do. Happy now?

what is wrong with you?

@godfree2 I don't get the terminology or see a purpose for it. What is wrong with you?

Language is not a pronoun.

Gender neutral language is part of including people who have been traditionally excluded. There's nothing funny about exclusion.

@LovinLarge So none of this is related in any way to things like J. Edgar Hoover reportedly dressing up as a female and wanting to be called Mary?

@DenoPenno No, that's something else and I do see how it can be confusing. This is about bringing language into the 21st century by using it to represent all people by replacing gender specific language with gender inclusive language.

The best example I have for you is replacing the word "mankind" with the word "humankind". It is especially important for people who write a lot to be read by others, in my example so that women are included and know they are included in the equation.

We don't want to exclude whole groups of people, that's what conservatives do. It takes a little getting used to but when something is important to large groups of people, it is worth serious consideration.

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