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It's my sixth day of work, down at the election Polls, and I got into a fight with a Party Of Deather who happens to be my Supervisor. Ty. I told the main Managers what happened and they'll keep an eye on him, and me, but Ty made a dead give-away that made their eyes widen. He was walking toward his car and yelled "Just like a liberal!" I pointed out to him, and the Managers, that I haven't told anyone what I am and they agreed. The remark, along with the reason for the altercation (Ty charged, yesterday, that Bill Gates is trying to depopulate with vaccines. I told him I didn't believe that but agreed to Google the speech. I did and, today, told him (outside the voting arena with many other election workers around) that I watched the speech and not only disagree about Ty's assertion but was in general agreement with Bill).

So the shift is over and it's night. I'm walking one of the older women to her car, so she felt safe (I really do such things), Ty comes running up to me, pointing his finger, and angrily spouting off about not to yell at him. I know this is hard to believe but I wasn't yelling. He started talking over me as I was saying that I agreed with Bill's entire premise so I also spoke up. We have nut-job Poll watchers sitting nearby so I was being careful and wouldn't get into a longer argument about this. That's what made him mad. He couldn't spout his nonsense for everyone to get infected with.

So after work he gets his chest (Ty is about 6'1 and I'm almost 5'6) in my face and his arms out and I deflated his penis by saying, "Really? You're physically threatening me now?" My disgust was evident and he turned to stomp off toward his car. That's when he called me a liberal.

I have an exciting life.

UPDATE: Our panzy Election Dept let both of us go from the early voting week. So a fucking Con cost me about $300 because our worthless officials can't just punish those causing the problems. @This moment I truly do hope there is a Hell and every single Red POS goes there. SMH😒

rainmanjr 8 Oct 29

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Conclusive proof of why guns should not be allowed anywhere near a polling place, unless they are cops or rented security. I wouldn't have been surprised to hear that Ty had a gun in his vehicle, went to get it, and then came back after you.. He sounds nutty enough that he would do that if he had one handy in his ride.


Doesn't surprise me. I have had two MAGA types physically threaten me with assault, at my local senior center, and each time there were plenty of witnesses to it, in fact with one of the guys, it was right in front the center director. Both guys, each time, said that they wanted go out to the parking lot with me and kick my ass, etc.. But the pussies that run the center never suspended either one of them from coming to the center, as they should have. All because most of the senior center clients are Trumper Repubs, and they didn't want to step on their toes. So, in summary, if you are way outnumbered in the particular area where the conflicts, happen, you will never get any just or fair treatment if the cons threaten or bully you. We are totally on our own, unless they actually commit violence against us, but even then, we better have some witnesses and evidence, because the local cops are just as unlikely to take our side or aid us in getting them arrested and charged.


Ty is a dick and you were right to counter his line of bullshit. Glad things didn't turn out worse. Carry on. 😎👍

I can't carry on. They fired both of us from early voting.

@rainmanjr I mean carry on in general. In the Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young sense.

@Flyingsaucesir Will there be truth when I am done? Should I lay my head to rest and not cry anymore or just sail a Wooden Ship down to see The Southern Cross?


And this is why we are having trouble with voting. This sort of person should never have been allowed near a polling station. However, I volunteered to work the polling station while in Seattle. I don't remember any questions being asked or even where my political leanings were. It is often hard to find volunteers. I worked the station for 5 years and learned a lot. One item we constantly ran into was the question of what if one did not know about a person or issue. Too often they felt a need to fill in the space as not doing so would invalidate their vote. To me this is a sort of coin-toss vote which people use when getting info through yard signs or comments from others. Leaving a space blank is called an undervote and will NOT invalidate ones ballot. []
"An undervote occurs when the number of choices selected by a voter in an election is less than the maximum number allowed for that election. An undervote also occurs when no vote is cast for a single-choice election. For example, a voter that is permitted to cast one vote for a presidential candidate and does not select a candidate, or a voter who has only cast two votes in a contest allowing three, has undervoted. Voters have the right to undervote if they choose to do so. Unlike an overvote, a ballot will not be canceled or disqualified as the result of an undervote. An undervote can be intentional (e.g., protest votes, tactical voting, or abstention) or unintentional (e.g., oversight on the voter's part or confusing ballot design)." BTW the 'less' should be fewer.

Now the State has an all mail in voting system (it is cheaper and easier to control) so no more idiots here.

My Republican neighbor and I were talking one day. She wanted to know how I felt about Shapiro (governor) and Fetterman (Senate) in the Pennsylvania races. She was disgusted by her Republican choices. But she had qualms about voting for Fetterman. I told her she could just leave that choice blank, basically saying none of the above. There have certainly been some elections where I didn’t find either candidate attractive. Another option is to just write in a name. I told her she could vote for me!
The only time that is a really bad idea is when one candidate, in this case Mastriano for governor, is such a clearly evil man, I would vote for the Democrat regardless of who he was. Luckily, Josh Shapiro is an excellent candidate this election.

I didn't quite realize that Washington and four other states had so committed to vote by mail. That's interesting.

Here in Arizona I had a disconcerting conversation recently with a non-Trump-oriented Republican candidate who acknowledged the outcome of the 2020 election correctly. He thought that the Republicans are generally on top of the issue of seeking and guarding voting system integrity (in my view, this is anything but the case, but I digress). One unexpected point (that signaled to me he was not as good a candidate as I had hoped) was he expressed intense distrust of the United States Postal Service, and thought this was common, and he wanted to ban mail-in-voting (it exists here, but not as widespread as your state). I did not vote for this guy, but I'm wondering if you run into that sort of claimed distrust of the USPS in a widespread way in Washington state.

@kmaz Our state. like many, is divided. We call it the Cascade curtain (the Cascade mountains) divide east and west. However, most of the income and people live in the west and are liberal. The east, not so much but things are changing especially in the larger cities as Spokane. []

As for mailings we have voter mail boxes and even here on our island there are two (one north and one south). Recently the state passed a law covering the postage for mail-in-ballots. As far as postal integrity go it is high and the one weak point is the postmaster, Dejoy. The only distrust is among the republicans of the state. So what is the alternative? Make USPS a private entity? People complain now but when more government services are privatized watch out. I live in an island archipelago with 4 main islands. Our postal system is excellent and even our island has its own PO.

@Barnie2years Thank you. Some people know of this option but it is not taught nor generally known. Most of the questions in the poll station were about this issue. More, like yourself, need to get the word out. We now have our ballots and there are several issues and a couple of positions I do not know about. I will do some research but may leave some spots blank.


Here in Arizona, a court has recently ruled that it is apparently ok for intimidating gun-equipped folks to monitor drop-boxes.


The thing is, I'm not quite sure I understand why voting drop-boxes are needed if one can simply drop the vote in the mail (which is what I've been doing), but quite possibly there is much I don't understand as to how this voting path helps lead to robust and fairly-tallied results.

@kmaz I'm not in WA but have lived there, and UT (another vote-by-mail state), and there was no problem with doing that. It's a non-issue.

@Barnie2years I'm sure my twin in Feasterville - Trevose is voting the GOP ticket. She voted for trump twice and from what she posts on her FB page I do not see her voting for the better candidate.

@Barnie2years, @kmaz I'm from WA State and the divide is stark! One republican over here in a south east district wants to get rid of mail in balloting because he thinks there is so much fraud. I love mail-in balloting and since I have actually walked thru the process with the county auditor I know it's secure.
My biggest concern was for married folks where one (usually the male) dominates what goes on in the house. With going into the booth and casting the ballot you don't have your husband telling you how to vote. Yes, it is a fact that some women are sat down at the table and their husband tells them how to vote. This does not happen a lot but it has happened.

@kmaz Voting boxes are specific for one place so there's less of a chance things will get lost. USPS is struggling these days (mostly because of republicans antipathy toward anything that our government provides) so things can get misdirected. This is just another example of the safeguards our system of voting use to insure a a fair election. Now, all of a sudden, because of one POS everything has been called into question and people like the gun-totting fools only make our democracy less viable. Even if the republicans took over they will still be blaming others for the ways things turn out (which won't be pretty).

@silverotter11 So it's a safe bet she's a 'Tiffany' fan. Basically people are lazy. They will take a pill long before committing to any change of behavior. Voting seems to be the same way. Don't pay attention and ask question just follow the (had to look this up and it is hilarious) Leapmobhordeslice of lemmings over the cliff. It is often simplified and called a slice of Lemmings.


Thanks for assisting at the polls. This mid term election can't be over fast enough for me. The nutters are flying their hate and delusional freak flags everywhere. 😬😡😢

Got fired.

@rainmanjr The nutter got fired? I only ask because in these upside down times the sane ones get fired and the utters are left alone.

@silverotter11 Both of us.

@silverotter11 The way it seems to work, is that it's not about who's sane and who's nutty, whichever side has the superior numbers, will determine how the authorities deal with conflict. Same thing with what I call bar injustice, where the bar staff does not punish people according to behavior, but according to which of the two opposing parties in the conflict has bigger numbers, spends the most money, and has the most regular repeat customers in it. Behavior has nothing to do with which side they will punish and which one they won't.


Next reality series: Poll Watchers Gone Wild!
Next extreme sport: Poll Watching in Purple Districts
Next crime drama: CSI: Maricopa County.


The Swampies are out everywhere! The Midterms are their version of Halloween!


sounds like you stayed focused on doing things the right way.

kmaz Level 7 Oct 29, 2022

They fired both of us so I am the first Con casualty of 2022.

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