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Finally a born woman that can actually SOMEWHAT relate to a mans struggle. I get that there's mans roll and there's a females roll.

Are there Masculine and Feminine jobs

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GianniJovan98 3 Nov 6

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Do you mean "roll" or "role" ?


In 1973 the previously all-male nuclear submarine construction company Electric Boat was hiring Anybody because they desperately needed "man"power to convert attack subs to Missile carriers.
I was a 23-year old single mother working 3 "women's jobs", all part-time, none with benefits of any kind.
I got a job, & entered the shipyard as one of the first 4 females, got into the State Apprentice Program & was the first female graduate, missing the top score by one point. Stayed 13 years, enjoyed paid holidays, vacation, regular raises, pension, union protection, medical insurance......Heaven!
It was hard, dangerous, dirty work but worth every scar!
Became a Union Trustee (elected by 99% men!) and eventually a boss, at one time over 43 people (by then a few other women too.)
And it turns out i am highly mechanically-gifted, more so than most men.
So your very question is Insulting to the 9th degree!


I remember attending a company meeting of oilfield engineers (2008), both from the company and it's contractors. All of the more than 20 engineers were men, and when lunchtime came, the women secretaries served it. But there were a couple of female engineers in the Environmental Department.

One of the problems in public education consists of how few males stay in teaching. Some claim the poor performance of male students relates to the lack of male role models.

Men, even white men, got shut out of a great deal of developmental positions. Our fathers largely had to go away for the day in order too see us survive. When the inevitable divorce happened they also got little, if any, visitation rights but lots of cost. Divorce largely impoverished males and women then further rejected those who couldn't provide. This is not acknowledged a whole lot.

@rainmanjr It's not acknowledged because it's not true.

@LovinLarge It is so.

@rainmanjr Let's see your evidence.

@LovinLarge You wouldn't buy it if I spent time Googling it. You Google it. It's pretty well documented. In the 90's I was part of the Men's Movement, Robert Bly and the male archetypes, and such men were considered soft by women. I'm also 5'6" so was never acceptable to females as a date. They did want to be friends because of my humor and easy going nature, however. When friends found out that I had ideas of my own, which I emotionally shared, they had to go. There's your evidence.
You can also consider this as evidence. It meant a lot to men in the movement.

@rainmanjr I hate to be the one to break this to you but you saying shit doesn't constitute evidence, nor can you presume that your personal experiences are representative of everyone's experiences. Anyone can say anything but if it's true, there's evidence to prove it and the onus is on you to do so. Failing to support your factual claims with evidence calls into question the credibility of both you and your claims.

@LovinLarge Yeah. I'm worried about my credibility with you. LOOK! There's a pony over there.

@rainmanjr Yes, I expect the credibility ship sailed away from you long ago, here and everywhere. And no, such things have nothing to do with your height.

@LovinLarge god you're something. Did you read Iron John already? Try this one, next. There will be a quiz to see what you've learned about being a male afterward.

@rainmanjr Nope, no evidence there.

@rainmanjr By the way, here is the evidence to show that you are a liar because the woman's post-divorce standard of living suffers more than the man's.




Do you truly not understand in this era of Trump why it is so important that everyone be able to prove that what they say is true?

@LovinLarge Those sources seem pretty sketchy to me. Not sure I believe them.

@rainmanjr Yes, I get that you haven't a clue what evidence is, but since you have no rebuttal evidence, it matters not.

You are what is known as a time waster. You have nothing of value to contribute and you try to camouflage it by using too many words to say too little. In my view, you are detriment to the cause and your posts and comments are not worthy of my time. Blocked.

@rainmanjr For what it's worth, my life experience validates your original statement. Women's post-divorce standard of living suffers more than the man's because society favors men as being the breadwinners. However, divorce happens and many women will see the hefty settlement received by an acquaintance and figure they'll win the lottery too. Except that it rarely works out so nicely for the woman. That is exactly what happened to my mother, and we all suffered for it. Pre-nuptials should be mandatory.

"When the inevitable divorce happened they also got little, if any, visitation rights but lots of cost. Divorce largely impoverished males and women then further rejected those who couldn't provide."

Correct. And, many women are so traumatized that they never remarry, or sabotage their next relationship with the newly boosted misandry.

@racocn8 Men get traumatized, too. I don't even consider dating, let alone marriage, again. I think "love" is a racket to hook up with a man, push him to be successful, and divorce him to take the kids (which would be fine with me) + at least half the money and his income. I gave her 20% of every paycheck and covered 5 yrs of med ins so she cost me tens of thousands. I had very little incentive to continue working. Men are also expected to bear the cost of dating but most don't seem to mind. It's a ruthless nation here and very few actually like anyone else. I don't. It's all just a big waste of time. Sorry your mom got caught up in it. I hope a happier society (better served and supported by all our wealth instead of pissing it away on legal battles) might lose such individual strategies but that doesn't seem likely. Therefore, everyone should be wary of everyone. I simply favor leaving.

@rainmanjr My divorce was finalized in 2011. I thought I was done. Then, last month, I get an email from my attorney that my ex wants half my retirement. Never mind that she is still working, and that I put her through school, AND paid for her therapy twice a week for the entire duration. Her millionaire parents never gave us a dime. She is also vindictive with a serious dose of misandry only slightly hidden. While women suffer as 2nd class, many or most like it that way, as this affords them immunity from serious examination of their gender. The way women escape discussion goes a long way to understanding the continued degradation of relationships and society overall.

@racocn8 You have my sympathy and positive vibes. Women are never done with us unless we have nothing to defend, which is the way I took, and even that doesn't always stop them from trying to pressure us. Men just leave, start again, but women are as relentless as tides. About 23% of the 52% female population vote for and support The Party Of Death because they keep the legal system weighted against men. It can't be for physical health reasons (although rich women have more health options). This also stops challengers from rising against them and we begin to see concentrated power. Humans are a tiresome species.


Looks like you're new here. Welcome! Beware of the spelling/grammar police, but don't be intimidated. I find that some of the most uptight, insecure people will jump at the chance to point out someone else's inconsequential mistakes.


Just because someone points out spelling errors doesn't make them insecure.

It is a sexist, inane post.

@LiterateHiker It was the comment (now deleted) by @LovinLarge that prompted my statement and I still stand by it. Edited: Well, I don't know if it was deleted, maybe they blocked me which is why I can't see it. Again, strikes me as being insecure.


Calling me "insecure" is mean. It is against rules to insult someone.

I could not resist jabbing the person who posted this sexist poll. This is not the 1950s.

Don't want to explain the history of sex discrimination in employment.


Opinion: What makes us individuals has more influence on our ability or desire to fill a role than other factors. I imagine there’s a few individuals among our little community that would make great examples.


Male and female (bread) rolls?


There are many factors to be considered, and without clarifying them, a discussion on a subject like this cannot develop.

Ryo1 Level 8 Nov 6, 2022

Its open for elaboratory conversation Einstein

@GianniJovan98 No it's not because the question is nonsensical. Jobs don't and can't have genders.

And for an illiterate to call someone else "Einstein" is all too ironic. Your "spirituality" is out of place here.

>>>Its open for elaboratory conversation
That's sheer laziness.


Your roll is what you make it. Say it often enough and others believe it. Act it out to demonstrate it.


There are jobs that will tend to attract more men... construction, plumbing, firefighter... and jobs that will tend to attract more women... teaching, childcare, cosmetology... but there aren't any jobs that are relegated/reserved strictly for one gender or the other.


It's "role" not "roll."

eye roll

You beat me to it. I was so distracted by the spelling mistake that I forgot what the question was. Still, I shouldn't rub it in.

I'm talking about blueberry scones


There are jobs that are more suitable for the average man than the average woman and vice versa. Culturally, there are learned behaviors/roles deemed appropriate and assigned to genders.


Not in the job market, no. I used to be angry that females mostly got server jobs but then I found one. Did it for a year before a female server got me fired.

Damn man, what'd you do?

@GianniJovan98 I used the overflow salt container to fill my table bottles before she did and she was off before me. It caused much grief and gnashing of teeth. I was friends with her and her hubby, Warren, until that happened. We used to do coke together.


Your time would be better spent becoming literate.

That's about as useless as me telling you that your time would be better spent becoming more of a decent human being to someone you regard as illiterate.

@TMA2NC That makes the same amount of sense as thinking jobs have genders. Must be a NC thing.
Clearly you have nothing of value to offer. Blocked.

I don't think so

@GianniJovan98 You are likely uneducable.

@LovinLarge alright cool



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