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I'm going through my home and throwing stuff away. I threw out two large boxes of religious books (ex wife's). I'd have burned them but such bonfires are illegal here. Disposing of them properly since burning isn't an option.

FvckY0u 8 Dec 4

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I have just had what my ex wife calls a wanging session. getting rid of things that are not used anymore. I live in a shared house so I have a largish room with the things i need and want books mostly. I was sorting out some of my walking gear and found some clothes I don't neeed anymore as living in the south of England it dosnt get as cold as where I used to live so some fleece lined trousers thick thermal underwaer and a very heay parksa as all gone to the homeless who may as well use them as they are just in storage here


I have purged so much in my life. Fit into a small condo now here in town and I'm quite happy with it. Accumulation of "stuff" has never made me happy.


I get itchy if too much "stuff" is accumulating, always have.

A minimalist ! Me, too.


I still have my large collection of religious books and bibles in case I need to look something up that might come up in discussion. This is simply so I can be accurate in what I am telling a believer because this stuff is no longer floating around in my head. I don't want it to be in my head but I also do not want to be stated in a wrong way. I have to know details of Abraham going to kill his son and Lot offering his daughters in order to address those situations with anyone.

@FvckY0u I studied to be a Pentecostal minster once. That's what most of my books are about. I also have a few that points out there is just no good evidence for gods of any kind.


Chick tracts are unintentionally amusing..


The trash can was the right place.


In a pinch, you could always use them in the outhouse. 😂


I don’t have anything against religious books per se. Some, like the bible, can be informative about what makes up believer ideologies. I read a couple in the Left Behind series though and I got upset that the hero of the story Nicolae was being portrayed negatively. So I stopped reading that series.

I have some Tillich books. I haven’t delved into him but he seems less bad than most theologians. Better than Tim Lahaye or Pat Robertson for sure, if they even deserve to be called theologians.


You could have tried selling them to a bookstore.

@FvckY0u Put them on the compost pile. Eventually they can be trees again. 😂

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