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I can't speak to all religions and religious beliefs but in my experience I think what keeps many in the thick of things religion wise is the unchangeability of it. Many religious people reject and/or ignore so much science. Why? Because science, as with all other aspects of reality, changes. Science updates when it learns more, it changes, it evolves. Religious folks by and large don't want to change. They want everything to stay the same. Religion gives them exactly that.

That said, staying static isn't for everyone. Some embrace and enjoy change. Frankly we all should. There's not a lot in our lives that remains static and those things that do can and will change at some point.

FvckY0u 8 Dec 6

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This is exactly what makes religion so fucking boring.


People rather stick their heads in the sand than look at the truth sometimes. It is too uncomfortable to actually see what is really going on. Much more comfortable to stay the same.

@FvckY0u So long as they die then I'm happy.


I think that is a part of it. I also think that as humans evolved as "herd" animals, whose ancestors instinctually gathered in groups for safety, that those insticts to belong to group are still at play, and by belonging to a group they feel safe. If that group doesn't change, then they may even feel a sense of security by belonging.

I think (most) people instinctually want to belong and have a sense of community. Sadly, religion does provide that, and it is the only institution tha tprovices that sense of belonging over a person's entire lifetime. I hadn't considered the aspect of how it never changes, and I can see that that too plays a role. There is never just one variable involved when trying to explain human behavior.

There is the instinctual need to belong, and also the desire for things to never change. There are probably more influences too.

I think parents love the authority it gives them, also.

I and many other non believers join Unitarian or Unity churches, so we can have some community, without the religion. Some are willing to make that compromise and go outside mainstream churches to be authentic about their non-belief, some will just do without any church, and some will stay within mainstream religion, no matter how little they believe in it, just to fit and remain in the mainstream herd, like you say. Pity that choose to do that last one, remain inauthentic in their short time on this rock, but I guess some of us have more courage and integrity than others.

@rainmanjr Religion gives parents authority without requiring them to actually think about what it best for their kids.

@snytiger6 We're talking about parents who believe in Jesus as a Deity. What's better for them, as a start, than Jesus? Most American parents think of raising their kid as a job that life requires of them. Jobs have bosses and god states to obey your parents so they get to be a boss.


Yes, science is always changing, but in s way it also stays the same. Robust, well-supported, grand unifying theories like plate tectonics and Darwinian evolution my be modified around the edges, but they don't fundamentally change. Einstein's theory of relativity hasn't changed; it's still true that the faster you travel through space, the slower time passes. The fact is, nature is very consistent. So if your description of nature is correct, it's not going to change much.

The process of science is also pretty consistent. The scientific method is the same today as it was when modern science began some 400 years ago. What changes is human knowledge. It keeps expanding. That's good change.

Knowledge expands but not wisdom. I think the action is in quantum space and speed may have zero effect there.

@rainmanjr Our failure to stop burning fossil fuels is exhibit A in the case against our collective wisdom.


I think this is also the drive behind "Nostalgia" sentiment ..... never mind that smoking kills people, seat belts save lives, regulation keeps poisons out of our food and water and that we drank wine from the skulls of our enemies.

In the days of wooden sailing ships, a few sailors died on every voyage. Yet we romanticize that era of the industry.

@Flyingsaucesir Many died until Cook discovered it was scurvy. Half the ship was expected to die before then.


That is very true. But of course religions and religious texts are also usually contradictory, vague and nebulous, so they can be and are interpreted however you want. Which means that you can still have the changes you want, but can reject the rest, and still pretend to yourself and everyone else, that you are solid and ultra conservative when you want to.

@FvckY0u One could argue that religion is highly changeable. How else does Christianity splinter into 40,000 distinct sects?

@FvckY0u You can make it say whatever you want, and then still claim that you have the backing of god. The perfect friend for the toxic narcissist, intent on having his/her way regardless of everyone else, always agrees with you and has absolute authority.

@FvckY0u That is also true, though of course they have almost infinite choice in the first place.


Exactly so. Religion is static but modern believers play a game of their god opening and closing doors for you. This is Evangelicals for you but the idea in my opinion came from a game show. "Let's see what's behind door 3." Church leaders play this game of god opening and closing doors for you in order to control their flock. Rather than repair a marriage, god said get out of it. Now god says you are not right for him but would be just right for me. This happens because evangelicals cannot mind their own business.


And that feeling amongst the staunch religious has gotten worse. Even the catholics are dumbing down snd becoming more evangelical; they have become "Rick Santorum catholics," pro birth but fuck every one else and execute whomever.

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