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The Forgotten Side of Medicine - from A Midwestern Doctor

The Most Important Dataset of the Pandemic Was Just Released
Germany Has Provided The Means To Quantify The Human Cost Of The Experimental Vaccination Program.

Most sane people believe that the burden of proving safety should lie on the party conducting a questionable action, rather than their victim. For example, if a criminal shot someone, the prosecution would not be required to prove that the victim’s sudden death after the gunshot wound was not just a spontaneous coincidence, a result of extreme stress from the situation, or due to a pre-existing medical condition.

Unfortunately, the pharmaceutical industry has been able to establish a special type of privilege within the legal system and has made it very difficult to demonstrate that vaccines can ever be at fault for anything. Because of this, we recently had a flood of experimental vaccines mandated upon the population, which were never tested for safety (despite many serious concerns with their design), whose (likely fraudulent) clinical trial data was never made accessible to the public. We then had, as far as I know, the most aggressive propaganda campaign in history, and I watched the majority of my colleagues lose the ability to recognize any problems related to the vaccines. Instead, they developed an almost surreal religious devotion to the coming salvation (the vaccines becoming available).
Once the vaccines entered the market, a variety of red flags began going off indicating that these vaccines were killing people, and rather than address these concerns, the government—in concert with the media—chose to deny any of this was occurring. Instead they mandated the vaccines upon the entire population. I was understandably worried that the vaccines would cause problems and tried to do my part to head this off in 2020, but I did not expect anything on the scale of what we have encountered since then.

I personally became involved in all of this because soon after the vaccines entered the market, I began to have many friends and patients reach out to ask me if the vaccine could kill, because someone they knew had had a tragic sudden death after vaccination. Once the magnitude of the problem dawned on me, I realized that even though my available options were limited, I could at least do my best to document each case sent my way so that someone would bear witness to what had happened. Otherwise, the dead had no voice. Other than knowing I had a duty to compile this list, I was not sure what to do with it. Later after someone kindly helped launch this Substack, I decided to post it and it ended up being seen by a lot of people…and that is essentially how I ended up writing here.
Because of how long it took to verify each case, I realized that I had to end it a year in (at which point I knew of 45 individuals who had either critical or fatal injuries of a similar nature in close proximity to vaccination). Since that time, I still continue to hear reports I periodically document and discuss.

For example, a good friend is a nurse in a cardiac unit and has told me many of the patients she sees now with heart failure are much younger than they were a few years ago. I previously advised her against getting the vaccine due to her history of rheumatic fever (a condition where the immune system attacks and damages part of the heart). This was because I had noticed both COVID-19 and especially its vaccine seemed to cause inflammatory flares at previous sites of inflammation (the vaccine also has a remarkably high rate of exacerbating pre-existing autoimmune conditions—such as the 24.2% rate found in a recent Israeli survey which is comparable to what a few colleagues have observed). A month ago, that same friend informed me that she had developed a heart condition from the vaccine, her mother had as well, and that her sibling's partner is suffering longterm complication from a stroke that immediately followed a booster.
Looking back on it, the thing I found the most disappointing about my own documentation project was that once it went viral, it should have triggered the drug regulators evaluating the vaccines to take preventative action. Instead, due to the meticulously planned campaign of mass censorship that we all found ourselves in, more red flags than I can count were ignored by the “very rigorous” vaccination surveillance systems that were allegedly ensuring there were no safety issues with these vaccines.

Because of the immense power behind the medical-industrial complex, those debating this program have been put in a situation akin to trying to compete while having our hands tied behind our backs. However, despite the immense degree of corruption, withholding of critical data, and censorship, these vaccines are dangerous enough that more and more evidence is nonetheless emerging of their danger, and the public is beginning to recognize it.'

BDair 8 Dec 13

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Way too much information that is supposed to have facts behind it!!!

Way too much information that has facts for it!!!

Way too much information with facts Not recognize as facts or truth!!!

Way too much profit made upon facts that were and are questionable!!!

Either way some will survive and some will die!!!

Why are those with two injections and booster injection still getting Covin19 and it variants???

Why was it the USA had the highest death count of all the developed nations with Covin19 cases???

Why is it now that it is reported in the UK and Eurozone that the death rate is higher for those vaccinated than those who did not receive the injection(s)???

Why is there no real truth of what has transpired with this pandemic of Covin19???

Why have profits soared for pharmaceutical corporations and certain overtly monopolistic retail corporations???

Way too too many questions that will never be answered as too why and what for!!!


It's been the opposite for me. Everyone I know, including myself, that have had the vaccinations plus the two follow-up boosters have not died or became ill. I also get the flu vaccine every year and I have not got the flu for many years now. This just leaves me with more questions than answers. And these are people I know personally.

There is a lot of variation in the 'vaccinations',
not everyone is getting the same product.
Many only received saline.
There is also the possibility that many of the injections
could have been given intravenously rather intramuscularly.
It is beyond question that there is a high rate
of adverse reactions occurring.


Funky ass Fauci, BillGates of hell & the elite 1% are at the center of it all. The UN sucks rancid bawlz with their global union plan too.
Wall St Journal Bill Gates
The Best Investment I've Ever Made
BG created GAVI

BillGates human vaccine experiments

Coronavirus is man-made & patent approved in 2018. FACT!

Emme Level 7 Dec 14, 2022

You know something else that can be poison?
And also one of the biggest miracles of medicine.

...and water can kill you if you drink too much?


So a "doctor" that doesn't identify himself puts something on the internet and I am supposed to assume it is fact?

If you wish to get the actual data of a pharmaceutical ask a pharmacist. The data isn't given to patients as they wouldn't have a chance in hell of understanding it and might even dissect it in such a way as to change the meaning and spread bullshit.

MizJ Level 8 Dec 13, 2022

You may be unaware, but many doctors that do not toe the Big Pharma line get deplatformed or have their licenses revoked. So, to speak out in this Totalitarian regime they must remain anonymous.

Also, you can review the data from Germany and reach your own conclusions.

@BDair Horrible medical advice against solid science will get your license revoked. Imagine that.
Maybe they should inject bleach like dumpety suggested?

Your indoctrination with Big Pharma propaganda and
Vaccine Apologist Dogma is complete.
Congratulations on your achievement.

@BDair When did the Russian/Iranian/Chinese internet propaganda creators stop telling you to call us sheeple?

I have not been propagandized by those entities.


More anti-vax

.... backed by medical experts and peer reviewed data.
Your strong smelling opinion will be changed as the
official narrative is exposed as fraudulent.

@BDair Don't hold your breath.

I will hold my breath as long as you are spreading your odoriferous excrement in these parts.

@BDair Suit yourself bra 😂


There is something happening here....

BDair Level 8 Dec 13, 2022

So i see. Looks like a graph.

...or a chart.

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