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And now for something completely different: Study says silly walks can be effective cardiovascular exercise.

Organist1 8 Dec 26

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I hadn’t seen this movie. How fun! Got a good laugh. What makes the walk truly funny is doing it in a business suit! 😂

Yes, that and the extremely serious facial expression. This is my favorite Monty Python episode!

@Organist1 What about :

and this and all the others on this channel

'favorites' one-and-all 🙂

@FearlessFly I love them all!


I wish I had the nerve to do this! I do go for a 60-75 minute walk every evening, but I see people I know along the way and they might really start wondering about me!

Guess I'll have to resort to doing some simple exercises at home (in private) where I don't mind dancing alone in my living room for exercise.

During the pandemic I was going out dancing a few times per week, which I think was very helpful for my health and social well being, but now that everyone is back working and places are crowded, I'm not doing that so much anymore.

When I lived in KC the local dance studio would have Friday night parties. It was like ten bucks to get in, drinks/snacks were free, and ALL the instructors were there. EVERYBODY got drawn onto the dance floor and you'd learn a little if you had no experience. It was difficult for me to get into that style since I've only done belly dance for a few decades. I'm not used to partners!

I do Leslie Sansone's Walk at Home videos. They're kind of a combination between dancing and a silly walk. Low impact aerobics, and fun, I think.

@Larimar When I go out dancing, I normally just dance by myself or with acquaintances who are also there or sitting nearby. It's mostly women out there dancing and none of us wait to get "asked" to dance, we just go out and wave others on to the dance floor when the mood strikes us. Sometimes a little "come on" wave is all we need to feel invited to dance. I actually feel uncomfortable being "asked" to dance anymore, except by platonic friend. Otherwise I feel like I owe that person my attention for 3+ minutes and that's just too much for me, since I'm not looking for a connection. 😉

@Organist1 I'll have to look into that!


Ministry Of Silly Walks - Monty Python's Flying Circus (video) :


The original was a joke against Old Etonians going into ministry jobs. Rather unfortunate for me as my brother was a teacher at Eton and had suffered from birth a form of spasticity confined to his two feet. He has spent a lifetime walking on his toes.


Of course unless you fall over.

Ahh the dreaded hip replacement. Agreed to be avoided at all costs.

Be silly AND slow.

@Kurtn Not done that yet but having just used up "6 or 7 of your lives" I'm not in a hurry.

@Gwendolyn2018 Presently I have no choice

@rogerbenham understood.


Who knew that a satirical comedy would turn out to be prophetic?

Kurtn Level 7 Dec 26, 2022

I think skipping is highly under-rated.

puff Level 7 Dec 26, 2022

Ya know, I have not skipped in years . . .

@Gwendolyn2018 I was never much good at it. Girls were better.

@rogerbenham you should practice.

Skipping can be fun... skipping classes, religious instruction, boring meetings and forced political mandates. 🙂)

@Kurtn not fun: skipping dessert.

@Gwendolyn2018 True

@Kurtn I sometimes write true statements.

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