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Do you know the 4 Horseman. Christopher Kitchens unfortunately passed away. He was a brave crusader for many years. I wonder if Bill Mahr could replace him for the 4th Horseman?

Grecio 7 Apr 30

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How about a Horsewoman? Sue Blackmore is my nomination.

Sounds like a possible; she certainly knows of some interesting people in the right fields.


I know it was a typo but the Kitchens thing is cracking me up.


Well, we don't always need four. Three or five will do.

I don't think Mahr is in the same league as Dawkins, Dennett, Hitchens and Harris.


I certainly hope not. Maher is the poster child of the smug pretentious liberal douchebag. A forum bot that regurgitates HuffPo headlines as arguments would be better.

  1. It's "Hitchens".

  2. He's been dead since 2011, so most people with any interest will know about it by now.

Jnei Level 8 Apr 30, 2018

sorry for the spelling, and I wasn't rying to announce his passing. I just think we might want to have a 4 horsemen again.

It was actually a typo. I have read most of his books, as well as Dawkins, Dennett, and Harris.

@Grecio Fair enough - I guessed it probably was, the H and K being close together and not being the most accurate typist myself! 🙂


HItchens!!! 1


Bill is good but who is really up to the task of filling Hitch's shoes?

There is always Michael Shermer.

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