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Almost two years to the day of the January 6th coup attempt in the USA and a few days after a terrifyingly similar attempted coup in Brazil...

....the Republican Congress deciding to gut the office of Congressional ethics... What little of that there was as it is... This question has stumped me...

Is calling Republicans an evil worshiping cult unfair to evil worshiping cults?

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domos 7 Jan 10

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Could the person who voted that there is nothing evil about the Republican party supply their phone number please?


The question makes an unnecessary distinction between the most rabid repubs and cults. They are essentially the same thing.

Except, in general, cults only harm their members. Republicans have the capacity to harm all of us.

@JonnaBononna Good point.


If you wanna go full on pedantic atheist, there's no such thing as evil. Just a whole lot of scared, threatened bigots scrambling to lash out with whatever impulse they can. It's rather human, but still somewhat insulting to humans when you realize how many can be driven to act like that.


Cutting an office of ethics proves the republican party does not care for ethics.

While I understand the point you're trying to make ... What makes this any more evidence of Republican's anti-ethics jihad than their governance over the last 35 years or so?

If anything would it have made sense for them not to gut government ethics given their track record?

I guess what I'm trying to say is that there was already in really overwhelming amount of evidence that ethics was a little more than rhetoric for the Republican party more so than normal politics.


Republicans, The MAGAT movement, QAnon are all intertwined and are all one.


The obstructionist regressive republican fascists party is a maga death cult use by the wealthy to destroy this nation wholesale for nothing more than pure greed and dominance over us completely!!!


Evil worship isn't as harmful as evil doing.

I have to disagree on that....evil worship will always lead to evildoing!

@LucyLoohoo I don't know, I think there were a ton of people who were "Satan worshippers" when they were young to buck the system who didn't actually accomplish any evil with their worship. Republicans actively and consistently performing evil acts in this country.

@ChestRockfield US ''church of Satan" never encouraged evil acts.

@LucyLoohoo I would add that, indeed the satanic temple organization has been exponentially less harmful to the country than the Republican party of any era.

@LucyLoohoo Not exactly what I was referring to. Okay, for example, I wish that all the all board members of my condo association would get pancreatic cancer and die slow, horrible, painful deaths. I could wish it, pray for it, meditate on it, use voodoo dolls, have seances, charge up crystals, or any other nonsensical shit people believe in, but I'm not actually doing any harm to them. Republicans, with every day in power, do actual things to harm actual people. TONS of actual people.

Worshiping evil is not as bad as doing evil.


Surely no one can seriously take the position that Republicans have or aspire to have any ethics. They think that is acceptable and will remove any barriers to it. I am in no way surprised, just concerned.

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