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Largest global bird flu outbreak in history showing no signs of slowing down. Worldwide, birds are dying and being culled. Don't expect the price for eggs to drop anytime soon.

[]. For some species, there is even the threat of extinction. For farm animals, extinction isnt a threat but people's livelihoods and people's food costs are bring hurt. Over 140 million domestic farm birds have been killed in a year.

Beowulfsfriend 9 Jan 15

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This is really bad but with eggs going over $5 a dozen my solution at this time is to simply stop eating eggs. Not that I had eggs every day anyway, but I ate eggs because I always remember having bacon and eggs. I'm now into oatmeal.


Luck would have it that we do not have it in Australia so far.
Living on the pension, eggs are my main source of affordable protein.

I stopped doing b'fast sand's and now just eat a bagel. I get my protein at lunch and dinner.

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