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Commentary from Jeff Childers 'Coffee & Covid' on Narrative 2.0

The Washington Post ran an op-ed penned by TV covid expert, reliable narrative mouthpiece, and contributing editor Leana Wen yesterday, headlined “We are overcounting covid deaths and hospitalizations. That’s a problem.”

Oh, she noticed!

Wen immediately asked whether U.S. covid death reports include Americans dying FROM covid or dying WITH covid? She concluded it’s mostly “with,” and not “from.” Wen patiently explained, “Two infectious-disease experts I spoke with believe that the number of deaths attributed to covid is far greater than the actual number of people dying from covid.”

Where have these experts been for three years?

Anyway, it’s not just a LITTLE overestimated. One of Wen’s experts guessed that “90 percent of patients diagnosed with covid are actually in the hospital for some other illness.”

At this point my eyes were rolling so hard I could see the entire bottom edge of my brain pan.

Compare Wen’s next paragraph to anything I wrote on Coffee & Covid in the summer of 2020:

“Since every hospitalized patient gets tested for covid, many are incidentally positive,” he said. A gunshot victim or someone who had a heart attack, for example, could test positive for the virus, but the infection has no bearing on why they sought medical care.
You. Don’t. Say
During my review of hundreds of medical examiner reports from Florida, my absolute favorite case was the one where an unlucky roofer was laying shingles on a three-story building, and was struck by lightning that drilled a smoking hole through the roof and two underlying floors. He was thrown three stories down to the ground where he broke his skull, neck, back, and most of his ribs. Barely alive, the hapless roofer was rushed to the hospital where he mercifully died without ever waking up.

But, he tested positive for the virus in the ER, so: Covid death!

Even more hilariously, Wen’s experts blamed the over-reporting not on financial incentives, on fear-mongering headlines:

'[Dr.] Dretler is quick to add that the imprecise reporting is not because of bad intent. There is no truth to the conspiracy theory that hospitals are trying to exaggerate coronavirus numbers for some nefarious purpose. But, he said, “inadvertently overstating risk can make the anxious more anxious and the skeptical more skeptical.”
See? All this fearful reporting is forcing the hospitals to put covid on people’s death certificates.'

Wen pointed out that Massachusetts has shifted to dual-reporting both patients coded as covid, as well as patients who got the steroid dexamethasone, part of the approved covid-treatment flow chart:
The smaller, darker curve are the “real” covid patients. What’s interesting is how high the non-steroid curve is. These are folks the hospitals are calling covid patients but aren’t treating for covid. The inflated number is at a six-month high. Weird, huh?

Where was all this keen, insightful reporting when we could have used it two years ago? Two years ago, this kind of story was verboten. In their terminology, Wen quoted two covid-minimizing doctors. That kind of talk used to get you canceled and your medical license revoked. But now, look how Wen defended her covid minimizers:
Both Dretler and Doron have faced criticism from people who say they are minimizing covid. That is not at all their aim. They have taken care of covid patients throughout the pandemic and have seen the evolution of the disease. Earlier on, covid pneumonia often killed otherwise healthy people. Today, most patients in their hospitals carrying the coronavirus are there for another reason. They want the public to see what they’re seeing, because, as Doron says, “overcounting covid deaths undermines people’s sense of security and the efficacy of vaccines.”
So … NOW it’s BAD to “undermine people’s sense of security” by overcounting covid deaths. Okay. Got it.

Not that it will surprise you, but there’s no scary legend over Wen’s op-ed saying something like, “The Washington Post believes the pandemic is real and serious and does not endorse or agree with this editor’s opinion.” Not only was Wen’s covid-minimizing op-ed published at all, it was published without comment or any rebuttal op-ed.

We are entering a new narrative phase.

BDair 8 Jan 16

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The standard for dissemination of information regarding the safety and efficacy of vaccines is publication of peer-reviewed articles in reputable scientific journals. This post does not meet that standard.

Can you post some information from the CDC, NIH, or FDA regarding
the safety and efficacy of vaccines that has been published and
peer reviewed? I will bet you can't.

@BDair Choke on it 😂[]

That is an opinion piece.
It does not provide any data from
the CDC, NIH, or FDA regarding the
safety and efficacy of the Covid biologics.
And by the way, one of the authors of
that piece is recommending not taking the
bivalent booster.

Effectiveness of COVID‐19 vaccines: findings from real world studies


The Safety of COVID-19 Vaccinations—We Should Rethink the Policy


@BDair []

Propaganda piece.
"Careful testing. All vaccines go through clinical trials to test safety and effectiveness. For the COVID-19 vaccine, the FDA set high safety standards for vaccine developers to meet. This graphic from the National Institutes of Health shows the four phases a vaccine goes through before it is released to the public."
This is misinformation.
The Covid vaccines never completed trials for safety and efficacy.
They did not follow any of the standard protocols, and their own
data proves that the vaccines cause more harm than good.
The safety signals are off the charts for these biologics.
They should have never been injected into anyone.

Pfizer's data.

@BDair []

"During the study period, 298 792 852 doses of mRNA vaccines were administered in the USA. VAERS processed 340 522 reports: 313 499 (92·1%) were non-serious, 22 527 (6·6%) were serious (non-death), and 4496 (1·3%) were deaths."
So only 4500 people died within 7 days of the vax during the 7 month trial period.
Nothing to worry about, unless you died.

@BDair The article does not say the deaths were caused by the vaccine. Assuming that the deaths were caused by the vaccine merely because of their temporal relationship is classic post hoc ergo propter hoc fallacy.

They are using VAERS and v-safe data sets for their study.
Those data sets are comprised of people reporting
vaccine injuries. 'They' are making that assumption
based on their temporal experience.

@BDair Almost 300 million doses of the vaccine were administered during the 6-month study period. Presumably, it was one dose per person, so the number of people we're talking about is almost as big as the total population of the USA. Including all causes, around 8,000 Americans die EVERY DAY. In a typical 7-day period, around 56,000 Americans die of all causes. Again, there is no evidence that any of the 4500 deaths that followed a vaccine were caused by the vaccine. Example: it's nearly time for some old codger to die, but he doesn't know it. So he gets a vaccine, and within the week he kicks the bucket. Did the vaccine kill him? No. It was just his time to go.

What IS clear is that the rate of death from COVID-19 among unvaccinated people is MUCH HIGHER than it is among people who have gotten their shots.


Nobody is a Covid expert. This idea is like being a demolitions expert. All the demo experts are dead. I was once a demolitions specialist but never an expert.

Is Covid contributing to your death and does the jab hurt you? I have no clue. Just seeing a bunch of scared people. Nobody is wanting to kill you off coz then they cannot get your money. Wait. I think the jab gave me pink eye. Well, I never had pink eye before.

If we have an open discussion, and all opinions are considered,
we may be able to find the answers to those questions.
If we are only allowed to express notions that follow the mainstream
narrative, we will not have a complete view of the issue.


It has all been smoke and mirrors!!!

Censorship and BS propaganda to try to keep us in our place!!!


Just tell everyone the narratives being spun by MSM are true, not to worry, jab up & genocide away. They're too lost to think for themselves. How'd they even end up on Agnostic in the 1st place? This used to be a place for openminded thinkers and well educated people as opposed to sheeple. What the heck went down while I was inactive on here that brought all these shallow gene poolers here en mass? I totally understand that most are probably scared shitless b/c they got ALL the jabs, are seeing all these deaths of people too young to die and are straight up in denial that they're walking ticking time bombs. It's like watching a bad horror film where the killer is chasing the victim & the victim runs into the shed with all the chain saws & machetes to hide instead of the nieghbors' for help, totally lacking common sense & logic.

Emme Level 7 Jan 16, 2023

Good observations, thank you for contributing.
I am astonished how many people in a group that
is supposed to be comprised of sceptics and rational
thinkers have all been willingly indoctrinated with the
Vaccine Apologist Dogma. No matter how much information
is presented that undermines their position by demonstrating
that the jabs never prevented infection and transmission,
and therefore can not contribute to 'herd immunity'. And the
fact that there are more 'covid' infections after jabbing much
of the population than there were pre vax.
And to your point, many here are closeminded and believe
that people that do not share their opinions should be banned or censored
as has happened all across the Big Pharma controlled narrative
in the media and social media.

@BDair encourage them to jab up.
And they can try to explain the reasoning behind THIS as well. MSM doesn't yet have a spin on this one as far as Im aware. & don't get roped into the politics of where it was reported. That's not the issue. I'm on no side politically.


Thanks, I am still looking for more validation on that story.

@BDair yw, same.


There's a gray area, as both the doctors alluded to, wherein the covid CONTRIBUTED TO the death but wasn't necessarily the primary cause. There's no way to know how much it contributed to a given death, if at all.
But such nuances are lost on the anti-vax crowd. In fact, when it comes to anything which is of potential damage to political foes, nuance hardly matters.

There is a gray area with the vaccines.
There is no way to discern if the biologic prevented
an infection or reduced the incidence of severe disease
or death.
The evil 'Covid' presented as a mild cold asymptomatic for more
than 99% of the population before there were any Covid jabs given.
This nuance is lost on those that have been indoctrinated
with Vaccine Apologist Dogma.

@BDair No idea. I suppose the conspiracy is to enrich the drug companies, put chips in us for easier tracking, or depopulate the world, or do you have another theory?

There is no theory involved in the fact that Pharma corporations
made record breaking profits for selling an experimental product
that never completed trials for safety and efficacy to governments
which promoted them illegally as they are under an EUA.
And these corporations are shielded from liability should their
product harm thousands of people.

I might take a vaccine that's been tested like the adverage for 10 years. Or proven not to kill animals. Plus have freedom to be social and lift the economy open. Since the covid covids Vaccines are opposite of that. I'm not against people jabbing themselves untill their eyes and vaccines smile pops out. Meantime the programed compliance theory filled with nonsense will continue for a wail yet,. Meanwhile stop calling me a disease criminal, when covid vaccines mandates are against the constitution.

@BDair BS. Pharma always makes obscene profits. But I'm not getting myself worked up again, anything you say, there's an answer on the other "side" and, typically, in an effort to win for winning sake,, some will exaggerate that which bolsters their argument, and play down anything which contradicts it. It's neverending. You're like Christians trying to "prove" that "Jesus Christ" was an actual historical figure, I'm convinced he wasn't, I have lots of circumstantial evidence on my side; they have absolutely nothing on theirs. But they'll claim they do.
This is true of every stalemate. I'll probably yield to temptation and join in from time, but I hope I don't. I'll just continue taking my booster shots, you won't. I don't care.

@Castlepaloma You feed on conspiracy theories and sensationalized bits and pieces, and this time I don't feel like fact-checking the half-truth you and yours throw out there to make your " case." I don't care about it enough because I already know what I'll find and it's not my job. DON'T take the vaccine, fine, and I will.
I'll forward to seeing more gobbledygook of yours in the future. Btw, isn't there a more agreeable spot for you and yours? Why bother with REAL agnostics and atheists. Are you getting paid by the RNC?


Case- demic. There was no emergency.

BDair Level 8 Jan 16, 2023

Random commentary from the net.

Paul Dickinson

'It's impossible to prove anything when no data has been collected. All deaths during this covid pandemic are being recorded as covid death, not every death is thoroughly investigated to what actually caused the death. Before the vaccine when the virus was at its most deadly there were on average about 1-1.5% of people being hospitalized, that may not sound many but that's potentially 76 million worldwide. On average what % of people who were admitted were dying ? . As the virus mutated it became less deadly and the vaccine was now a factor to evaluate. Hospitalization must have fell well below 1% just due to the less deadly virus alone. If the figure increased then there is obviously a contributing factor as most of the vulnerable would have fallen in the first wave of the wild type and delta.

We need numbers to crunch, how many died from covid, how many died from vaccine alone. how many died from covid who were vaccinated. We must have the numbers before the vaccination was released on total deaths from covid but if all deaths were recorded as covid then the figures are going to be inflated and inaccurate.

Personally I would have treat all covid patients with antivirals asap to reduce viral load, they were available and Dr's who understood the pathology of the virus have saved 100% of their patients using repurposed medicines, the knowledge is there but it was censored. Logistically I think it was possible based on a doctor saving 7000+ patients with no hospitalizations and no deaths, if 10% of the local population were visiting their doctors then 1 doctor would be looking after 70,000 patients so we would need 155,000 doctors worldwide. Granted some people inevitably would have died but it would have been very few.

We need accurate data.'

Have you seen what is happening in China? Do you think they too are in on it?

No, what is happening in China?
What is this 'it' that they are in on?
The WSJ reported they have 130,000 cases,
but no deaths.
China is not known for the free flow of information,
and their cities have some of the worst air quality in the world,
so chronic respiratory problems are endemic.

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