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This is the craziest story I've ever heard! Exactly how was this allowed to go on at a college, and for so long? Why did no one report it? What is wrong with a college which doesn't check on the welfare of their students? Did they ever encourage them to report abuse? I'm just gobsmacked.

Organist1 8 Jan 21

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It is no longer safe to send children to college. Outrageous and sickening!

Betty Level 8 Jan 21, 2023

It is unfortunate that it is not legal to treat him the same that he treated his victims.

He should suffer a 100 no a 1000 times worse. Ugh! The things I would like seen done to him!!!


This link has the whole sordid story. Evil manipulative middle aged man, vulnerable young women. []


This is fantastic. Why it lasted a year, let alone ten, boggles the mind. He seemed to hypnotise them all.

Reminds me of Manson, though the students themselves weren't violent.

@Organist1 That rings a bell. I'm afraid that the USA is the most glaring example of the injustice in a country. The elite are controlled by even more elite who ensure a constant movement of wealth to the stratosphere likely less than 100 mostly men, who have absolutely no interest in the 99.9% of the poor. The result is a vast bulk of people with no connection to what is going on. A created permanent culture of hate ensures they don't know what really is happening. But unhappiness rules everywhere and supreme horrors are created.


Call it rape culture and watch the right wingers lose what's left of their lost minds.
It's obviously rape culture.


Why was a non-student allowed to live in student housing?


Saw that last night.
Just fucking shoot him.


I read that this morning. It's just unimaginable.

Were they so terrified that they couldn't confide in a friend, or a parent, or a faculty member? It's just so hard to believe that someone didn't suspect anything, or that they were oblivious to signs of abuse. Maybe I'm just a helicopter parent, but I'd like to think my son would have said something to me if he had been subjected to this. That, I guess, is what abuse does.

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