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Church of England apologizes for treatment of LGBTQ people
“For the times we have rejected or excluded you, and those you love, we are deeply sorry,” the Church of England bishops said.


xenoview 8 Jan 21

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I hope he's sincere, the best kind of sin, but I doubt it, and it doesn't matter.
The Church of England is a branch of the English government.
Like the Nobility neither has a place in any rational modern government.


In 1973 it was illegal to be gay, The church is still one step behind the updated laws of same sex marriage.


Is the apology to bring in new tithers because donations are down?

Organized religion has done so much damage to LGB and T people. We should be paid reparations.


BUT they are still not going to allow same sex marriages in their churches


Are they sorry for their (hopefully past) inhumanity, or for the lost revenues, as society changes attitudes about homosexuality?

I hope they die off. They must be losing money for their hat of LGBT.


Yes, that would be a 10% loss.


How quaint. Almost politically correct. We’ve told our people to keep giving half assed blow jobs.

I wonder if it's like in high school. When we use to say blow me. Thinking the one receiving the blow job is not gay. No no.. no... they are both gay

@Castlepaloma Not that there's anything wrong with that, in my book.


Oh?? The Church established by Henry VIII whose main belief was that God had had created society as it was and that this society should not change or be challenged. Henry believed that women were inferior to men and that those who were born into poverty were there because that was the way God ordained it to be.

Now apologize for the subjugation of women and being accessory to murders by Henry VIII!


Evil prats will continue to be evil prats precisely because their non-existent God told them to be so.

They are nothing more than a nasty mob of emotional delinquents!


Yet according to him, they are still not going to recognize same sex marriage.

So we apologize to the fish for taking them out of the pond, but we are still going to drain the pond.

Well put.


I don't believe them. They're lying.

Just like politicians they will SAY anything to get votes and followers.

Well he also said, that they were not going to recognize same sex marriage at the same time !?

@Fernapple I do not understand why anybody would want to have anything to do with an organization whose teachings condemn them.

@ASTRALMAX I agree. To me it's like a Jewish person trying to find acceptance in the Nazi Party.


Yet they continue to refuse to carry out gay marriages. 😐

Yep. They "will bless" such marriage, but not perform them.


Apologies don't do it when not accompanied by action.

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