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I thought these were so cool...

Buttercup 8 Jan 23

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Good grief! Fancy being unable to create a simple sauce, boil up some pasta for 10 minutes, strain it and then add the sauce.
Try the following:-
Chop up a lump of bacon into generous cubes, then fry these in plentiful butter for a couple of minutes, using a largeish pan. Mix a heaped teaspoonful of flour (wheat or corn) with a cupful of cold milk, then add the mixture to the pan and stir it well. Grate some easily melted cheese and add this to the pan, together with whatever herbs you fancy, (I like to add marjoram and Thyme) plus some crushed garlic cloves.
Add more milk as the sauce thickens, to keep it reasonably "runny".
This sauce preparation should take just about the same time as it takes to boil some spaghetti, or other pasta.
Drain the pasta and add it to the sauce. Serve - with black pepper to taste.
This is not an authentic Carbonara, but it tastes good, even to my Italian relatives.

Other herbs to consider are Orégano, Rosemary, Basil and Paprika. (Not all together) If the bacon is not very salty, then add salt to the sauce, according to taste.

I was about 8 years old and the target consumer. Really they weren't a bad way to learn some cooking basics.


As a Master Chef at a world known company, Pizza hut, I hate the thought of canned pasta.
Spagettio's were made for dogs. Oh yeah, and I invented the circle and the pizza.


Never had the spaghetti, but the Chef Boyardee was my first exposure to pizza, way before we had any pizza places in my neighborhood as a child.


I didn't know there were raviolis outside of Chef Boy Ar Dee until I was a teenager. But then, when we cooked spaghetti (as opposed to cans), we put garlic salt and butter on it. We lived in OK until I was six, and while we had macaroni, never heard of spaghetti until moving to CA.

They were kind of a staple in my early working years. I really liked the DIY boxes, especially the pizza.

@Buttercup I don't remember the pizza mixes! And I never had any pizza that wasn't frozen until I was a teenager. On the other hand, in the small CA town we lived by, there was no pizza parlor until I was a teen--or a McD's.

You cooked the spaghetti? I thought it was supposed to be crunchy....

@PondartIncbendog luckily, my sister had a friend whose mother was a bit more savvy than we were! My sister had spaghetti at the friend's house (though it still had no sauce) and came home to report to my mother.

Funny how those memories come back--hadn't thought about that for decades and decades (and decades).


Does this mean we can call you Chef Boy-Er-Cup now??

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