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Soooo, i have a painful upper molar that needed to be dealt with before my upcoming shoulder replacement surgery...i opted for removal becuase you cannot have dental procedures, even cleaning, within 2 weeks before joint replacement or at least 6 months time for a root canal & a crown to save it.
Very painful, needed to be dealt with this week as the surgery is Feb. 14.
Except they pulled THE WRONG TOOTH.
Good thing i don't own a gun, yes indeedy.........

AnneWimsey 9 Jan 24

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Just make sure they replace the correct shoulder, And that dentist should be on the hook for two implants now!


WTF!!!! I go to Juarez, Mexico for dental work and they're pretty straight forward with me! I had to get a tooth pulled and I asked them if I needed any other work done and they said no, that I'm just getting old! They pick you up at your house, take you across the border to the dentist office and take you back home, everything cost me $90, the tooth extraction, the prescriptions needed and the drive both ways, the Healthcare system here sucks!

Sorry you went through that! I hope everything works out and they compensate you for their fuck up!

i have been using this same dental practice (some dentist retired during that time of course)for almost 50 years.....exclusively. Soooooooo disappointing!!

@AnneWimsey Are they going to correct what they did wrong?

@MichelleGar1 saw them about 2 hours ago....3 different 'expanations' (all contradictory) as to why they did nothing wrong, including 'we always read the xrays backwards from what is on the monitor'. (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
The upshot is, and they know this, that any further dental work must be complete by this Friday or my shoulder replacement must be the final advice (SOOOOOOOO helpful) was, 'give it a few weeks and you may see all is well, good luck on your shoulder work.'
Beside myself, Blood Pressure and Blood Sugar at amazing highs.......

@AnneWimsey it's hard to be more incompetent than a dentist who pulls the wrong tooth.


They owe you for an least.


How can pulling a tooth have less impact than a filling? My ex had a tooth pulled and almost died when it got infected. I hope you have a good lawyer and get something for this mess.

The actual filling was done in October, too big, too deep, and was impacting the root, thus the pain.
i have had 15 visits to get a successful root canal completed..... apparently my roots are all crooked, this i opted for removal with the time crunch.


WHAAAAAAT? Go get 'em, Anne!


I'm so sorry this happened to you. This seems actionable.

will def post my appearance on People's Court.........


Did the shift in pain of 1/4 inch help out?


Yikes! I am getting a tooth pulled on Jan. 31, but there are no extenuating circumstances. I am so, so sorry, my friend.


Cripe, that's awful.


hmmm....malpractice insurance is carried for a reason.


omfg, that's awful, you poor thing! Can they still take the right tooth out without rescheduling your surgery?

OK...yours is the first PRACTICAL thought! The rest of us just spew outrage....and empathy....

seeing them today,,,bad, bad night because the unremoved painful tooth is still in there plus every time i did drift off i woke up crying...i want my tooth back!!!!!!

yes they can & will, but it will leave me with No upper teeth on that side and a moratorium on Any dental work for a minimum of 6 months to a year, standard after joint replacement......Gawd knows what will happen with everything moving around in there.
i will be sure to post my appearance on People's Court.........

@AnneWimsey How awful! Your pain levels must be off the scale right now, between your shoulder and your mouth. It will be rough, but hopefully these morons will pay for you to get an implant in six months which, granted, still takes a lot of time, but it's fixable. Sending hugs.



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