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Eating chicken without killing chicken? Would you eat lab grown meat?


xenoview 8 Jan 25

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Why not, l used to eat Spam and balogna!

So did I! Haven't had any for decades, though.

@Gwendolyn2018 Me either, but sometimes a bologna sandwich sounds really good!

@Sticks48 Eww . . . just ewww!

Of course, I am the person who says she will eat soylent green--no problem in eating people if I am starving and they are made into a cracker.


It depends on the preparation.
I like pork ribs, but I'm not nuts over canned pork products.
I did try beyond meat and it's great, it taste and feels like beef.
I wouldn't encourage anyone to have an opinion bereft of any kind of experience.


There’s a split between health consciousness and animal rights ethics. If lab grown steak is made available PETA types might embrace it but those who eat healthy avoid it.


Yes. I would certainly consider it, anyway. I think most food is likely to be lab produced after the climate change migrations begin.

I expect much the same.


Most of this type of thing uses Far more water & resources to create, and all the 'impossible' burgers i have seen have up to 30% more sodium too.
Hard Pass!

By reading the nutrition facts box on my bag of impossible burgers tonight, it seems they have a little less sodium than a regular beef patty. For my goal of trying to adding protein to my diet without too much in the way of cholesterol, and carbohydrates, they suit my needs as a substitute to beef.

Nutrition Facts - Hamburger Patty

The following nutrition information is provided by the USDA for one hamburger with a single patty and no condiments (90g).

Calories: 266
Fat: 10.1g
Sodium: 396mg
Carbohydrates: 30.3g
Fiber: 1.1g
Sugars: 5.2g
Protein: 13.3g

Nutrition Facts - Impossible Burger - From the package

Calories: 230
Fat: 13g  (zero trans fat) (zero cholesterol)
Sodium: 370mg
Carbohydrates: 9g
Fiber: 5g
Sugars: <1g
Protein: 19g

By choosing the Impossible Burger you are using 92% less water, 91%less greenhouse emissions, 96% less land


I don't know yet.


I imagine I wouldn't eat half the stuff I do if I knew how it was made/prepared/processed. Give me good taste and nutrients. I don't need the details.


I willl like not-seeing a recently beheaded lab-grown chicken running around.


I actually rarely eat chicken, but I'd give this meat a go. I'm happy to reduce the suffering of chickens by substituting some lab grown meat into my diet.

Not quite the same thing, but I do eat impossible burgers, as a guilt-free food item to keep in my freezer for a quick addition to meals.

I eat impossible and beyond meat. I would try the lab chicken.

Me too.


Try anything once.

An epicurean grapevine tell.

@waitingforgodo Love that tune though, however many times.

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