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Any Agnostic artists? What is your subject matter and preferred media?



I was once an artist, mainly asian traditional. My media was acrylic on canvas. I am a writer as well. I dropped fine arts in my 20s, but writing continued to live on. I suppose, in the end, my consensus was that writing was my forte over visual arts.

Sadoi Level 7 Jan 11, 2018

A nonbeliever professional sculpture working in the Arts and entertainment business for over 40 years.

Mostly build sandsculpture, snow playgrounds, multimedia in film, castle like eco houses, museum and themes parks. Displays

Always have been G rated avoiding Politics and Religion. Until the last few years building controversial high bas-relief sculptures.

Sorry if I asked on site so many questions that many people can not answer. Researching and reaching for the stars on many of them.

Thank you for your help, may show some of my work here on line, soon.


I am a spiritual sketch artist but I can't do any masterpieces rn, just rough sketches sorry

Ich_Kyl Level 4 Dec 8, 2017

pencil and pastel and mostly animal portraits but sometimes I do humans or concrete.


M 3D photography is more for fun than as art.
My art photography is digital 2D.
I call it "Out of Contextural Art."
I take pictures of objects in such a way that the finished work shows the objects out of context. Some is just decided by how much of the object I capture. Sometimes I manipulate by cropping.
Some are take so close up, you lose all context.
I like to capture patterns and textures others would be less likely to notice.
The results are more or less abstract (depending on the particular shot).

MrLizard Level 8 Dec 7, 2017

I considered myself an artist when I was young, but I gave it up when I had to go to work and support a family. I never stopped creating things though, mostly with wood. I have done some metal work too.


I'm an atheist artist, but I guess it's ok to respond.

I'm a 3D artist dabbling with 4D. I've recently begun a new phase, I've decided to limit my materials. I juxtapose renewables with nonrecyclables.

The piece I'm currently working on makes use of Okra fiber in paper castings (renewable) and molded plastics from candy bags, etc.(nonrecyclable). I like to play with the evolution of humanity from renewables to nonrecyclables.

...was walking past a pile of concrete block rubble today and noticed an old, intact ‘glass block!’ After getting permission to ..rescue it, I spent a couple hours making it sparkle again. Think I’ll just sit it in the sun ..and turn it a bit as I walk by … a sucker for glass, I recycle, too smile001.gif

I am a 3D (Stereo-Photographer). Please explain how 4D art works? What is the fourth dimension incorporated in your work?

@MrLizard 4D is time. Similar to a movie, a song, anything that occurs for only a certain amount of time. 3D art that takes time into account.



Have sculpted, using stuff called "sculpta-mold". Now, mostly draw - using various media . Draw from life, models and animals, and random subjects.
Recently I got turned on to a tablet with a drawing program in it. Essentially all the media in there - you can duplicate any instrument , brush, airbrush, pencil, marker, etc. Great fun !
And you can take photos, put them in the program, and alter them in any way you'd like.

evergreen Level 7 Dec 7, 2017

That’s great to hear about the tablet! ...especially as one’s headed my daughter’s way as a gift smile009.gif


I’d wondered the same thing today, though I’d have said Atheist Artists smile009.gif

Art was about all I did well through youth, but as life came on, it felt as though I’d apply it to everything I could… No specific media, I’d incorporate it into the layout of my orchard, trails, home design and decor. I’ve a couple daughters who can put me to shame in the normal artist's realm … but having taught and inspired them often feels like art as well smile001.gif

But what had sparked my ‘question’ was wondering if there’s something about Artists that ..pulls us out the the social loup..? A willingness or ability to view things in a different perspective, thus our apparent ‘disconnect’ with the masses or group-think. I always felt ‘out of the box’ regarding art, maybe that carries over?

Varn Level 7 Dec 7, 2017

That was first thing I noticed when I joined! That there seemed to be a disproportionate number of artists in the group. But I'm not sure what to contribute it to.


I haven't done a whole lot recently, but I love drawing using charcoal. The high contrast and flexibility of the medium make it great fun to work with.

resserts Level 8 Dec 7, 2017

Post turtles, is my answer to both questions.


Clay and welded steel. I do a bit of printmaking, too.


I have done a little wood carving my subjects most always are animals both real and imaginary with the occasional mythical beast added.

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