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THE MOST POWERFUL FIGURE IN U.S. HISTORY: If Biden exercises any power over Garland, the man he named as his A.G.,why is the Justice Dept. not permitted to arrest, or even subpoena, Trump and his cohorts for Treason, Sedition, Election tampering, Income tax evasion, attempted violent overthrow of the government, openly endorsing our enemies, and betraying his oath of office and violating the Constitution, when they have positive proof of all of the above stated crimes, including crimes that in other times would carry the death penalty? Garland says he's not sure if Trump has "executive privilege"! I think he is in league with these traitors, and maybe Biden is too, unless he is too senile to even understand what's happening to our country.!
Just the fact that Trump, the man who was determined to divide and conquer Congress and the D.O.J is allowed to run for president again shows that he is untouchable and accountable to nobody but his co-conspirators headed by Bannon (also untouchable). The fact that he is still at large proves that he is the most powerful man in the United States, and as he says himself "I could walk out into the street and shoot someone and nobody could do a thing about it"

fishline79 7 Feb 16

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Who says that Garland is not permitted by Biden to do those things? . That is simply false. Garland is permitted to do what is constitutional and legal.

Garland says he is not empowered to do those things, because he insists that Trump has "executive privilege", but the media are saying that even if that weren't true , the statute of limitations of the "crimes" will run out before he runs for office again.

@fishline79 Show me the proof of your assertation.

@wordywalt []
I can't really link you to it on this website. Check it on You Tube or any news medium but Fox.

then, you make a false assetion without proof. i would have thought that a member f this site woul o better than the idiotidc Trumpites

@wordywalt HELLO!,,, Click on the ( above and you will see the proof, but if you want to see the whole thing you have to find it yourself because I can't send it.

@wordywalt By the way, try reading your posts before sending because this one makes no sense, and try being cordial, especially if you are in the wrong.


All of that is proof that we no longer have the rule of law and have also become a lawless country, where nobody who is rich and powerful is held accountable anymore, from either major party. Thus, we have become a clearly failed democracy, and I don't see it ever being reversed in my lifetime, if ever. Because that would involve the sheeple finally waking up and dumping both the major parties, voting in third parties in DC, and then eliminating the big money in politics. None of that is ever going to happen, with the power of the corporate media, and the ignorance and gullibility of most Americans.

That is what I am saying, exactly.

I think rank-choice voting might change that.

@rainmanjr I'm sure it would, but the major parties would never allow that to happen, since it would prevent them from getting votes by being the lesser evil, etc..

@TomMcGiverin Like a coup, they might not be able to stop it. If it's rank choice or full on Civil annihilation they might go for it.


Nor are they discussing the ongoing support of the GQP from Putin (Santos being the most recent absurdity). The loyalty to party over country showcases how democracy fails.

Democracy always fails because, I propose, that humans can't help but be tribal.

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