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This question goes to believers....why are suffering for the sins we never committed ,that part is actually very confusing tho,i feel like in the real world whosoever commit an offense should bear the consequences ,what i mean is ADAM and EVE are the ones that eat the forbidden apple ,so why innocents paying for it,i feel like we could have been living in our own paradise the one that is free from conflicts,war, earthquake ,greed, and more

samfordman 2 Feb 17

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iow you ate the fruit yourself


contemplate adam and eve as yourself, divided into two parts


Guilt by association and lineage. Very Islamic.


Because God is a dick?


In Judaism children can’t inherit the sins of their parents.
Just one of a massive list of things Christians fucked up, and another thing they get wrong is thinking they know Jack about Judaism because the Old Testament is in the Christian Bible.
I’ve been embarrassed as a Christian in the past listening to dumb ass Christians arguing with Jews about what their religion believes.
Jews also believe in reincarnation.
I don’t believe any of it now, except I have full faith in the ignorance of evangelicals.


not a believer today. the suffering is not for sins. it is for accepting the guilt of christ death which for some unclear reason was the only thing that could "cleanse" us of the inequities we acquired by being human in this universe. if god had preferred a different universe he should have made it that way, and I believe would have if he'd had anything to do with it, but I don't

“No son of man may die for another’s sins” is also in there, and believers are Esau, iow “God hated” them

@bbyrd009 I don't recall any of that.

@hankster ya well youll never hear it in a church lol [] also in Jeremiah and..psalms i think?[] also witnessed…malachi, maybe?


Questions often frame their own answers. Why do you feel the need to pose this particular question?

While innocents usually pay the ultimate price for war, earthquakes, and greed, how does society seek to address this inequity?


That’s a great question. My take on it is that, as with all religious mythology, Adam and Eve are symbolic figures. They represent early humans. The “sin” they committed was evolving a brain large and complex enough to produce abstract and symbolic thinking.

With such self-awareness, as the story goes, they recognized their nakedness. So this looks very much like a story about the evolution of humans from our animal pre-history through the development of civilization.

The consequence of eating the fruit of the tree of knowledge was to be expelled from the Garden where food could be hunted and gathered, to a world where their descendants (us) would have to toil in fields, and factories, and cubicles for their groceries.

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skado Level 9 Feb 17, 2023



Tell us a little about yourself, people are reluctant to respond to someone that hasn't at least answered some of the profile questions and a short (couple sentences)bio. Welcome to the site. Like @Garban said, you won't find many believers here.

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