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If I was religious I would yell out AMEN BROTHER! He gets it. Dr. Peterson will go down in history as one of the great minds of our time.

Captain_Feelgood 8 Mar 16

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Creating victimized and marginalized communities as creationists who are just there without any answers that are truly representative and meaningful by their discourse is always irritating and disturbing without any meaningful discussion or solutions!!!

Make no rational sense just like his obstructionist remarks about how woke he thinks he is or is not!!!


Pathetic how there are people who actually believe Peterson is someone worthy of admiration.
He's a scumbag.

One on the defenders here actually said this - "a boomer white male which is the worst discrimination I've ever heard in my lifetime."

Another cis, older, white male thinking they are oppressed because they've been made to take their foot off the necks of others.

I don't know enough about Jorden Peterson to have formed an opinion about him. I do think that an ad- hominem without explanation is not at all explanatory or useful. Perhaps you are just shouting to the choir.

@dumasarok You're entitled to think whatever you like.
I don't owe anyone an explanation about anything.


So this asshole comes on, criticizes someone who believes that children SHOULD be taught ethics, and then, the silly fucker never even offers up his own answer!!!!! This is so goddamn stupid it would be funny if it were a comedy show, but it is not, because it is just some dumb ass trying to score some points by criticizing someone else . . . .

So you couldn't understand that he was saying not to demoralize our children, don't teach them that they are corrupt and evil when they've not actually done anything wrong? Don't tell them they are bad because of the color of their skin, because maybe their parents and grandparents may have worked in a coal mine to put food on their table because that was the only job available to them? You don't get that from what he said? Wow...

Jordan does punch upwards, yet he is a lience psychologist, so he helps people when they are down. Assholes shit all over everyone, like psychopath, totalterrimism and greedy assholes. I find truth funnier than fiction and stranger too.

@Captain_Feelgood Who (aside from religion) is teaching kids they are corrupt and evil? Who (aside from the white supremacists) are telling kids they are bad because of the color of their skin?

@Captain_Feelgood Everything he said was criticism, and while he is doing this criticism, he is directly in the negative mode of criticizing someone else, all the while saying that you should not teach children negativity! This is a perfect example of people being so gullible as to accept someone's behavior simply because they have some high-profile press exposure. At the beginning, he was asked a question, and he comes back with was negative criticism of someone else . . . . then you try to frame it as an answer . . . . the hypocrisy. Laughable. He then goes on to infer that the younger generation should not be told about the state of the world today, as if it is a barrier to the ambitions to young people, when in fact it could be a motivator to improve the system, but no, he would prefer to sweep all that shit under the rug. Clowns like this decided that it is better to sweep shit under the rug, and collect the shit under the rug in a huge stinking pile until the rug is no longer large enough to cover the huge pile of shit. Instead of teaching our younger generation to see problems of the world as a challenge, he prefers hiding the problems and letting them pile up, as if that will somehow "help" the younger generation. So the recipe is to Bull SHIT the younger generation . . . . . what happens when they become older and wiser and realize that they were taught by idiots who thought that covering it all up was the wisest thing since Confucius? They lose respect for the idiots who taught them all the bull shit. In fact, in my view, he is underestimating the younger generation, disparaging their alacrity to attempt to solve problems they are made aware of, and if you want a bunch of sheep who run from the truth and every problem that comes up and shocks them with a bit of reality, that is the perfect formula for it. Oh, yea, and do not teach them ethics . . . . Ethical behavior is typically considered to be behavior that conforms to these moral principles, and is often characterized by honesty, integrity, fairness, respect for others, and a commitment to doing what is right or good. In various fields such as medicine, law, business, and academia, there are specific codes of ethics that are designed to guide professionals in their conduct and decision-making. Nope! Better not teach them THAT! Then in the end, the whole drama has to add an emotional rather than logical response . . . . this fucker is nothing more than a mirror image, or substitute for a fucking preacher . . .

Young people are not being demoralized by being told the truth. The reality of climate change is all around us. And no one is shaming them for ambition.
The idea of taking on a crushing amount of debt is probably one of the most demoralizing things to many of them.


I have not come across anyone online with such a wide range of humanitain question and answers thoroughly has done. As he has


“Getting it” isn’t difficult. Getting rid of it is the problem! 🤣🤣🤣

skado Level 9 Mar 17, 2023

He had a great mind before he destroyed it with drugs. Now he’s everything he used to preach against. Just another angry, weeping ideologue.

skado Level 9 Mar 17, 2023

Think he is even greater than before At least he admits to weeping, angry or other flaws he has. First step to adjusting them. His weakness is his religion, which he trys to hide. My daughter thinks he is the devil because she is deep into wokeness LGBT. How dare he defend free speech, or oppose new gender pronouns. Or questions Gay ABC for kids under age 8. Or the greatest of them all, totalterrimism. People recover from drugs

His very balanced and science-compatible religious views were about all he had going for him. Now he is confused and feeling guilty for not submitting to religious literalism.

@Castlepaloma So free speech for people who want to use shaming language, slurs and discrimination.

No free speech for people who want to use their own words to define themselves.

Got it. Makes perfect sense. Right. Sure.


Peterson is most famous for his stand on free speech. Canada is the only Country by law bill16 that Canadain must use 100 gender pronouns or loose their job or be heavily fine or both jailed. Also for the first time in English colonial history this is against amendment of free speech, making it un constitutional. It didn't get over 80% collective approval of the people. Where making homosexuality and marrijana did get 80% approved to make it legal in Canada. I personally didn't approve
this crap in the first place being once a classic liberal. Government is now anti family and throwing money at political woke, big pharmaceutical, racist theory and LGBT in all areas of education and society. For anyone opposed these groups get banned, blocked or killed

@Castlepaloma List the 100 pronouns now.


Pronouns can be in the first person singular (I, me) or plural (we, us); second person singular or plural (you); and the third person singular (e.g., she/her, he/him, they/them, ze/hir) or plural (they/them). Gendered pronouns specifically reference someone's gender: he/him/his or she/her/hers., Bill 16 has 16 gender legally registered. There is a 100 pronouns more the Government wants put in and screw with our freedom of thought with their political correctness words.

@Castlepaloma So you made up the thing about 100 pronouns. Figured as much.
Multiple genders and sexualities have been recognized since ancient times. It is just more recently that the extreme conservative right wing feels oppressed by having to respect peoples right to live their own lives in peace.


Peterson, nor I are extreme right wing nuts. I'm a mini anarchist and these pronouns disrespect my freedom of speech, I don't care what they call themselves. If I dressed up like a furry tiger and expect all people to address me as a real tiger, because furries is a gender sexaul group.. Or if not then I will sue them for all they got. Sorry for the transgender where it hard to get a job, It's even harder for me. It takes 12,000 sculptors for one to be able to make a living at it. I don't feel like a victom nor feelings of suicide like a transgender. They could be worse, like being unvaccinated and an a boomer white male which is the worst discrimination I've ever heard in my lifetime.

@Castlepaloma "a boomer white male which is the worst discrimination I've ever heard in my lifetime."

You absolutely are ridiulous.



Thanks for posting this. I didn't know who this person was, and I suspect if I look at their ideas long enough I"ll find points to disagree with, but on the face of it, it does seem to me that he gets "it". It would be a long discussion I suspect as to mulling over further details of what I, or you, or he, thinks"it" is, but so far, yes, I see much to agree with.

I see this here as a link to his website, so if I have time, sometime, maybe I"ll try to read some more.

I work in an area of environmentalism to do with analysis of business during the transition to low carbon, and have invested in an environmentally friendly house, and (to an extent) try to live an environmentally moderate lifestyle and, at the same time, do agree with him that these things are not what (if anything) make me "moral". If anything, they are sometimes in danger of getting in the way of my being what I would regard as "moral". In fact, this very point, and related ones, are much on my mind.

Conversations (in the present hysterical anti-selfish culture) about what "we" need to do in order to address this or that life-threatening environmental crisis often boil down to identification of the life- and property-damaging environmental behavior, and finger-pointing that individuals and companies "should" (morally, I guess is meant) do various things. There is insufficient discussion or awareness of the tragedy of the commons (even among professional economists.... at least, I don't run into much of it in my readings or any encounters with colleagues who may work in this area) and virtually no discussion among folks in general discussing immediate environmental issues to define what is or is not moral, and why. There is a rush to moralizing finger-pointing and some cynical commentary as to the immorality of businesses and business.

The people who are (quite rightly) advocating for action on the life-and-death environmental crises often have this achilles heel in their approach, of not understanding where the moral points are in the effort. The people who are in business or in anti-environmental activism that appears (on the face of it) to support business and freedom, and (quite wrongly) want business to be able to continue taking shortcuts and ignore the (catastrophic) life-ending damage they are doing on multiple fronts.... sometimes those people understand the situation well enough to press home this advantage against the environmental activists. Dick Cheney, for one example, I thought was able to spin low carbon efforts as appropriate at some individual moral level, and not as appropriate for policy-making and regulation.

All of this tends to add up to many of the efforts in the world not getting to the point of implementing the regulatory/policy efforts that would (in my opinion) be appropriate to the different environmental crises. In low-carbon efforts, for example, a big genuine help would be if we can have pollution penalties (whether taxes or some other similar mechanism) and cleanup rewards/bounties. I think this would address matters better than 10,000 activists pointing at each other arguing about whether business is evil or whether their voluntary carbon offsets really helped address the footprint of their flight to the conference.

Anyway, I digress. I think discussion of what is or is not "moral" is something we can all do, if and when each of us is inclined to do so, and I think it can help us personally in our private lives, to discuss it (or at least think it over on our own) and it might help bring some of our group conversations to a somewhat more enlightened level (though this last part I don't know about).

kmaz Level 7 Mar 17, 2023

His usual word salad whining about the world changing around him and exposing his inability to adapt.

Jordan actually comes up with many solutions. Where very rarely will the totalterrimism.

@Castlepaloma I have never heard any "solution" from that man that isn't white male centered and disgustingly and pompously paternalistic.

Also noted that the Professor portrayed as being evil was also depicted to be black.


He has many books about many on life solutions. His latest one sold 5 million copies. And don't know of anyone with more tons of testimonials praising him for growth in their lives. In a year he made 89 million dollars from live streaming. Joe Rogan and many of the top Podcasters honor him. Yes, sometimes arrogant or sometimes humble. The LGBT group called him a nazi and a Jew in the same day. I don't care what group he comes from except don't want totalterrimism and corporationism greed groups . I judge the individual, not the over ego world.
Weighting the pros and cons, he lifts the weak to well being and adds to the contribution to humanity.

@Castlepaloma Joe Rogan now. lmao

@Castlepaloma Are you going to cite Andrew Tate as a role model next?


Peterson said about Tate. His lifestyle in my opinion was detestable (lavishness, expedience and sinful luxury) and his comments childish. Now that we know he is a human ...

Both Rogan and Peterson said Tate is very intelligent yet questionable morals. Rogan and Bill Mahar love Jordan and Bill could get married to Jordan and have a baby...jokingly.

@Castlepaloma "He has many books about many on life solutions"

That work great if your white male cis and don't give a damn about those who aren't.

"And don't know of anyone with more tons of testimonials praising him for growth in their lives"

So popular means right? That's an interesting perspective of which I disagree.

"Joe Rogan and many of the top Podcasters honor him."

Oh, Joe Rogan honors him? I didn't know that. But I'm confused, so what if "Podcasters honor him". Anyone can do a podcast, that doesn't mean that their opinions have merit.

What is a "Jewish"?

"Weighting the pros and cons, he lifts the weak to well being and adds to the contribution to humanity."

... if you happen to be a white cis male.

@redbai Those cis white males are feeling so oppressed. It must be so confusing and frightening for the weakest of mind and spirit among them now that others are getting the same rights they were born with.

@redbai, @Castlepaloma The opinions of any of those men have less relevance to my life than sounds emitting from a lactose intolerant dog who ate a pound of cheese.

@Castlepaloma What about Tate implies "very intelligent"? The fact that both Rogan and Maher love Jordan is nothing but a demonstration of their low standards. Begs the question of why someone so loved is no longer a tenured professor in his chosen field of study?

@redbai Thanks for quoting Castlepaloma. I have him blocked so it’s good to see an occasional sample of what he’s still spewing to realize I had made the right choice.

@redbai Yeah. He taunted a teenage girl publicly on the Internet and exposed his location with a live photo during those taunts where a pizza box with a Qr Code was clearly visible.
In a country where he was wanted for sex trafficking.
Police just blew up the photo and scanned the code.

Smart guy alright.

And now he is claiming abuse because he is not allowed his luxury grooming tools and is starting to look unattractive.

Poor thing.


I'm sure both Jordan and Joe worked and loved greater than you. I grew up in Canada the most multi race and cultural country in the world and so did Peterson. Most of my girlfriend were of colour and I married a native woman. I can dance in a black bars with black chicks, in Canada, yet tried that in the US a couple of times and the bartenders kicked me out. There Is no proof Peterson is racist anymore than I am. .Do wonder, envy worst than greed?

@Castlepaloma Did you make up the word totalterrimism? You have used it several times so it's not a mistake or typo.

@Castlepaloma "I'm sure both Jordan and Joe worked and loved greater than you.

You're "sure" of something that you have no ability to demonstrate is true or relevant.

"I grew up in Canada the most multi race and cultural country in the world and so did Peterson."

So what? Are you trying to say that because you're from Canada you can't be a racist? That's actually a pretty ignorant comment. There is literally nothing about being Canadian that makes it impossible for a Canadian to be racist. Hell, there are several pics of your PM in blackface, a blatantly racist act.


More to the point, what the hell does you having girlfriends of color, marrying a native woman and dancing with "black chicks" have to do with whether or not Peterson is a racist? I don't know where you were in America where you were kicked out of a club for trying to dance with a black woman but your story sounds like bullshit or there's more to the story that you're leaving out.

What is laughingly ridiculous and condescending is the assumption that there is "envy" involved in defining the man's public persona. What is there to be envious of, the adoration of people who I think have incredibly low standards for their heroes?


Opps, didn't take a second look at totalitarianism

I lived in the US for 20years, most Canadain will tell you, there is a big difference in attitude about racism. Didn’t say Canadain can't be racist, just the fact they share well race and mosic cultures unlike US treating things like an international airport. Turdeau who has dress ups a blackface a half dozen
times. And also goes to drag races. For the 67 % canadain who claim Canada is broken, many don't think of him as not being Canadain. He is more like anti-family, communist dictator and warmonger. Surely you can't compare your life successes in your field to Jordan and Joe Rogan.


So in other words... ignore the problems created by the older generations and continue on as if everything is fine.

Or maybe the younger generation is demoralized because these problems are being ignored/denied. Hell, I'm 51 (a Gen Xer) and I'm demoralized by all the bullshit I see going on in this country with the conservatives war on the LGBTQ community, free speech/free expression, and historical truth.

Maybe the younger generation is demoralized because they've been paying attention.

The climate is a huge issue. And many politicians continuing to ignore it even though super storms of every kind are more frequent as well as wildfires. A college degree is out of reach without debt to near death.
And for young women, a pregnancy can be the end of any hope of a successful life in many states.


While I believe we should do something about climate change, demoralizing the youth is certainly not the answer. Maybe we should look into why so many young people are committing suicide today. Society wants to put them all in a mold where there are pre-selected answers. I have a granddaughter with 5 kids and her life is doing something with her kids constantly. They camp out even if it is in the back yard, they sell girl scout cookies, and yesterday they all went to a local park and spent the day. Her kids get the upbringing that she never had herself and they are all better for it. On the other hand, I have a relative in his early 30's who says the problem with kids today is that they all need more ass whippings. Suppressed enough myself in my upbringing I do not think that suppression is the answer. Then we have Al Gore's answer to climate change where the corporation that pays the most gets to pollute more. Is it all going to continue to be all about money?


What woke professor did Peterson (in his faux Kermit muppet voice) “destroy”? The black professor in the stock footage at 1:13? Was it the stock footage mansion at 1:25 that he built? And what’s wrong with choosing to have only one child or no children? Why invoke Mao except to set up an emotionally laden strawman? How is saying you choose to have only one kid to reduce your long term carbon footprint demoralizing the youth except within Jordan Peterson’s passion of the Christ culture warrior pose? Gotta love the tears welling up at 3:37 when he goes full Glenn Beck. I wanna taste those tears buddy.

Young people with a conscience are demoralized because the neoliberal hellscape they inherited from decades of piss poor decisions made by demographically dominant Boomers who transformed from me only hippies to me only Reaganites through the cauldron of the 70s.

Peterson’s neo-Jungian platitudes have nothing of substance to add as an alternative. Just bluster and odd charisma posing as the wise old man “archetype”.

The Glenn Beck thing is accurate. Or some type of TV preacher with the raising crescendo voice to fake tears. The standard Internet tall tale of him making the professor "leave the room" is also likely bogus.
Why did he leave out the part of the story where everyone applauded?

I want to know where in the US you can have a house and estate like that for $4M. And where a university professor could have a house like that.
That video completely lofted the propaganda of resentment toward the so-called liberal, educated elite.


When did it start that "A destroys B" has become the dominant pattern of conversation ?

With Ben Shapiro fanbois maybe.

@Scott321 No respect at all for someone who sees Little Ben as a role model.


A role model for kids as it looks decent to me,. Based on my experience making caricature costumes for TV children shows.

When clowns like the one above in the video decided that it is better to sweep shit under the rug, and collect the shit under the rug in a huge stinking pile until the rug is no longer large enough to cover the huge pile of shit. Instead of teaching our younger generation to see problems of the world as a challenge, he prefers hiding the problems and letting them pile up, as if that will somehow "help" the younger generation.


I guess the man has a point. Maybe some people do internalize the hard facts that humans are wantonly destroying the natural world. Maybe they see that our population is growing exponentially and this is exacerbating all other problems. Is coming to grips with these facts inherently demoralizing? That's more likely if one cannot find a positive way to direct their energies (for example, searching for a cure for cancer, installing rooftop solar panels, teaching in a public school, cleaning up a local waterway or beach, designing a better bicycle, etc., etc.) I didn't hear the good doctor make any such useful suggestions. In any case, it's apparant that the fruitless quest for acceptance on social media is a FAR MORE pernicious and depressing pass time than contemplating the problems of climate change and overpopulation.

Peterson goes deep into experts of environmental issues in.many of his podcast. Don't believe the 1% that controls 2/3rd of the wealth will pull us out of this mess. Only the collective consciousness of the people can.


He is organizing a group of people to compare to the WEF. Except serveing the creative individualism side of the people rather than the super rich destruction.

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