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Yet another proof that Republican America is trying to rival fundamentalist Muslim states in religious despotism.


Principal fired after Florida students shown Michelangelo statue

Petter 9 Mar 25

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It's shocking people have not yet adopted language calling what the right pushes, exactly what it is: Christian Sharia. (Some will argue that's not a thing, so for those folks, how bout we use: Biblical Law. That should cover that.)

This article dates back to 2014 and I have a couple articles dating back to 2003/04, all calling out the right for being on a mission to be Saudi Arabia of the West and desperately seeking Christian Sharia.

This current SCOTUS has been hailed as one more step in that direction.

The Conservative Crusade For Christian Sharia Law


We do not need more proof. Do you?


The christian taliban at it again. They won't be happy until they turn back people rights a few hundred years or so. Only white christian males get to make the decisions.


No words for this....none!


Good job it was not Donatello's, David, then. Now that is getting quite ripe with suggestion, I love the posture, the hat and the BDSM boots. Michelangelo's is quite tame, by comparison.



The most shocking thing I saw in sex class was a mother giving birth on film from Sweden. I wasn't ready for that, it reminded me of a snake swallowing an egg twice it's size and a bloody lizard.


Christfascists are endeavoring to out do each other at our expense!!!


Yep. Everything but the 70 virgins.

You can only fuck a virgin once, but you can fuck an experienced old whore as often as you like.


It makes me wonder if the complainant spends all day every day watching pornography at theyarehuge dot com and is suffering from extreme breast size envy.


Even worse, I have some of the brain dead claim it is child porn, since David is said to have been a young teen at the time of giant slaying.


It's like waking up every day and realizing nearly every one around you ate a big bowl of stupid for breakfast instead of cereal.

MizJ Level 8 Mar 25, 2023



It would seem there are many right-wing Christian Floridian, and other State legislators, hell bent on wiping out the last 200 years of progress and enlightenment…and as quickly as they possibly can, at breakneck speed if at all possible. The US branch of the Taliban couldn’t do it better!

You're right.

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