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Bill Maher took some time on his show, Real-Time, to push back against criticism aimed at comedian Dave Chappelle for his special being transgender jokes.
More Comedians are coming out trying to address the T in the LGBT community through humor to confront the fears.

Castlepaloma 8 Mar 27

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My view is that if you do not like trans people or girly men just avoid them and go on with your life. These people are also real and you and not the only person in the world. Nobody has to do things your way or be just like you.

My daughter was the love of my life untill after the vaccines she got deep into this wokeism LGBTQ with her artwork style changed. It's where money was thrown at her sponsored by the Government. It's totally in your face politically, in universities and alot of them are anti family. I accept them and don't reject them, yet if I ask questions. They ignore or not accepting of white, straight, male boomers and call us, women haters, racist, white supremeist, with unaccessible veiws, and sometimes Nazis. What ever happened to live and let live and humor? Unless the bigot family is the new fashion, which I won't join in to this horrible lifestyle.


Unfortunately, the high profile/ noisy trans have zero sense of humour. Unless it's dress up slap stick.

puff Level 8 Mar 27, 2023

Uptight cis even less.
Your ass is so tight your farts are at a frequency only dogs can hear.

@BufftonBeotch See, you do understand comedy!!! I was confronted by your comment but guess what? I didn't take offence and won't resort to name calling


When Trans men can undress in a girl's and woman gym locker rooms. Then have their dicks waving around and farting in front of the little girls. Thats too much. Or teaching Trans sex to kids when I don't want them even teaching about straight sex either, they are not ready. Wait till they are old enough to get a tattoo, and don't get me started into puberty blockers.that harms physically. When they are aldults, fuck anyone or thing they want. We had more sex in my hippy days than the generation today. When I love someone, I can really get my back into it.

@Castlepaloma A trans man was born female.
Try to keep up at least.

@BufftonBeotch Trans man? What, we have trans women as well? Do they identify as separate groups? They are the same to me. People doing their own thing.
Silly me, assumed the " T" in LGBTQ was for transexual, because people transition from the sex their Chromosomes would otherwise indicate.

@puff Whatever, sweet meats.
You and your castle pal clearly have an agenda.

What I find interesting about LGBTQ is that, in the 1960s-70s vernacular, most people who identify with this role are politically very "straight". (In my youth, it was very simple. There were "freaks" and there were "straights". Most of my friends proudly identified ourselves as "freaks", ie. anti war, and military, anti "establishment", anti capitalist, pro hair, pro psychedelic, etc. Hence, when my peers look at a "gay" person, we say "OK, but why are they so "straight"?! Get my point? (Many are skinheads, another thing that today has a totally different connotation, I think!). Frankly, I'll admit, I don't know what is what anymore. The hair (or hairless) thing is a "glaring" contradiction to somebody of my philosophical bent. 🤷♀️


Here shows the Trans agenda protester demonized straight white people I would not ever threatened violence to any group or be against them. Yet when it comes to attacking woman and children, watch out.


@BufftonBeotch Not at all, this is where I stand. People are all individual physically and mentally. I do not judge what people are, I merely recognise everyone is different. I do judge actions. The old "don't do to others what you wouldn't want done to yourself" philosophy which I can say in one word; empathy. I've got plenty and not just for humanity, all life.
What I mean by this is I can effortlessly put myself in a transexuals position. I'm not saying I know how they think, but I do understand how it must feel when confronted with the issues in life that they are because they are transexual. I can feel their discomfort, the desire for acceptance.
So basically I treat all people how I would like to be treated which is respect for my individuality. I'm like "Whatever, as long as you don't hurt anyone else or wantonly destroy other life".
That's my aim anyway but I'm nowhere near perfect, a right hypocrite at times. And of course, every now and then, some just need to be told.
I think this was a useful post with good conversation. A bit like when the site first started.


Ever since the vaccines all these trans are attacking every where. Do you mean transgender women were born with a pussy, womb and a reproductive system. The new women today are new and improved with cccks and beards🧔

@Castlepaloma great little report link


Jordan Peterson gets it worse than Dave chappelle. Peterson mainly wants free speech over the pronouns laws.


I don't think "punching down" is ever really funny.
It is like a racist joke.

And transgender people are already targeted for murder.

Nothing is sacred in humour and if you wish to censor comedy or any other artform, that is authoritarian.
I absolutely hate pedophiles but there is plenty of comedy about that, admittedly I like dark humour. Trans people need to stop being so precious.
Eg Jimmy Carr made a rather off pedo joke, the crowd groaned, he said "I'm kidding" and people laughed. But he then innocently asked the audience "Is "kidding" a verb?'
Comedy will never please all, no art will, but is an important part of being human.

@puff Saying I do not think something is funny, is hardly censoring it you fragile POS.

And trans people are not the same as pedophiles.

You're thinking of priests and youth pastors.

@BufftonBeotch I'm talking about those who Bill Maher pushed back against who wanted Chappelle cancelled.
POS, charming. Besides, priests are trans people 😉


The Priest just have to lift their dresses for the praying choir boys. The church is just a front to fuck little boys.

@Castlepaloma They both like frocks

@puff I think Chappelle is a gifted comedian, for the most part. The calls for boycott from a few probably helped his numbers. I think trans jokes are beneath his ability.

@puff And the youthful of the flock.

Youth pastors generally wear jeans or whatever the teens are wearing. And they normally target the teen girls. In these sad churches, some girls highest ambition is to be a preacher's wife.

@BufftonBeotch You won't find me approving of any repetitive messaging targeting kids. That is sad what you say, bible belt. Why Chappelle is good is he pushes boundaries, it's what all the best comedians do.

Dave Chappelle's a good friend, a transgender said Dave doesn't punch down or up, he is a master of his craft being comedy

As are abortion providers. (No correlation intended). Frankly, murder is in vogue these days. Do you suppose the NRA awards ranking position according to the number of notches one has on his Glock?

@fishline79 Do you have uterus? Go get neutered then and prevent pregnancy.

@fishline79, @Castlepaloma I hear Bull Conner had some compliant "negros" who he could line up to say what a good man he was.

@BufftonBeotch I'm sorry, but, frankly I don't understand either of your comments to my rather benign posts. Maybe it's because I don't have a uterus.🤷♀️


i personally believe it is the right of every person to have full autonomy over their own bodies and processes.

However scientifically, except in very rare exceptional cases, a person is genetically male of female.
No amount of drugs and or surgery will ever change that fact.
A male will remain a male in very cell of his body as do female bodies.
There are about a trillion cells within the human body each carrying the male for female chromosomes for that persons respective sex.

Those people that wish to sterilise themselves and take on the persona of the opposite sex have every right to do so.
Everyone should be able to live their own lives as they see fit.

IF, you'd ever spent time in a neonatal unit at a hospital you would learn the distinction between male or female is blurred much more than you can know.
All of these attempts to legislate morality are harmfull and a distraction to greater issues facing humans today.

I do have experience working in a neonatal units in several hospitals. I have medical experience going back to the 1980's. I still keep up with the issues and research of medical life.


All I ask, Government Teachers!!! LEAVE MY KIDS ALONE. Or all and all we are just bricks in the wall. I'll home school, before they get out the puberty blockers.

However, please forgive me, but I think we could do without public parades and other such display's of "Gay Pride" with people dressed in leather and acting out activity that for "straight" people is usually reserved for the bedroom, and certainly not in a public forum. Why do public displays of non-mainstream sexuality have to be "in your face", and in such bad taste that it's anything but "erotic"?


It's understandable the LGBT angry a bit, even though angry is not efficient, their handling is negative to other groups . On the other hand. The UN and WHO refused to stop death penalty to LGBT which increase to 11 countries, plus 80 countries it's illegal. It's not about transgender, it's the financial system that divide and conquering the people for what ever their is have nots to the haves of record breaking profits and greatest abuse we have ever experienced in our lifetimes.

@Castlepaloma Granted, but I thought we were talking about Bill Maher and Dave Chappelle's country. Muslem countries and authoritarian countries are another story.

@Castlepaloma The thing with home school is usually the parents. One set I knew had a narrow focus, life is black and white, good or bad, far right guns and military. Both boys were weird and would sneak around the wood surrounding my property and spy on me. Both graduated high school and went right into the military to continue sneakin' aound with guns.
Another set had an open mind, explore the world and all it's possibilities, both kids graduated HS and college. The boy then went into the military as an officer to get flight training.
Another set took their adopted Haitian boy out of the local school because the school did not protect their child from racial abuse. Which was also the reason set #2 did not send their kids to the local school.
Each system has it's pros and cons, it all can be just the parents doing the most harm or the most good.


Dave Chappelle is Muslim and he went over to Africa for some time. Many countries in Africa have illegal laws and death penalties against LGBT people and half or more of them are Christians.

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