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Do you watch the evening news?
Where I am staying, it's a ritual. The little old ladies are glued from 5 pm until they watch Wheel and Jeopardy. Then they go to bed.
How many people still partake in this evening ritual?
I think the news is bought and paid for by special interests, that it is reporting on freak things with high intensity to scare the shit out of old ladies and filled with big pharma commercials for products that we probably don't need.
It makes me curious if this is something that will die away now that those viewers are getting older.
It seems like I am witnessing something going extinct.

Akfishlady 8 May 2

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Not always. But I usually do listen to NPR's All Things Considered. 😀


I'm one of the older little old ladies and I watch the news almost every day.I do it on my Roku so I watch it whenever the spirit moves me and I feel I have time. I also watch more than one source. Typically I check out Reuters, NPR, and CBS. The Roku box allows me to pick and choose which segments of these sources I spend my time on.


Do they still watch Lawernce Welk? I was tormented by those TV programs with the blowing bubbles long after that guy died. I remember hoping the same thing, that it would eventually go extinct, but I've been afraid to check.


I watch the news.


OR, you may be watching the future unfold. It may be more prejudiced news and emotional rhetoric in the future.


Yeah, I'm not with watching news these days. The mainstream media is complicit for the sorry state of our country today. They have not asked the questions that needed to be asked and seem to be more entertainment, than news gathering and investigative reporting.


I watch very little network TV and never the news. Would rather read the news in either the paper or using Google news to scan headlines. From there I can select multiple sources for the same story. Also listen to NPR and the BBC news.


Have you talked to your doctor about this?


If you're intelligent you can watch (or read) the news and apply your own filters. On the other hand, you can avoid it entirely, avoid the risk of being mislead or brainwashed and remain completely ignorant. The problem with ignorance is that the possessor is usually unaware of it, fills the vacuum with their own imagination and thinks they have some kind of wisdom.


Used to be in that "ritual," Jeopardy, Wheel, and all. That all stopped mid-July of last year. Anyway, I don't miss it, and will likely never go back. Mainstream news has just gotten too fluffy, Hollywoody, or whatever; the so-called reporters are just readers, and they're all pseudocelebrities.


I used to be a news junkie in my teens and twenties, specifically the talking head type. Lately though I’ve become less interested and only have a bite here & there using my phone.


I don't watch tv at all.


I quit watching news when Bush monkey II was Prezydent. I could not stand that POS


Personally, I'd rather eat day old dog vomit than watch that mindless Wheel garbage. But, that's just me!


I am still an unapologetic fan of the CBS evening news. ABC, NBC, CBS still deliver the most balanced, least sensational news.

MSNBC and FOX have an "angle", CNN has way too many talking heads. When it is an anchor asking questions, CNN isn't too bad, but they have a very narrow focus.

The Big 3 are actually covering multiple topics.

I still think newspapers are the best bet for unbiased, fully vetted information. Speaking of dying.

DISCLOSURE: Degree in journalism, former newspaper reporter.


I may watch weather reporting on tv, I live in a gulf state, but never the news. For some reason, I would rather read about it than watch some bozo.

I can't stand the weather programs. Once weather tracking became available on my smartphone, I felt a sigh of relief that I was no longer a captive of stay tuned for more information.


I watch my news through anything that is funny, now. And we can see it through 'the horses mouth' with a minimal of reporting....I don't think I've watched anything more than snippets of news in a long time.


No, I don't as news is all bias


Probably right on the news, but now it isn't the same time. We must CHOOSE to watch it...

N7EIE Level 6 May 3, 2018

Avoid the news. It's like you are what you eat, same thing for the brain, shit in/shit out.

Emme Level 7 May 2, 2018

Yup but I do not go to bed until 11pm


I turned off the cable a couple of years ago. Most days I don't watch TV, I'm right here glued to the computer instead. Yeah, I think the evening news may be on the way out.


I never watch local evening news. I get most of my news from online sources. NPR, CNN, BBC, Guardian Australia, NYT, The Hill, Washington Post. I like to vary my sources to hear different views. The ONLY tv news I watch is The Rachel Maddow Show because she sticks to the facts, has no talking head panels (I hate those), and always apologizes if she gets anything wrong. She is a true journalist.


No ....the so called evening news is shrinking to niche levels similar to cable & satellite channels and sponsors pay to reach assumed niche demographics. long as local colleges teach "journalism" fake news will be made by interns and network wannabes. ...if it bleeds it leads. ...always someone is shooting stabbing drugging raping or crashing a car or plane somewhere. ...


Never. Don't have cable by choice. Use various on line alternative news vs fake news... Totally agree with you re fear mongering, and more, IE: FALSE FLAGGING.

My mom was one of those little old ladies later in her life, she couldn't, (go out and). drink anymore so she sat glued to CNN just about every waking hour towards the end. Could not pry her loose.

My theory on this is: if some people keep glued to their sets they may subconsciously feel that being "informed" will keep them alive?

Ultimately, she was terrified of death. Her rejected her early Tenn. hills orphanage catholicism which then came back to haunt her on her death bed; it was horrible, with hallucinations as well. And I can tell you that CNN did not help; she was clouding up her early fearful memories while ruminating about current events!

She had a lot of unfinished self-examination/expression... Sad.

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