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I am a Florida native, educated I Florida schools and universities. I started my career in education as a teacher at St. Cloud High School. But for multiple reasons, if I were starting a teaching career today, it would not be in Florida. The following are the reasons:

• Teacher salaries in Florida are among the lowest in the country, while the cost of living in the state is not low.

• Ron DeSantis and the Republican dominated legislature are deliberately creating an atmosphere of mistrust toward teachers in public schools and in the entire public school system implying are directly stating that teachers and public schools cannot be trusted and must be tightly restricted and controlled as to exactly what they can teach and what educational textbooks and materials they can use.

• DeSantis and the legislature are also stating and implying that many teachers are trying to indoctrinate the children they teach with some very questionable ideologies. It it those same parties alleging that who are trying to indoctrinate our children by rigidly controlling the content that can be taught the textbooks which can be used and the books which be in school libraries, deliberately excluding valid and proven facts , truths, concepts. That is nothing more than deliberate state imposed indoctrination – he actions of an autocracy.

• For over a century and a half the state of Florida wisely chose to make the election of district school boards nonpartisan. That meant that, as a whole, school board members were chosen for their real interest in and simply operating nonpartisan schools which simply tried to educate our kids well. Now, by making those elections partisan, those parties are choosing to let partisan ideology dominate over educational validity, What they are doing is to try to create an educational system rigidly controlled by political ideology.

For over a century and a half, our schools operated, by law, under the principle of “in loco parentis: -- Latin for in place of the parent. That meant that during the time that kids are in school, the school and its teachers were the duty and the responsibility of dealing with the children well. It did not mean that the teachers and schools were obligated to do exactly what every parent would want, as that would be an impossible task. As a whole, oir schools and teachers have willingly taken on and shouldered that responsibility well. Of course, there have been exceptions that violated that trust, but not among the vast majority of our teachers.

Now, by encouraging parents to challenge almost everything that schools and teachers do, those parties are deliberately crating huge difficulties in he operations of public schools. Those policy actions make it apparent that they are trying to cripple our public schools to the extent that most parents will choose private and charter school instead. It is also then likely that the Republican dominated political system will then divert funds away from publics schools to pay for private school tuition. We are seeing the deliberate dismantling of public education in Florida.

wordywalt 9 May 10

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Not even taking into account the home-schooled dunderheads rising up. Whose predominantly right wing families deliberately mis-educated them.


It seems that the entire South is in a competition to see just how dumbed down they can make their states. Teaching is one of the most important and honorable professions, and I am so incredibly sad to see how educators are being treated by these MAGAt assholes.


Republicans want uneducated, non-thinking zombies. If you think for yourself and have a different view than them then you are so called "woke". Mindless, non-emotional slave's is what they want.

democrats also the same way


Alienbeing8 what part of a christo-fascist with presidential aspirations have you missed? As a Floridian I will be happy when he is gone and if he makes it to the Whitehouse I for one plan on moving to Costa Rica!

BillF Level 7 May 11, 2023

My take on DeSantis is that he is listening to and believing some extreme right wing stuff, possibly going on into parts of Q-Anon. I say this because right wing people are telling me stupid things every day about Dems trying to get gender change medicine and even operations for young school kids under the age of consent. I do not believe this for one minute and it certainly will not help DeSantis if he runs for president. Teachers are placed right in the middle of all this nonsense.

Now let's look at some logical truth here. Teachers are not indoctrinating children but Republicans are using a political spin to indoctrinate others so they will choose one political party over another. That is what all of this is about. It was hard to claim that one side eats babies so this is what we have now. The stupidity is mind boggling. Maybe DeSantis wants to be a Florida god, or maybe he thinks all of this could help him beat Trump. Who knows?


Coming from Floriduhh, I’m not surprised.

It’s the same with pretty much all states that have ‘Right to work’ anti union laws. But no need to worry, the population in the US is on the decline as well as a number of other large countries. I can’t see how that’s going to change and I don’t care if it ever does. This has been happening for many years now.

I’ve arrived to the conclusion that this planet would be better off without humans. All other life, Plants, animals, forests, etc are not creators of evil, only humans are.

The loss of humans would probably be a benefit for other species.

The loss of carrion eating bugs like fly maggots might be a catastrophe.

@BufftonBeotch It is happening whether anyone wants to admit it or not. For one thing, young folks now just aren’t having kids the way previous generations have. Costs of healthcare and living expenses have made it nearly impossible. Pollution and bad diets have been lowering sperm counts in men for 30 years.

Look at the explosion of sexual enhancement drugs such as Viagra in the last 2 decades or so. If you need to take that you have serious cardiovascular issues and you’re more at risk of a heart attack or stroke. So, does anyone think the food industry is going to change what they do?

HAHAHA like I’m really going to believe that (sarcasm).


Except for your first point, I disagree with you.

What did I not state accurately? Be specific, point by point.

@wordywalt I'l just say your "in loco parentis" is baloney. In large part School Boards and teachers placed themselves above, not in place of, parents,

@Alienbeing I disagree strongly. What you describe does occur, but non often. It certrainly is NOT the norm.

@wordywalt The be "the norm" I'd have to prove it occurs more often then not. I know of no way that can be proven either way.

@Alienbeing Noneheless, "in loco parentis" is adjudicated school law, and necessary. Those who violatethat trust hould be purged.

@wordywalt An adjudicated school law? Exactly what part of the law creates "school law"?

@Alienbeing Legislation by state legislatures created sthe law concenring operation of schools. Almost 150 years of case law has again and again affirmed in loco parentis. Most states have a section of law which is called the school code.

@wordywalt Not correct.

@Alienbeing My dear fellow, I ha ve studiedschiil law in graduate school, and for years was a member of NOLPE (National Organization for Legal Praxctices in Educatio) NOL:E puts out a regular publication dealing with case law in pyublic education.

Wgat are your sources of information for your assertuibs?

@wordywalt My dear correspondent. I am a lawyer. I challange your interpretation of statutes. Now put up or shut up.


DeSantis is speaking in Peoria tomorrow. A protest against his policies is set from 12:00 noon until 7:00 p.m., Friday, May 12 in Peoria.

The event description from Facebook:


Protest Against Authoritarian Ron Desantis' Appearance

Event by Illinois Democratic Women, Democratic Women of Washington County Illinois and 3 others
U.S. Federal Building
Duration: 7 hr
Public · Anyone on or off Facebook

Florida’s extremist, white nationalist GOP Governor Desantis is being hosted by Congressman Darin LaHood and republicans, at the Peoria Civic Center.
We oppose fascist authoritarianism.
We adhere to a covenant of non-violent resistance to extremism.
We are planning to protest with a message that fascist authoritarians and their stochastic terrorism messaging against our Beloved Community members will NOT “play in Peoria.”

Friday May 12, 2023
From noon to Dusk
U.S. Federal Building 100 NE Monroe
Across from the Public Library

Noon: Sidewalk gathering & Street protest begins
1:15 - Peoria Landlord Accountability Project teach-in at the Federal Plaza
2:00 - Performances & speeches by @Peorians For Black Liberties begins in front of the civic center.
4:30 Drag Show begins in front of Civic Center
We hope our plaza location will help encourage people to drop by, grab a sign, fill out a petition, write their concerns to their elected officials, and speak their truth on the public sidewalks, enjoying their 1st Amendment Rights.
All persons of goodwill are encouraged to attend this peaceful, diverse event while showing solidarity with our historically oppressed, marginalized, and disenfranchised Black, Indigenous, Latin, Asian-American, Immigrant, Migrant, Pacific-Islander, Jewish, Sikh, Muslim, and other community members at risk from the hateful propaganda of the extremist politicians and purveyors of disinformation and divisiveness.
Nationalism is not patriotism.
5:30 - “Rally for American Democracy” on the federal building plaza
7:00 Event ends
What to bring: Sunscreen; your lawn chair; a rainbow or Blue umbrella; clothes appropriate for the weather; comfortable walking shoes; a folding chair; your signs; an umbrella for sun/wind/rain; snacks; your camera.
We will have protest sign-making, tabling, resources, a first aid station and rest area at the Federal Building plaza from noon-7.
Also, there will be protest gatherings throughout the day around the Peoria Civic Center.

  • Teach-ins for resisting extremism in your community
  • Resource tabling
  • Anti-extremism educational pop-up experience
  • Rally & Speaker *tba
    We are seeking food vendors, tabling groups, etc.
    We are:
  • Intersectional Feminists
  • For equity, inclusion, and diversity
  • Pro Body Autonomy
  • Pro-Democracy
  • For #BlackLivesMatter
  • Pro LGBTQ+
  • Pro-immigrant and migrant, welcoming the marginalized and oppressed to our community
  • For Earth Sustainability
  • Grateful to and for our Indigenous and Native American Peoples
  • Pro-labor
  • Pro-public education

The people of Florida reelected him by a wide margin. As such by simple definition he cannot be "extremist".


The right wingers have been trying to destroy public education for years.

When there’s no doctors to take of their pathetic asses, they may wake up then. But I doubt it.


Without a decent education those kids will be forced to work in agriculture and other jobs that are being done by immigrants (legal and illegal). The group Moms for Liberty started not far from St Cloud. I would love to know where their funding is coming from. Their numbers have exploded nationwide.

DeathSantis only gives a shit about one thing...the White House.

MizJ Level 8 May 11, 2023

Lets hope that they get rid of him soon.

Because he affects you so much?

@Alienbeing Sounds like you are a fan of his.

@Jolanta I don't know enough about him to make a judgment, and I'm sure you don't either.

@Alienbeing Don't know enough about him, where have you been? Don't you see or notice what is happening? Even people who are living outside of the US are aware how he has been spinning lies.

@Jolanta What I have seen is merely a series of sound bites, and that is all you have seen also.

I am positive you could not explain any law, new to Florida, since he became Governor.

@Alienbeing TALLAHASSEE, Fla. ✈ — Floridians will be able to carry concealed guns without a permit under a bill Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis signed Monday,

@Jolanta Do you think quoting a law explains it? Do you know concealed carry is legal in other States?

What lies is he spinning?

Your reply indicates you do not know much about DeSantis, so why do you wonder "where I have been"?

@Alienbeing So you are okay with carrying weapons concealed or not then.

@Jolanta I personally do not own a gun. However since our Constitution makes gun ownership a right, I have no problem with that. Last, since you are not a citizen, your opinion on the matter is irrelevant.

Last, my question was about DeSantis. The "Constitutional Carry" law in Florida was introduced by the State's Legislature, not by DeSantis. He did sign it into law, however had he vetoed it, the Legislature would have overridden his veto. Perhaos you are not acquainted about how laws are made in the U.S.

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